Best foot hard skin remover for gentle feet

We will talk about such an important problem as dry skin on the feet. You will learn how to get rid of dry feet with the help of traditional and folk remedies. A woman should be well-groomed from head to toe. How to achieve perfect smoothness by choosing the best foot skin remover, read in this article.

Stella Lindley

What causes dead skin on the feet?

A beautiful and well-groomed body is the key to the confidence and positive mood of each person. But sometimes this idyll can be disturbed by such an unpleasant phenomenon as the appearance of dry legs. Most often, the occurrence of such a condition is affected by a lack of lipids or moisture in its stratum corneum. Other reasons can be divided into external and internal, we will talk about them below.

Use with caution

In order to cope with the problems associated with dry skin on the legs, it is possible to apply the following methods. But, this should be done with caution.

Soak Baking Soda

The ingredients that will be required to complete this procedure are:

  • Baking soda — 14 g.
  • Water — 1 l.
  • Soap shavings — 15 g.

How to cook: Stir the ingredients in water at room temperature. After the procedure, use a nourishing cream. How to effectively get rid of hard dead skin on your legs with the help of this tool, you know, now it remains to begin to act.

Lemon for skin softening

The skin contains citric acid, which helps to gently exfoliate dead skin cells, as well as moisturizing the cover. If you remember, fruit acids are quite often used as peeling, because they act milder than chemicals and also help repair damaged skin. But everything must be kept to a minimum, so you don’t get hurt instead.

After soaking your feet in warm water for about half an hour, mix Vaseline and lemon juice. Dry your feet and apply the mixture to the dry part of cracked heels and wait for at least an hour. Leave it for the whole night to get the best results.

Razor or scraper

Dry heels and corns on the feet look very unattractive, and are also a place of constant accumulation of pollution. You probably want to show others your beautiful legs, especially in the summer. How to remove dead skin from feet, this question is asked by both men and women. For the beauty and health of the legs, you must use a special scraper to help you get rid of corns.

Safe Methods to Try

To get rid of dry skin on the legs, there is an excellent opportunity to try the safe methods, which are presented below. To properly and adequately provide the skin with moisture and nutrients, it is important to choose a set of procedures for caring for very dry skin of the legs. For this purpose, it is not necessary to spend fabulous amounts at all, you can get by with available means (we only look at the composition when choosing). Systematic care will return the skin to its lost smoothness and elasticity.


At first glance, it may seem that pumice is not needed, and all problems with the skin of the feet can be dealt with using ointments and creams. But natural pumice for the feet is a porous substance of natural origin, which quickly and effectively softens any skin and cleanses the keratinized layer of cells, which allows it to lead among all cosmetics for skin care of the feet. Yes, you don’t need to wait for a lightning-fast result after using it, but regularly using it, you will forget that once your heels were not perfect. You know how to get rid of dry skin on feet with the help of the presented means, therefore your skin will be young and clean.

Paraffin therapy for legs

It has a restoring and caring effect. And if hand care is more popular in winter and in the off-season, when they are subject to aggressive environmental influences, then in the summer — the period of open shoes — the time comes for active skin care. Paraffin therapy quickly and effectively regenerates and moisturizes the skin, helping to give it a healthy look in a matter of procedures. Best foot hard skin remover according to a large number of people.

Foot scrub

Even the heels are cleaned of dirt and peeling, become soft, smooth and beautiful. After the procedure, additional hydration of the skin of the legs is not required. The heels are cracked, the skin of the legs begins to peel off, and after applying an industrial scrub, the effect lasts only for a while. It is not possible to restore skin tenderness even after repeated use of the cream. With a natural scrub, you don’t have to endlessly moisturize the skin, because it contains a balanced set of oils in the required amount. Best hard dead skin remover for feet is perfect for continuous use. And pumice (crushed into a fine fraction) is supplemented with ground oatmeal so that the scrubbing procedure is not only effective, but also gentle for the skin of the legs.

Oat scrub

Scrubs will be useful not only in face care. They should also be used regularly to cleanse the skin of the body — such procedures will make the cover soft and smooth. The tool can be prepared at home from natural ingredients. One of the most useful is oatmeal. They provide soft peeling of the skin, while quite effectively removing dead cells from its surface.

Epsom salt soak or wash

The foot bath is perhaps one of the best ways to relieve stress, as it is rich in magnesium contained in Epsom salt. This mineral is an ideal solution when it comes to hydrating the skin.

Epsom salt (sold in the pharmacy under the name magnesium sulfate) is used as micropilling. First, steam out the feet. After rubbing rough places with salt crystals as a scrub. Dip into the liquid again. Wash, drain, oil. It is useful to hold the feet in a solution of Epsom salts. Dissolve (one two pinches) in a liter of hot water. Hold for half an hour. Pumice to scrape off the stratum corneum. Then rinse, dry. Lubricate with an oil solution of vitamin A or E (possible together).

Soak vinegar

Apple cider vinegar baths have long been used for weight loss, alleviating digestive problems, getting rid of respiratory problems, and improving skin condition. Our legs are exposed daily to numerous microbes, and the lack of oxygenation causes infections, calluses, an unpleasant smell, and makes our limbs dry and rough. Soak your feet in vinegar: Apple cider vinegar contains biologically active compounds that kill bacteria and germs. Therefore, it is one of the most effective natural remedies for solving numerous health problems. It eliminates unpleasant odors, treats fungal infections, softens the skin, improves skin quality and much more. In addition, it is very simple and easy to use.

Children's foot cleaning

The main purpose of the bath when performing children’s foot cleaning is to soak, but you can supplement regular water with ingredients that perform an additional function — relieve fatigue, have an antimicrobial effect, strengthen nails or saturate the skin with useful substances.

Exfoliating Socks Footner

Footner’s patented product is very popular for treating corns and cracked heels. Unlike other treatments, Footner does not leave any damage on your feet, it only eliminates dead skin layers. Footner is an absolutely safe, tested product. Would you like to have incredibly soft skin? Now you can achieve this without leaving your home with Footner products. This is great news for men who are embarrassed to do pedicures.

Footner Exfoliating Socks is a recognized tool for removing rough skin. Footner exfoliating socks stimulate the separation of dead skin cells, thereby exfoliating its upper layer along with hardened calluses. The process begins 5-7 days after using the socks and lasts for 7 days. After just one 60-minute use of socks, your legs will get rid of hardened corns and become smooth, like a baby.

Electric solid feet skin remover

The heel washer fits easily into a handbag, so it can be carried with you. But this is not all the pluses. The heel cleaner can run on batteries, which means you can use it anywhere, even if you are on vacation outside the city.

The selection of models is huge. It should be noted that today manufacturers offer a wide range of devices designed to solve problems with the skin of the lower extremities. Naturally, you should choose the heel cleanser that is right for you. Currently on sale are models that remove corns, as well as machines that fight exclusively with rough skin.

Professional electric hard skin remover from feet allows you to quickly deal with this problem. Of course, today it will not be difficult to find a universal device for cleaning the heels, but you need to understand that it will cost a little more than the «profile» model. 

How to choose the best feet skin remover

Electric files can be roller and disk. The latter are used mainly by professionals, roller saws are available for everyone. The following factors determine the type of saw blade: 

  • nozzle type (sapphire, diamond, ceramic and others); 
  • the type of power supply (batteries or accumulator); 
  • the degree of rigidity of the roller; 
  • the purpose of the application (dry, aqueous media); 
  • scope of supply. 

Based on the above mentioned parameters, it is possible to choose the most suitable type of device for your own needs.

Advantages and disadvantages of electric feet skin remover

Although electric feet removers are undoubtedly a revolutionary breakthrough in health and beauty, they do have drawbacks too. 


  • The effect of using electric removers comparable to that of a salon procedure. 
  • It takes a few minutes to get your feet in order. 
  • The device is very easy to use due to its correct shape 
  • The pumice only removes dead skin without affecting healthy areas.
  • Mobility and compactness of the saw allows you to take it anywhere.
  • No noise and no vibrations. 
  • No footbaths, no skin steaming. 


  • Often the cost is high. 
  • For the most part, such saws are prohibited for people with diabetes mellitus.
  • The electric remover can’t handle very started feet.

The best hard skin remover in 2020


Since 2010 the world famous brand Scholl is part of the British-Dutch company Reckitt Benckiser. Therefore, it is safe to say that the manufacturer of electric saws of this brand is Great Britain. Of course, the company has production facilities in different countries, including China, but it does not affect the quality of products. After all, all products are developed using the same technology. 

Today Scholl is a leader in production and sales of foot care products. Electric saws for heels of this brand are known and in demand in many countries. They belong to the category of «professional», have different levels of abrasiveness, have a quick and lasting effect of cleaning dead foot cells. There are models on batteries and on accumulators. The last option is more expensive. Users also note the convenience of the device and its attractive design.

Of course, many have heard about the existence of this model. However, how effective is it? If we talk about the model Scholl Velvet Smooth, it perfectly removes rough skin. Best way to get rid of hard skin on feet allows you to quickly solve problems with dry skin.


This is american brand, the main product of which is the technique for health and beauty. The manufacturer specialized in the manufacture of small appliances back in 1937. Today it is a popular brand that has won millions of fans around the world. The holding produces various electric devices for individual care, including electric saws for feet. Apart from the above mentioned brands, it is also worth mentioning such manufacturers as Atlanta, Polaris, Beurer, Sinbo and Supra. 

Remington electric foot saws are equipped with several detachable attachments which have different degrees of rigidity. Some models work at 1st speed, some at two. The device gently, safely and painlessly cleans feet from rough skin. There is an anti-microbial protection and the nozzles can also be washed in water. According to user feedback, Remington electric foot saws have a long service life, which is also a great advantage.


Chinese manufacturer of small home appliances as well as health and beauty products. Produces a wide range of low price segment products. The quality has been properly assessed by Russian consumers, which is also confirmed by international certificates. 

Electric pumice for feet Zimber at a price significantly better than the above manufacturers. The device of this brand also exfoliates hardened foot skin well, but its power is lower than that of expensive competitors. According to user feedback, the saw works without any complaints and the quality matches the price.


The German brand is part of the Clatronic Group, producing electronics and household appliances. The products are assembled in several countries, electric saws for feet are produced in China. The device was appreciated by users, noting that the quality exceeds the price. 

AEG brand saw is universal as it is intended for cleaning not only feet, but also hands and elbows. It is convenient and safe in operation, easy to clean.

How to prevent dry skin on the feet

The skin on the legs is quite thin, so take care of it with special delicacy. Give preference to shower procedures with warm water, so as not to remove sebum, which is responsible for the hydration of the skin. Clean your cosmetic shelf. Getting out of the shower does not need to aggressively dry yourself with a towel. Gently and lightly walk through your body to absorb excess moisture.


Herbs are added to the water: mint, sage, chamomile, hops, yarrow. Herbal decoctions will help relieve itching, inflammation, improve blood circulation, soften and heal the skin. Pour broth from herbs into hot water, feet soar for 10-20 minutes.

Wear moisturizing socks to sleep

You have a lot of options for moisturizing the skin of your legs, starting from the constant application of a cream on the skin, which does not help for a long time, ending with a regular bath. But there is a much better option — wear gel-soaked socks at home that quickly moisturize even the driest skin.

Useful gel impregnation is located on the inside of the socks, which is in direct contact with your feet. Gel moisturizing socks act as follows: they moisturize and warm the skin, why it is steamed, and oils enter the skin very quickly.

Schedule regular pedicures

Pedicure is a special care for the toes, which includes the removal of corns, rough skin and polishing nails. This is an analogue of manicure, but only for the legs. Let’s look at what types of pedicure are:

  1. European pedicure.
  2. Classic pedicure.
  3. Hardware pedicure.

The pedicure procedure involves the removal of rough skin on the feet. And as a result, cleaning the skin of the feet and removing the stratum corneum. The calcaneal zone and the toes of the sole are cleaned with a blade and files of varying degrees of stiffness. To maintain hygiene after the pedicure procedure, we recommend that you follow a number of rules:

  • Wash your feet daily with cool water and soap.
  • Dry thoroughly, paying particular attention to the spaces between the fingers.
  • Do not keep feet in water for longer than five minutes.

Wear suitable shoes

Wearing clothes made from non-natural fabrics (synthetics, nitron, etc.) — such materials are a source of derma irritation, which manifests itself in the form of dryness and peeling, so it is recommended to wear suitable shoes that are made from quality materials. In addition, it is very important that the shoe size is correctly selected.