Creative hair coloring is an opportunity to radically change your image, create a completely new look and make it completely different from others. There are many options for transforming hair: it can be a complex multilayer or gradient two-color dyeing, as well as any other kind of non-standard selection of shades. 

Come to our creative hair coloring course and learn how to create smooth transitions between colors and color your hair using the 3D technique.


Course Importance

Without a good school and professional teachers, learning different types of color stains is impossible. To do this, you need to choose exclusively specialized institutions, such as the Ecole training center.


For whom

This procedure will be extremely interesting for creative and courageous people.

We recommend this course for stylists and hairdressers.


Future job

Literally all beauty institutions want to see in their ranks a creative hair dye master who can embody the ideas of clients and delight them with stylish images.



Beneficial education​

For the convenience of our students we recommend to have their own personal hygiene products and a minimal kit of tools, although all major equipment, expendable supplies and material are provided.​

Flexible payment options

Our school can offer installment payment for your education​.

We are keeping our prices low

Our school explores the beauty industry market in the city to offer the most competitive price.

Intense training

The programs of our courses mostly consist of practical tasks for the quick development of professional skills.

We help you with employment

The best students of our school are assisted in getting jobs in the fashion shops of our city and in creating a portfolio for private practice.

International diploma

If you wish it is possible to get an international diploma with confirmation of your skills for working abroad​.

vibrant hair colour Training Program

Theoretical Foundations

  • Fashion trends in bright coloring;
  • Materials and products for creating permanent color hair dyeing;
  • Technique and features of the procedure.

Will you learn how:

  • to provide smooth shades and color fastness;
  • to use stencils and carry out segmental staining;
  • to create a rainbow on your hair.

At the end of the course you be able to:

  • select harmonious, persistent color combinations for vibrant hair colouring;
  • form a smooth transition of color on the hair by using several bright shades;
  • create the effect of additional volume using several shades.

Payment and duration of study

 Supplies included. No hidden charges. 

You will get trending skills in rainbow coloring.


Contact us for upcoming training dates.

Certificate Information

International diploma

  • As a result of the exam a international diploma is issued confirming your knowledge and skills;

Easy job placement

  • Add a diploma to your CV and settle on dream job.

What does vivid hair design training look like

We tried to maximally visualize the theoretical part of the classes and devote more time to acquiring practical skills. Our teachers have more than 5 years of experience. And thanks to intensive training programs, l’Ecole de Beauté will give you the profession of your dreams in the shortest possible time.

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Do you want to become a professional hairdresser and do the most stylish and modern coloring? Come to the course and learn how to do fashionable coloring in just 8 lessons. Start earning immediately after completing the training.


Come to our creative hair coloring course and learn how to create smooth transitions between colors and color your hair using the 3D technique.

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