Reflexology foot massage course is a great way to quickly reach a new professional level. You can carry out the procedure yourself the very next day after graduation. Reflexology does not require any special medical knowledge, so the course will be understandable to all students, regardless of education. 

Course Importance

The essence of reflex massage of the feet is in the effect on biologically active zones that are interconnected with the body systems.

They are concentrated in large numbers on the feet, despite the small surface area.

For whom

The course of foot massage is designed for:

  • SPA specialists;
  • massage therapists;
  • medical professionals;
  • fitness trainers;
  • rehabilitologists.

Future job

After completing the course you will receive a certificate, it gives you the opportunity to get a job:

  • in health and sports centers, 
  • beauty salons, 
  • open a private practice.


Beneficial education​

For the convenience of our students we recommend to have their own personal hygiene products and a minimal kit of tools, although all major equipment, expendable supplies and material are provided.​

Flexible payment options

Our school can offer installment payment for your education​.

We are keeping our prices low

Our school explores the beauty industry market in the city to offer the most competitive price.

Intense training

The programs of our courses mostly consist of practical tasks for the quick development of professional skills.

We help you with employment

The best students of our school are assisted in getting jobs in the fashion shops of our city and in creating a portfolio for private practice.

International diploma

If you wish it is possible to get an international diploma with confirmation of your skills for working abroad​.

reflexology training Program

Theoretical Foundations

Anatomical features of the structure of the foot, point and zone of the feet.
Types of foot massage. The connection of zones and points with problem areas of the body.
Recommendations and prohibitions in the application of reflexology foot massage.


Foot Massage Techniques

You will master the massage techniques aimed at:

  • reduction of pain in the joints and back;
  • stress relief and chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • normalization of the digestive system;
  • getting rid of insomnia;
  • removal of numbness of the lower extremities.

Diagnosis & duration of massage

At the foot massage courses, learn how to determine which zones need to be used in the massage, to diagnose, to prescribe the duration of the course and the strength of the effect. 

Payment and duration of study

 Supplies included. No hidden charges. 

You will learn foot massage with reflexology skills.

Contact us for upcoming training dates.

Certificate Information

International diploma

  • As a result of the exam a international diploma is issued confirming your knowledge and skills;

Easy job placement

  • Add a diploma to your CV and settle on dream job.

What does learn reflexology look like

We tried to maximally visualize the theoretical part of the classes and devote more time to acquiring practical skills. The teachers of the courses are exclusively practicing highly qualified specialists.

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Reflexology foot massage course is a great way to quickly reach a new professional level. You can carry out the procedure yourself the next day after graduation.


If you decide to expand the range of your skills to help people relax, then you can master this technique of relaxing massage in just 4 practical exercises.


You will receive the necessary knowledge about the anatomy and physiology of a person, the theoretical and deep practical skills of medical massage in full.

Leave a request if you want to know about reflexology certification