In just a few lessons, you will learn all the details and secrets of this procedure, as well as gain new skills in the field of cosmetology and learn how to do piercings in the most popular areas.

At the training of piercers, we pay great attention to the features of the use of anesthesia and sterilization of instruments and jewelry.

For whom


For everyone who wants to learn the ancient and exciting art of piercing.


For beauty salon specialists who want to improve their skills and expand the scope of activity.


For those who want to open their own piercing studio and run their own business.

Future Skills

Basic piercing techniques

You'll know how to pierce your ears, nose and lips.

Pain relief methods

You will be able to select the right dose of anaesthetic and reduce pain to a minimum.

Advanced piercing techniques

You will master the techniques of microdermal installation and intimate piercing.

Select competent care for after the procedure

You will know how to promote rapid healing of a puncture, without various inflammatory processes and complications.

Body Piercing Course Program

Sterilization and cleansing of the skin

  • Investigation of cleaning and sterilization stages of working tools, surfaces and consumables;
  • Mechanical cleaning of the skin. Study of skin desoxidants and their effects.