Chastity Carson

Certified Piercing Master, and has over 7 years of the work experience. 

«In my work, I follow the basic medical rule — no harm. 
Performance of punctures on the body requires certain knowledge and skills acquired in specialized courses. That is why I teach piercing training for those who appreciate the beauty of bodymodifications.«

Skill Specialization

Installation of the dermals

Chastity will quickly and painlessly perform the puncture, pick up the anchor with the optimal height of the leg, taking into account the location of the jewelry.

Ear Cartilage punctures

This types of piercing (Helix or Scapha, Tragus, Conch, Rook, Daith) heals for a long time, because the cartilage of the ear is poorly supplied with blood. Chastity knows how to promote rapid healing and how to avoid rejection and festering.

Skill Gallery

an example of a piercing2
an example of a piercing1

Chastity Carson is constantly improving her practical skills and willingly sharing life hacks in her courses. Together with the students, she fulfills typical mistakes, focuses students on the correct setting of hands during work and ways to reduce time during routine work without compromising on quality.

an example of a piercing

Participation in conferences and exhibitions

Ecole School is interested in qualified specialists. To this end, the training center helps trainers to participate in exhibitions and beauty conferences at the city level, at the country level and at the international level.

Annual APP Conference and Exposition 2018

The APP providing Body Piercers, Studio Owners, Counter Personnel, Apprentices, Health Inspectors, and others in the Piercing Industry with the most current and comprehensive piercing education worldwide.


Annual APP Conference and Exposition 2017

The Exposition is the only one of its kind in this country. There is nowhere else you will see so much great jewelry, products, and body piercing related services all in one spot.

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