Easy wedding hairstyles for Bridal and Guests

Moreover, the hairstyles described below in this article can be used by bridesmaids or guests too. With this guide and a little help of your own imagination, you will look stunningly beautiful and this day will be special for you and everyone else who will see you. So check out some easy wedding hairstyles below.

Anthony McKenzie

A very special day for the bride and the groom, for their parents and their friends. It’s the romantic time when two individuals become a family. The ceremony itself is beautiful. But the time and effort to make it beautiful and memorable is simply alarming. The bride has to look perfect so she can be confident, but what if she doesn’t want a too sophisticated hairstyle during her wedding ceremony?

You can put some effort and create an elegant, romantic, or unique hairstyle without any help. Or you can ask your friend to give a little help in the process.

Long hair ideas

If you are one of those lucky ladies who have gorgeous long hair, then you can use this advantage to your own benefit. These ideas could be used as wedding guest hairstyles too. 

Long curls always look amazing, even without any additional accessories like flowers, hairpins, etc. The key to success is to make those curls a little more freedom-loving. Smooth, too polished curl look unnatural, and to be completely honest, such curls are out of fashion for around ten years now. If you know that your hair is straightening too soon without any hair fixation spray, then apply a bit of spray on your curls but only after you make them seem a bit more messier.

A glamorous ponytail will look gorgeous too. It is not a conventional wedding hairstyle, but it still shows the length of your hair. A ponytail looks elegantly, and you don’t have to worry that your curls will be straightened too soon. Just cover the hair scrunchy with a strand of your hair, and you are ready to go.

Medium length hair options

You can consider wedding updos, but if you have a medium length hair, you can show it by making curls, waves or nice braids. The same as with the long hair, it is nearly a sin to hide it. If you have nice hair, you can curl it in waves and create a braid, but don’t tie all your hair. Create a thin braid upon the curled hair, and leave the rest of curled hair untouched. Such a hairstyle looks more romantic and perfectly fits a wedding ceremony.

You can also make a bun by adding some accessories. Such an idea is perfect for any length except for the really short hair. You can buy a specific bun which matches your hair color and apply it as described in the instruction to the bun. You will cover the fabric of a bun by your own hair, and it will seem more voluminous and sophisticated, while the process of creating it takes no longer than 2 minutes. Release several strands of hair so that they will frame your hair. Curl these strands and apply a bit of hair spray. You can also add such accessories as flowers, pins, veil, tiara, etc.

Short hair designs

It seems that it is difficult to create something sophisticated looking or elegant when you have short hair. But this is not true. If you have short hair, you can create lots of elegant hairstyles for a wedding. For example, create a deep side part so that part of your hair will be covering the opposite part of your head. Such a side part reveals your face and it doesn’t even need any accessories. The only thing you should do is to make sure you apply the necessary hairstyle products so that your hair will stay put and look sleek and shiny.

If you have short hair, but not as short as a men’s hairstyle, then you can think about other hairstyles. If you have a long bob hairstyle, you can either straighten it completely and wear a veil or a tiara, or you can curl it with a hair straightener. Yes, hair straighteners are used by stylists to curl your hair. Such curls look more like waves, they seem more natural and elegant than those curls made by curlers.

Adding tiara

You don’t wear a tiara everyday, so why not use it during your wedding. Honestly, it is literally one of those really rare occasions when a tiara looks appropriate, so don’t miss your chance. Tiara looks nice with long, medium and even short length hair. You can either leave your hair untouched and to put a tiara, or you can create a bow and use a tiara. There are numerous options.

The simplest option is to curl your hair, or to create shiny waves, and to simply put a tiara on your head. If you know that you will be dancing, you can stick it to your head with the aid of hair pins so the tiara will stay put and won’t fall.

A more elegant option will take more effort. For example, you can curl your hair in slight waves and create a thin braid behind, then you can apply a tiara. Or you can create an elegant bun (you can use special bun described above in the article to make the hairstyle look more voluminous), and then you can put a tiara.

Fascinator ideas

A fascinator looks like a little hat adding elegance to the woman who is wearing it. If you are thinking about the perfect “lady” look, then you can’t forget about this small but powerful accessory. Most people got used to fascinator used only with buns and updos, but it can be used with a low ponytail (on curled or straight hair), or with a loose hair, curled and gathered in a simple tail.

The key idea is to use a fascinator not as a simple hat. Usually, when you use a hat, it should be put straight on top of your head. But a fascinator allows you to experiment with your style. So apply it on the right or left side of your head, depending on your preferences, and make sure you use hair pins so it won’t fall and ruin your hairstyle.

Veil options

Veil means that you can use almost any hairstyle in a combination with a veil. The easy wedding hair up ideas are to simply curl your hair or to make a bun with several hair strands framing the face, and to put a veil. Veil can be used in a combination with a tiara. You can apply a veil and make sure it stays put by wearing a tiara above it.

If you are creating a bun for your wedding, then you can pin the veil right above the bun. Or you can attach it below the bun, it looks more unusual, but it won’t cover the bun. You could also make waves with your hair straightener and create a thin braid (from one ear to another, on the back of your head), and then you can attach the veil along the braid line. Another option is to attach the veil right above your forehead and to cover your hair.

But the easiest way to attach a veil is to purchase a veil hoop. The hoop itself can be covered with flowers, jewels, etc. While the veil can be of different fabric and length. It is easy to attach it and it perfectly fits long or medium length hair. Although such idea can’t be used as bridesmaid hair up for obvious reasons.

Adding flowers

If the idea of decorating your wedding hairstyle with flowers doesn’t seem appropriate for you, think about different pins decorated with small artificial flowers. Instead of decorating your hair with real flowers, you can think about a flower crown. Flower crown is a simple hoop covered with decorative flowers. It is easy to use it, you just have to curl or straighten your hair and to attach the hoop to your head. The bride with such a hairstyle looks like a fairy from fairy tails.

If you prefer a bun to loose hairstyles, then you can decorate it with flowers to. It is one of the easiest methods to create a romantic hairstyle since you can buy several hair pins covered with flowers, and you can attach these pins to your hair bun right above it, so you will also cover the scrunchy.

Fringe wedding hairstyles

If you have a fringe, you can either attach it to one side of your head, or you can add some additional framing, for example, make a bun and leave several hair strands framing your hair. That way you will accentuate your face.

If you want to add some accessories, then a tiara or a hoop will fit perfectly. You can choose a nice hoop covered with flowers or jewels, and depending on the hair length, you can either leave your hair lose, or you can create a bun.

If you are only thinking about having a haircut with a fringe, it is best to ask advice of a hair stylist whether such a haircut will fit you. One of the best ideas to find out whether it fits you is to wear a wig. You can also use photoshop but it won’t give you such precise results as a wig.

Wedding hat hairstyles

This option will fit perfectly the bride, and can be used as hairstyles for wedding guests. If you remember the time when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were getting married, most of the royal guests were wearing hats. So wedding heats create a royal atmosphere, they add luxury and style to any wedding ceremony.

But it is also worth mentioning that if you are planning to use a wedding hat, then it is best to implement a wedding dress code so that all the women on your wedding would be wearing wedding hats. Otherwise, you might look like you came to the wrong wedding, even if you are the bride.

Wedding hats can be small (like fascinators), or they can have broad brims. It is worth mentioning that you can use a small hat and apply it exactly like a fascinator — to the left or to the right side. A broad-brim hat is usually used like a simple hat, but sometimes you can see how other women are using them just like fascinators. It gives them an extravagant look, and it will fit a wedding ceremony — everyone will definitely remember you.

African braids wedding hairstyles

If you have African braids and you don’t want to get rid of them for the sake of your wedding (or if you are a bridesmaid, a quest), then you can apply nearly all those hairstyles described above! Why not? Those are bridal hair styles but they will be applied not on the hair, but on the braids. It looks really unusual and at the same time elegant. You can create a bun out of your African braids, you can make a braid and it will look fascinating.

With the aid of several African braids, you can make a thin braid right on the back of your head, the rest of your African braids can cover your shoulders or back, depending on the length of your hair. You can still wear a tiara, a hoop with flowers, a veil, you can decorate your hairstyle with flowers, etc. So if you have African braids and you think that they won’t fit a wedding ceremony, you are wrong. Such a hairstyle will only make you unique so don’t give up on it that easily.

Asian hairstyles

In such countries like India, China, Japan, women love to cover their heads with different accessories. Those could be flowers, jewels, etc. Most of them prefer buns and hairstyles rather than just a loose hairstyle. A woman with such an Asian hairstyle looks not just elegant but extremely feminine and charming. You can find some Indian wedding hairstyles and you will be fascinated to see how they decorate their hair with jewelry.

It doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to make a bun or a braid of your hair, you can also leave it loose and cover with flowers or jewelry. Make sure that the flowers or jewels fit your wedding gown.

If you’ve realised that creating beauty in your hair is a pleasure and a pleasure, consider a new profession. For this, I recommend training as a wedding hairstylist.