An overview of mink eyelash extensions brands

Eyelash extension allows you to achieve the desired shape, as well as the required length and the best effect of curl hair for a long time, which significantly saves time for daily makeup and subsequent removal in the evening. False eyelashes look much more aesthetic. 3d mink eyelashes today are very popular and in demand among numerous women.

Vanessa Barnes, beautician, work experience over 8 years

What Exactly Are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extension is a special technique that allows you to make cilia more magnificent, as well as long. Depending on the goals, with the help of artificial hairs there is an excellent opportunity to adjust the shape of the eyes. For example, you can always open them up and make them visually larger and more attractive. Or give the look a mysterious and unique expression, which is very pleasant to do, both young girls and adult women. 3d mink lashes allow you to visually increase the size of the eyes and make the look unique.

3D extension is a special technology in the process of which a certain amount of artificial ones is glued to each natural hair with the help of elastic resin. The procedure makes the look deep, enlarges the eyes, hides imperfections and improves the cut of the eyes, creating a more elegant.

There are a huge number of hair growth techniques. They are selected individually, taking into account the taste and preferences of the client, but 3D eyelash has become popular. How to make extension cilia voluminous and lush? The main thing is to choose a qualified specialist who can achieve the perfect bend and volume of hairs in the eyes. It should be noted that 3d extensions or Hollywood extensions are common around the world.

Choosing a Lash Extension Material

Bundles of hairs of different lengths and thicknesses are very popular today with numerous women. Synthetics are used due to the fact that organic compounds (fur, for example) can cause an allergic reaction in humans, and they are less elastic, which is very important in this matter.

Synthetic Lash Extensions

So, all expandable cilia are polymer fibers of various lengths, usually from 5 to 17 millimeters. These are very thin hollow villi, which is why they are so light and airy. Mink lash extension vendors is many world-famous companies that have a good reputation for quality products. There are four main types of artificial fibers:

  • Sable. These are the thickest and heaviest villi. They are great for creating volume, but, unfortunately, hold on less than all other species. Relate to soft.
  • Mink. The thinnest and most durable material. Great for incomplete builds. Relate to soft villi. Very similar to natural.
  • Silk. Also, soft villi. A little thicker and brighter than the mink. Most often they are used to creating volume. Also, this type of villi has the effect of makeup on eyelashes.

Silicone or gel. They are as thick as a sable, but a little lighter. Great for bulky options.

Mink lash extensions

This building material with a matte shade is very popular and in demand among numerous women in different countries of the world, because it has numerous advantages when used. In addition to all this, “mink” cilia are thicker than usual and have a piercing black color. It is not recommended building a “mink” on very thin and weak native lashes. This fact should be understood and strictly taken into account if you want eyelashes to be reliable and attractive for a long period.

What is the difference between mink lashes and regular lashes? Their main difference is a deep black color. If natural hairs are of a lighter shade, they must be painted in black so that the eyelashes look natural after the extension procedure. It is not recommended carrying out such an extension for girls who have thin and weak eyelashes, since under the heavyweight of the “mink” their own hairs will be subjected to severe stress and can quickly fall out.

Why are mink lashes better? It  give the impression that you just painted your eyes, so they are preferable for girls who have quite voluminous own hairs. This option of building chooses many young and active girls, because they allow you to visibly acquire appearance and make your eyes large and very attractive.

Sable Lash Extensions

It is believed that such material is very difficult to bend and deform. Many modern women who live in different countries of the world choose this particular method of eyelash extension, because eyelashes hold firmly and for a long period, which is very convenient and practical.

Fox lash extensions

It is very whimsical to care for. “Silk” eyelashes are afraid of elevated temperatures (for example, a bath, a visit to the sauna), as well as warm water. The less you wet them, the longer they will last.

Man-Made Eyelash Extensions

There are many high-profile names for the varieties of cilia, among which you can hear about the “mink”, as well as “silk” and sable. It sounds tempting and instantly makes the fantasy imagine how a small animal sits, and separate bundles of its hair are torn out of it in order to make hairs for your beautiful eyes.

Fortunately, this is not so. Microfiber, which has a synthetic origin, acts as a material for the production of the presented product. They received similar names from the characteristics of density, as well as stiffness and thickness.

Faux-Mink and Faux-Fox Lash Extensions

He gives the look expressiveness, as well as mystery and a little trick. But, this type of building is not suitable for all women, and to some it is even contraindicated. Thus, the eye is slightly extended to the side, giving the gaze a special appeal.

Silk lash extensions

The material for making hairs is micro polyester yarn. Synthetic origin is not a drawback, but rather a virtue, because such cilia are flexible, elastic, resistant to creases, they do not require special care and look natural. In their eyes they are almost imperceptible, although they have a sufficiently greater weight than natural hairs.

Volume Lash Extensions, also known as Russian, or XD Lash Extensions

«Russian eyelashes» is an eyelash extension technology in which not one piece is glued to each of its eyelashes, but several at once (usually from 2 to 7 pieces). In Russia, such extensions are called by the number of synthetic eyelashes in the bundle — 2D, 3D, etc.

Are mink lashes the best?

The main differences between synthetic and mink eyelashes are workmanship and durability. They do not press on natural hair and do not damage its structure, which is very convenient. In addition, a special waterproof binder is used to grow eyelashes. Long-lasting glue does not contain any vapors and irritants, so the whole procedure is safe and quite comfortable for the client.

What Should You Consider When Selecting Eyelash Extensions?

Each option has its own advantages, distinctive features and can be used in various situations. It is worth understanding which material is better to give preference to.

What Are The Different Types Of Eyelash Extensions?

The following types of eyelash extensions are distinguished, of which each fashionista will quickly choose for herself the best option with a certain effect:

  • Classic with eyelash extensions for correcting the shape of the eyes, stretching the outer corner, getting an elongated incision.
  • Glamorous with gluing one or more artificial hairs to each natural.
  • Combined using artificial hairs of different lengths, which are glued at intervals in a certain order.
  • Squirrel effect with the creation in the center of the eye of a certain arrow similar to a squirrel brush.
  • Butterfly wings with overlapping cilia, similar to the waves of a weightless butterfly to obtain a mysterious image.

Choosing a Length and Curl Type in Your Eyelash Extensions

But such hairs grow only for a short time, for example, for a photo shoot. Let’s take a detailed look at each of the existing groups of eyelash extensions that differ in their length.

Mink eyelashes kit review

Depending on the skill level of a specialist, several types of sets are distinguished:

Starting or basic. It is perfect for a master who is just learning the procedure for eyelash extensions. It will also be ideal for home use.

Full or professional is made specifically for experienced lash makers who use this set not only to correct their hair, but also professionally build eyelashes to their customers. It differs from the starting version in an expanded number of elements, and may also include decorative details, for example, feathers, rhinestones, multi-colored eyelashes.

Esqido lashes

They are the best option for the fair sex who want to look irresistible. Many women who belong to different age groups choose this particular set, which allows a fairly high-quality and at the same time fast-paced eyelash extension procedure. 

This option is very convenient and popular, because it can significantly save time. The starter kit costs £25.00.

Nagaraku flat lashes

Eyelashes on Nagaraku Tape — moderate cost, eyelashes have gained wide popularity among eyelash extension masters.

These eyelashes are very easy to use in the extension, they are removed very well from the tape. If you accidentally squeeze the eyelashes with tweezers, they will not be deformed. It is worth noting that the quality is not inferior to the wound brands. This manufacturer is an excellent alternative to well-known brands and at the same time saves

The set is available as individual lashes for £8.49.

Lilly lashes goddess

A unique criss-cross of ultralight and thin mink hair imitates the natural extension of eyelashes, allowing the falsifiers to blend seamlessly.

The lashes create a dramatic look, do not shag over time and are very comfortable to wear.

The kit cost for £19.95.

Unicorn lashes majestic af

Today, such a set is very popular among many women in different countries of the world.

Gives an elegant and at the same time dramatic look. Comfortable for everyday wear, can be used up to 15 times. Glue is not included.

The kit cost for £9.80.

Ardell faux mink lashes

Eyelashes are made in the form of separate bunches or knots that are held together by a transparent silicone tape.

Due to this design, eyelashes are easier to adjust to the shape of the eye, respectively, they are more comfortable to wear, do not cause discomfort, do not tighten the eyelid and hold on to me much better than the non-knotted eyelashes.

To fix these villi, glue made of rubber is used.

The kit cost for £5.80.

Huda beauty mink lashes

Mink hairs are mixed with special ingredients during manufacture to create a matte effect. 

The service life of this material is very long: it is not afraid of water and temperature changes. 

The kit cost for £18.00.

Magnetic lashes mink

The mink is painted in a deep black color, so it is advisable for owners of light hairs to dye them in the right tone before building, then you do not have to use mascara during wearing.

The price of the set varies in the range £6.98 -10.99.

Advantages of the format:

  • the period of use is unlimited;
  • lengthen even the shortest eyelashes;
  • Do not spoil the native eyelashes.

Huapan lashes

The material is taken from natural fibers: silk, sable or mink wool, sometimes silicone. There are different methods to make the eyes look attractive.

Japanese eyelash extension involves careful step-by-step gluing of each hair. You’ll get fifteen pairs in a set for £14.99.

The color of the glue is black, the volume of the bottle is 12 ml.
For ease of application, a thin kit is inside. Included is a stick-stick for eyelid adjustment, for the convenience of gluing eyelashes.
The glue hardens quickly and with a certain effort is easily removed.

Even after watching millions of videos on eyelash extensions, you won’t recognize all the intricacies of work and technology like with a master on the course. The correct setting of the hand, the choice of materials and the right approach to the client — all this you will receive in a couple of days and you can get to work.