our teaching team

work experience over 8 years

Cosmetology in the modern world is a powerful tool for preserving youth, health and beauty. 

We have a wonderful profession, with which, with the right approach, we can achieve not only aesthetic beauty, but also internal harmony, self-love.

Special effects makeup artist,
over 6 years of experience

I love to create sfx makeup. I am pleased to share my experience about the ways to achieve these or other stage effects in makeup. 

I consider it my mission to teach you to create custom and original images.

Makeup is a powerful weapon that, when used correctly and skillfully, can change any girl beyond recognition. Using cosmetics, you can emphasize natural beauty and eliminate imperfections. 

How to do it? It’s simple, come on a makeup artist course, and I will share my secrets with pleasure.

Nail service master,
work experience more than 5 years

Manicure design is the most sought-after service in the nail salon today, so the masters scrupulously hone it in their work. The competition in this area is huge. But if you believe in yourself, carefully prepare yourself, you will always achieve your goal.

Professional massage therapist,
work experience more than 4 years

I do my favorite work and did not regret for a minute that I had chosen this profession. It’s worth studying the basics of massage only because it allows you to help people  on a professional basis.

Fashion designer
over 10 years of experience

I have many-sided experience in the field of individual manufacture of garments and I collaborate with current clothing designers.

I willingly share knowledge with everyone who is interested in the field of fashion, sewing and designing clothes.

Certified Piercing Master, and has over 7 years of the work experience

In my work, I follow the basic medical rule — no harm. 
Performance of punctures on the body requires certain knowledge and skills acquired in specialized courses. That is why I teach piercing training for those who appreciate the beauty of bodymodifications.

Professional tattoo Artist,
work experience more than 4 years

I mostly work in the Linework and Neotraditional styles. I appreciate the quality of the tattoo, its rich color and clarity of contours.

I give all my time to the improvement of application techniques, and I give my students only the best of the experience

Barber and Hair Stylist
over 6 years of experience

Personal style for me starts with hair. The way a man has a haircut and how he takes care of it. And everything else is a matter of a particular person’s taste.

I can easily do any haircut the client wants. But as a professional, it is important to me that my haircut and shave fit. Not everyone understands that everyone is individual.

Learn more about the specialization of beauty specialist courses

Makeup School

Practical training with obtaining specialist skills and an international diploma

Fashion Design School

Becoming a fashion designer or professional stylist is now so easy!

Cosmetology School

Discover new professional opportunities in eyelash extension, eyebrow design and hair removal.

Massage School

Learn to do different types of massage and start your own business.

Nail School

Extend your nails with gel or acrylic, master the design of manicure and pedicure with Ecole school's courses.

Hairdressing School

Perform complex hairstyles, make hair coloring at a professional level.

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