Mark Blankenship

I mostly work in the Linework and Neotraditional styles. I appreciate the quality of the tattoo, its rich color and clarity of contours. I give all my time to the improvement of application techniques, and I give my students only the best of the experience.

Skill Specialization

Create of the tattoo art

Mark has an art education and more than 10 years of practice sketching in areas LINEWORK, NEO TRADITIONAL.

Correction of the blurred contours

When overlapping the tattoo on the old pattern is placed completely new, completely overlapping it. When fixing or remodeling, Mark completes the story, ie parts of the old are woven into the new pattern. But in both cases, the original pattern is completely changed.

Removing of the old tattoos

Mark uses a laser method for tattoo removal in his work. This method is convenient because there is no need to use anesthesia or anesthesia. When the laser wave is aimed at the area of the skin at the site of the tattoo, only a slight tingling is felt, which indicates that the process is successful.

Skill Gallery

Mark Blankenship is constantly improving her practical skills and willingly sharing life hacks in his courses. Together with the students, he fulfills typical mistakes, focuses students on the correct setting of hands during work and ways to reduce time during routine work without compromising on quality.


Participation in conferences and exhibitions

Ecole School is interested in qualified specialists. To this end, the training center helps trainers to participate in exhibitions and beauty conferences at the city level, at the country level and at the international level.



The International London Tattoo Convention 2019

The 16th International London Tattoo Convention is Europe's biggest celebration of tattoo art and culture.

The International Cambridge Tattoo Convention 2018

Numerous tattoo artists from all over England and of various styles present themselves at the Tattoo Convention and provide tips and information on art on the skin. They will also show you their skills locally, offering you the opportunity to get a tattoo.

8th Norwich Body Art Festival 2017

The Norwich Body Art Festival (NBAF) brought together about 80 tattooists of various styles and skills to share the secrets of the technician and get inspiration.

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