What causes of the brittle, split, flaking nails? Best nail treatment for weak nails

Just as the appearance of the skin can tell a lot about your inner well-being, nails can be another indicator of your health. Why do nails become brittle?
Below we will consider why you may have dry, thin and brittle fingernails - causes and treatment at home with natural remedies.

Stella Lindley

What causes brittle split nails?

There are times when weak flaking nails are a symptom of serious problems. For example, these may be early signs of a fungal infection of the nails. No matter how many super-healing procedures you use on your nails, fragility will not disappear without treating the infection itself.  It is worth finding out if this happened to your nails.

There are other, more serious diseases that include brittle nails as a symptom. The only way to fully clarify the situation is to find the underlying problem and take the dry brittle nails treatment.

Tell with a doctor, if you find symptoms

As mentioned above, there are many reasons that can cause brittle nails. Each of these problems needs a special approach, therefore, at the slightest manifestations of fragility, you must consult a doctor. The most common diseases that can cause similar symptoms are:

Nail-Patella Syndrome is a very serious disease that is hereditary and affects several parts of the body: nails, kneecaps and kidneys. As practice shows, in most cases, patients lack both a calyx and a nail plate. This disease has not yet been fully studied and doctors around the world do not have a single scheme for its treatment.

With anemia your nails may become thin, begin to exfoliate or take the form of a spoon. All this is due to the fact that the body primarily directs oxygen to vital organs. But the nails and hair, which become dry and brittle, are forced to suffer. The main cause of bottom disease is a deficiency in the human body of such an important element as iron. Therefore, with the first symptoms of the manifestation of this ailment, it is necessary to immediately to contact a specialist.

Eczema is a disease that occurs on the skin. Characteristic for this ailment is severe burning, and itching. Initially, the disease affects the upper and lower extremities, after which it is transferred to the nails. It looks like this: the plate changes in color and forms a cavity on its surface. After that, it begins to peel off, the structure becomes thicker. After a short period of time, the nail is delaminated, they become very brittle, and their color changes to dirty gray. A large number of depressions and furrows also appear. In order to get rid of this disease, doctors attribute various ointments and serums that are enriched with vitamins. Also, people suffering from this ailment should adhere to a special diet and do not forget about the rules of personal hygiene.

The main reason for nail infection with fungus is direct contact with the infected person, shoes, cosmetics or manicure devices in beauty salons, baths, and sports complexes. That is why most often the fungus affects the toenails — it is this part of the body that comes into contact with the wet floor in showers and pools. But do not argue that any person who visits the sauna is likely to become infected with onychomycosis.

Fungal spores will almost certainly be able to infect a weakened organism whose immunity is not capable of fighting pathogens. The neglected form of onychomycosis is very dangerous for humans, so the pathology must be treated. It will not go away on its own in the absence of the competent use of antimycotic agents. The fungus will only spread and infect larger areas. Therefore, in this case, in no case should you self-medicate, and immediately go to the doctor’s appointment.

Hypothyroidism is a thyroid disease. Signs of thyroid problems often appear on the hands — on the fingers and nail plates. Fragility of the tips of the nails is the most common of them. No matter how much you strengthen your nails with baths, ointments and creams, they won’t become better — you need to treat the main problem.

Iron Deficiency is similar to a disease called anemia, which we described earlier. People suffering from this disease, first of all, need to review their diet. If this does not help, you must seek help at the hospital.

Specialists who study the Psoriasis are inclined to believe that the main cause of a serious disease is a malfunction in the immune system. Genetic factors also play a role, because in half of the cases it is inherited. Provoke the emergence of an insidious disease can: photostress and depression, metabolic disorders, viruses and infections. The treatment of this disease is a whole complex, which includes not only ointments and solutions for nails. 

The exact causes of Sjogren’s Syndrome are thoroughly unknown. Scientists suggest that it is associated with a genetic predisposition of the human body. There are many symptoms of this disease, one of which is brittle nails.

In addition to diseases, there are other factors that can affect the structure of nails and make them brittle. For some, this could be due to an inappropriate diet.

When the diet decreases calcium

Without enough calcium, your bones, teeth, and nails can begin to weaken and break down. Solving the deficit problem, the nails will gain shine and uniform color. The structure of the plate will be restored, the stratification will no longer bother the person. With a sufficient level of this substance in the body, nails begin to grow faster, become stronger. Unfortunately, it will take a lot of time to restore the appearance and internal state of the plate. The fact is that the plate is updated within six months.

D deficiency

Fragile nails can also be a symptom of vitamin D deficiency. The fact is that the body cannot absorb enough calcium without this element. The good news is that many natural foods contain vitamins that strengthen nails. Just add these foods to your diet.

  1. The easiest and most affordable source is chicken eggs. The highest concentration of D3 is in the yolks. Each egg contains 20% of the daily norm of calciferol, but eating eggs with unlimited quantities is not worth it because of the high cholesterol content.
  2. The greatest value in the diet with D-deficiency are fatty varieties of sea fish. Moreover, you can use fresh fish and canned food to get cholecalciferol.
  3. The highest content of calciferol is characterized by mushrooms — chanterelles, oyster mushrooms, morels.

Dry brittle nails due to improper care

Many people, trying to look as attractive as possible, decorate their nails with various additional accessories. But such chemicals can damage the plate and make your nails brittle and brittle. To avoid this, you need to remember 2 simple rules:

Frequent use of the acetone nail polish remover

The most popular way to remove nail polish is with acetone fluids. With their help, you can quickly and efficiently clean the nail plate from decorative painting. But no one ever thinks about the dangers of this substance. The fact is that this solvent can cause many problems, including brittleness, violation of elasticity and delamination.

The thing is that this substance removes its fat components from the nail, which protect it. Moreover, this chemical compound is quite toxic, which can affect the respiratory tract and lead to serious disorders and allergic reactions.

Uncontrolled use of the alcohol-based hand-sanitiser

Today, people often use various antiseptic agents for hands. It is proven that they kill most of the known bacteria that can be the causative agents of dangerous diseases. But together with these ailments, alcohol-containing products remove the upper fat layer from the skin and nails, which adversely affects the protective functions.

What can I do about brittle nails?

So, you must adhere to simple and understandable rules. In order to maximally protect your hands from the harmful effects of the environment, you must follow a few simple rules:

Bump up your biotin

Biotin is a vitamin that has gained fame due to its positive effect on hair, but few people know it as a vitamin that has beneficial effects on nails. Adherents of biotin also claim that this vitamin contributes to weight loss, helps fight acne and eczema, and improves the condition of people with diabetes and depression. Be sure to coordinate your diet with your doctor.

Use a moisturizer

People whose nails grow very slowly need to use special tools that can significantly speed up this process. The main thing is that these balms contain substances that promote growth, namely: burdock oil, almond oil, iodine, sea salt.

Wear gloves when using chemicals

Strong cleaning agents such as bleach and detergent can weaken nails. All homework related to water and chemicals must be done with rubber gloves. If possible, glycerin cream can be applied to the handles.

How coconut oil can help your nails

The use of coconut oil is primarily associated with the presence of high levels of vitamin E in it: it is this vitamin that is responsible for strengthening and healthy appearance of the nail plates. With weak, brittle and dry nails, this substance, provided it is used regularly, will soon return the shine, strengthen and moisturize.

Do not part with cuticle oil

To process each nail, a tiny drop is enough, which itself spills over the entire skin roller surrounding the nail. Cuticle massage is also effective — after applying the oil, massage it into the skin. Due to this effect on the roots of the nails, you will stimulate their growth, and they should become more healthy, stronger and stronger.

Do the finger bowl for nail care

If one of the days you have the opportunity to devote more than a couple of minutes to your nails, arrange for them a home procedure — a bath with olive oil. Heat it to a temperature that is comfortable for you and put your fingertips into it for 15-20 minutes. This preventive measure will be useful to everyone, and especially to owners of delicate, thin, not very strong nails — such baths will help them to strengthen.

When the ability to care for your nails is worth monetizing

Strengthening fragile nails takes time and refusing to varnish for a long time. What to do? In the field of nail service, novelties and methods for strengthening gel nails regularly appear. This operation can be combined with extensions, easily and simply achieving the desired length of the nails. 

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