Stella Lindley

Nail service master,  work experience more than 5 years

«Manicure design is the most sought-after service in the nail salon today, so the masters scrupulously hone it in their work. The competition in this area is huge.

But if you believe in yourself, carefully prepare yourself, you will always achieve your goal.»

Skill Specialization

Nail extensions with acrylic, gel polish, polygel

Stella knows all about creating beautiful long nails with tips, top and bottom shapes, acrylic, gel and polygel.

Correction and restoration of complex cases of the nail plate

Nails can take an unnatural shape and be deformed both due to external influences and due to health problems. Stella expertly manage the correction in the case of thickening, altering the shape of the ingrown nail.

Nail Design

Boring manicure is transformed at Stella. She is always full of ideas how to decorate nails: glitter, broken glass effect, art painting, volumetric design and more.

Skill Gallery

Stella Lindley is constantly improving her practical skills and willingly sharing life hacks in her courses.

Together with the students, she fulfills typical mistakes, focuses students on the correct setting of hands during work and ways to reduce time during routine work without compromising on quality.

Participation in conferences and exhibitions

Ecole School is interested in qualified specialists. To this end, the training center helps trainers to participate in exhibitions and beauty conferences at the city level, at the country level and at the international level.



Nailympia championship 2019

Nailympia has events in London, the USA, Estonia and Australasia. Those that compete across all four in one year are put in the running for the Global Cup, the winner of which is revealed at Nailympia London, the final Nailympia of the year.

Professional Beauty Avards 2018

This is an annual event for identifying trends, inspiration, networking and training, when beauty brands present their innovations and industry experts share their knowledge on the most relevant industry topics.


Every year, Birmingham welcomes thousands of beauty professionals to Beauty UK, held at the NEC in May - in fact, Beauty UK is the largest beauty trade show outside of London.

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