All the specialists presented are certified graduates of the London Beauty School, all of them passed the final exams with honors. This is guaranteed the high qualifications of its graduates.
All the specialists who studied at the London School of Beauty went through a large number of hours of practice, thanks to which they have a portfolio and are ready-made masters of the beauty sphere.

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Our Graduated are able to:

  • Selection of the professional tools and materials for the salon makeup;
  • Determination of the coloristic type and anatomical features of the client’s face;
  • Performing various types of the salon makeup with the correction of the oval of the face and its details;
  • Preparation of the skin for applying makeup and face make-up removal.

Our Graduated are able to:

  • Market monitoring, analysis and research of fashion trends;
  • Designing products for seasonal collections;
  • Selection of basic wardrobe according to individual characteristics;
  • Work with various art and pictorial materials and techniques in fashion illustration.

Our Graduated are able to:

  • Waxing and shugaring;
  • Correction and dyeing of eyebrows and eyelashes;
  • Performing cosmetic masks for the face, neck and décolleté;
  • Patient Counseling for Face and Body Skin Care.

Our Graduated are able to do various massage techniques:

  • anti-cellulite m. against the effect of orange peel;
  • relaxing m. to relieve stress and fatigue;
  • sports m. for injury prevention and quick recovery;
  • therapeutic m. for speedy healing;
  • cosmetic m. against wrinkles and signs of skin aging.

Our Graduated are able to:

  • carry out cosmetic treatment of nails (cleaning, filing, cuticle removal);
  • create a beautiful pattern on the nails and use additional decor (sculpting, inlaid with rhinestones, etc.);
  • conduct spa treatments for nails and skin of hands and feet;
  • do the nail extensions and adjust the shape.

Our Graduated are able to:

  • perform curls, model hairstyles, braiding;
  • do haircuts for men, women and children;
  • dye and tint hair;
  • hair extensions by hot and cold methods;
  • repair damaged hair.

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