Caroline Johnson

Special effects makeup artist,
over 6 years of experience

«I love to create sfx makeup. I am pleased to share my experience about the ways to achieve these or other stage effects in makeup. I consider it my mission to teach you to create custom and original images.»

Skill Specialization

Scars, deep wounds and bruises

Caroline masterfully owns the ability to simulate wounds of varying complexity. Skin defects with blood stains, bruises and other features are possible due to plastic makeup.

Imitation of skin texture of reptiles, birds, elderly people

Caroline is a master at creating the most unusual textures to completely beat the complex images to celebrate Halloween.

Optical Illusion Makeup

Caroline Johnson uses makeup to mimic famous movie characters and creates optical illusions for fantasy productions.

Skill Gallery

Caroline Johnson is constantly improving her practical skills and willingly sharing life hacks in her courses.

Together with the students, she fulfills typical mistakes, focuses students on the correct setting of hands during work and ways to reduce time during routine work without compromising on quality.



Participation in conferences and exhibitions

Ecole School is interested in qualified specialists. To this end, the training center helps trainers to participate in exhibitions and beauty conferences at the city level, at the country level and at the international level.




The international make-up artist trade show, or imats, is the world’s largest celebration of make-up artistry. Thousands of make-up artists, exhibitors and enthusiasts come together for this massive make-up expo to discuss, display and collect the best the industry has to offer.

The Prosthetics Event 2017

The conference is devoted to demonstrations, talks and advice from the best professionals of the film industry, beautiful body art, unusual exhibitions.

Make-up Artistry and Special Effects Make-up Exhibition 2016

The exhibition showcase skills in design, make-up application for fashion, beauty and e-commerce, prosthetics, character creation, and special effects.

Author of the articles

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