When is the closest start date?

Classes begin as groups are completed. Groups gather regularly. You can always choose a branch where classes begin faster if you need it urgently.

What is the class schedule?

There are morning, evening groups, weekend groups, express groups. Depending on the course, from 1 to 5 times a week.

What time do the courses take in the evening? What is the duration of one lesson in time?

Evening groups are engaged either from 18:30 or from 19:00. Classes last, as a rule, 4 academic hours: from 18:30 to 21:30 or from 19:00 to 22:00.

Is there a weekend group?

Almost all courses have weekend groups.

Is there an accelerated form of learning? I need it urgently!

Depending on the subject of study. There are express groups of hairdressers, nail technicians, masseurs. It is possible to combine morning and evening classes (some subjects at one time, some at another). With individual training, the most accelerated options are possible.

Is there an option for a flexible training schedule?

Yes. We are increasingly faced with the fact that listeners work 2 through 2, or 3 through 3, or somehow else. In this case, the methodologist draws up an individual training schedule. 

Is individual training possible?

Yes, there is individual learning. With individual training, you yourself choose the topics that interest you, order the training time, class schedule.

Do you have recruitment in groups only once a year?

We have a year-round set. You can begin to study at any time convenient for you.

Can I sign up for a specific teacher?

Yes you can. Often, students come on the recommendations of friends and it is to certain teachers.

Can I get into the group that my work colleague signed up for?

No problems. Come to the office — on the lists we will find the group where your colleague is recorded. It’s only better to do this in advance so that there is room in the group.

Is it possible to join a group not from the first lesson?

You can usually. At some courses, you will receive missed lectures electronically and have the opportunity to study the missed ones yourself and catch up with the group. Or we invite you to listen to a missed lesson with another group. 

What if I want to get training, but there are no more places on the course?

Report this to our manager and wait for the next set to the group. If there will be many such applications, then we can revise the lesson schedule and recruit a new group earlier than planned.

Is it possible to attend a familiarization lesson? Is one trial lesson possible?

Yes you can. But still, you will need to draw up a contract for training.

How can I pay?

You can pay by receipt, which will be given to you at the office, you can print it from the site; You can pay by card at the office, you can pay by bill if you are a legal entity. You can pay the down payment, and the rest is in the learning process. You can agree on an individual payment schedule.

Can I pay on a monthly basis or do I need to pay the whole amount right away?

You can pay monthly. But when paying the full amount at once, there is a discount. Check with administrators.

Are materials included in the price?

Materials are included in the price of the courses: manicure, pedicure, cosmetology, makeup.

I permanently live in another city, so I would like to pay for the services in advance and come to you on the day the classes begin

It is possible. We can communicate with you by e-mail or by phone. You can take a receipt from the site. We have many students from other cities.

And if I want to enroll in several courses?

If you decide to go to several courses at once, you will definitely be offered a discount, and, of course, they will create a schedule in such a way that it is most convenient for you to study.

I have paid for a course on a different topic, but I did not attend it, the group never recruited. Can this money be offset?

They can, but you need to drive to the office: in such situations we understand individually.

Are there any entrance exams for courses?

We do not hold entrance exams. However, before submitting documents, we recommend an individual interview or an open day.

Is any qualification or prior experience required for admission to the course?

Not. Some of our students do not know anything at all about the subject being studied, and at the same time, other students working in this industry for several years would like to refresh their knowledge or update their skills.

How is the interview with applicants?

The interview takes place in the form of a dialogue with a specialist in the educational process. Its purpose is to help you in choosing a program and training format; acquaint you with the conditions of admission and study, the requirements for mastering the program. Show you in what conditions you will study. Tell about the employment of graduates. Answer your questions.

What documents are needed for enrollment?

For admission to the courses, it is necessary to submit to the selection committee only the original passport or other identification document.

Can foreigners study with you?

Yes they can.

I have foreign citizenship, but I have a temporary residence permit. Can I study with you and get a diploma?

Yes you can.

What visa does a foreigner need to study at the Ecole London school?

If you travel to the UK to take a course that does not exceed 11 months, you need a short-term study visa. You can apply for a short-term study visa no more than 3 months before the date of travel to the UK.

An application for a visa is submitted online in English on the official website of the UK Visa Service

Documents are handed in personally to the visa service at the British Embassy in the student’s country. In order to book a student’s visit to the visa service, you need to register on the website of the British Visa Application Center and arrive at the appointed time to submit documents and biometric data.

Do you have a training license?

Yes! Ecole School is a licensed training center! We have all the necessary documents for conducting educational activities. You can familiarize yourself with them in our office.

Who teaches at the Ecole School?

Only specialists with extensive experience can teach at the Ecole School. We conduct a rigorous selection of candidates through certification and internal training programs. Students evaluate the level of the teacher and the quality of the program on a five-point scale. Thus, we improve the educational process daily.

What document is issued at the end of the course? Diploma or certificate? 

After the courses with assignment of qualifications — a diploma, after advanced training — a certificate, after master classes — a certificate. 

Please tell me where you can see the program of training.

Brief programs are available on the site. A detailed program will be shown to you at the office: Kemp House, 152 — 160 City Road, London. 

How many people are in the group?

It depends on the course. Groups are formed up to 8 people.

What happens if I can’t pass the final certification?

If you complete the course properly and pass the necessary test, it is unlikely that you will not be able to pass the final certification. If this happens, you will be given a second attempt, and we will arrange feedback for this.

How do you solve the issue of employment of your graduates?

Our center has an employment department for our students. Each graduate is entered into the database of our center, in which he remains until the actual employment; a certain employment manager works with him, the graduate is offered applications from employers, interviews are organized. This service is provided to graduates free of charge.

Are you planning a business training for masters?

Yes, we are preparing a business course for masters. After all, every master wants to someday open his own salon and earn a lot of money.

I have my own question!

You can ask your question here and get an answer by e-mail. You can also contact the Ecole School office directly.

Makeup School

Practical training with obtaining specialist skills and an international diploma

Fashion Design School

Becoming a fashion designer or professional stylist is now so easy!

Cosmetology School

Discover new professional opportunities in eyelash extension, eyebrow design and hair removal.

Massage School

Learn to do different types of massage and start your own business.

Nail School

Extend your nails with gel or acrylic, master the design of manicure and pedicure with Ecole school's courses.

Hairdressing School

Perform complex hairstyles, make hair coloring at a professional level.