French style features: how to diversify your wardrobe

France is the country of cookery, cinematography and, of course, fashion. That is why French culture continues inspiring many brand designers for new magnificent daily looks. What is exceptional in dressing like a French girl? Elegance and effortlessness are the main features of French women style. While the rest of the world is trying to be perfect, girls in France just enjoy their lives.

Garry Williams

What is French Girl Style?

People associate France with something masterful, something refined. In fact, French style is completely about confidence and comfort. Technicolour extravagance is not what you should expect from this style. French women do wear a lot of black and grey, and have relaxed attitude to getting dressed. 

Coco Chanel, a famous French designer, had a great influence on the development of fashion. Chanel was against useless details and preferred calm pastel colours with black or white in base. Despite the modest colour scheme, the designer stated women should be elegant wearing practical and comfortable outfits. Chanel paid lots of attention to shapes and combinations of clothes. Such thought-out looks is a worthy example of classic French girl style demonstrated by Chanel.

What French women would never wear?

When a person sees a French girl, the first thing comes to their mind is that she looks so chic. It is hard to believe, but a French woman does not need hours for dressing. One can simplify dressing routine simply by getting rid of unnecessary wardrobe items.

Sky-high Heels

Girls (especially young ones) like to wear sky-high heels. French women do not. They believe such shoes are vulgar, not elegant and cannot beautify you. Every step may turn out to be a real confusing disaster, feet are aching after a short walk and you just want to get rid of it. Low-heeled shoes are the preference of French style, as the real woman should be petite, neat, and confident in her movements.

A Push-up Bra

French women think cheating is not about beauty. They are sure that small breasts are also sexy. Women could be charming despite the size of their breasts, so they do not need push-up bra to be attractive. It is easier to find a new look, wear any blouses and dresses not wondering about what passers-by think.

Flashy Logos

Have you ever seen these huge logos on someone’s bags and shirts? Is it truly looks like exclusivity in style? Modest French women do not like bright logos, they are indifferent to brands. If you wear high-quality pieces of clothing, you definitely appreciate its materials and the technique it was made by. The absence of logos is the way to show your own individuality. Otherwise, you become an advertisement for boutiques where you buy your clothes.


In fashion, it is easy to lose control and end up looking like a person who tries too much. It is funny, but far from elegant. Women prefer to buy delicate small pieces of jewelry, and they do not put on too much shiny accessories at once. Why should huge earrings obscure your individuality? Three or even less accessories are enough for a good outlook.

Nude Pantyhose

Skin-coloured pantyhose is a thing that French girls try to avoid. Women in France would never wear it. They prefer black tights instead. It is even better not to buy pantyhose at all, as French women detest this detail of look.

What really is “Parisian” style?

Many non-French women are trying to emulate Parisian chic style. Let us see how the metropolitan fashion stands out. Designers define Parisian style as a specific “style behavior” not depending on a nationality. Today’s fashion trends went too far in ruling women’s lives, so more and more people around the world stick to something more Parisian and unconstrained.

Girls in France are famous for their sexual appeal, but showing too much body is not the right way to look sexy and chic. Parisian style is about stressing out woman’s natural beauty. Here are some useful tips that can help a girl to keep up with Parisian vibes. These simple nouns are the components of Parisian style:

  1. Effortlessness. Items of clothing should be your companion, not transform you into an entirely new person. Healthy hear, skin, and nails are basic components of a natural look. Then a bit messy style will suit you with a bang.
  2. Elegance. The items of your wardrobe should be well-tailored. Never buy a beautiful jacket that do not fit you. Parisian women would prefer to buy several pricy good items than lots of cheap ones.
  3. Understatement. Black is the favourite colour of all Parisians. Moreover, it is uncommon to show legs, chest, or butt at one time for a French girl. Understatement is a key to being attractive.
  4. Sensuality. Try red lipstick to make your look more sensual and romantic. Smokey eyes are acceptable as well. But never play up both lips and eyes at a time.
  5. Fun. Despite the seeming minimalism of Parisian fashion, girls in France love to add a jokey detail to their everyday look. Do not afraid of including funky brooches or metallic brogues in your outfit. The main rule is not to over-accessorize it.
  6. Individuality. Pay attention to the details. Parisian girls put much effort in standing out of a crowd and try looking for unknown brands.
  7. Breaking the rules. Modern trends have little meaning in French fashion. Every Parisian woman knows what is comfortable for her and what outfit looks perfect on her body. Fashion police will not stop her from wearing old sweater or combining more than three colours.

They say that a real French woman can wake up, put on a light dress, and just slightly tint her lips before going out. Such a hyperbole is partly true because all items of clothing are thoroughly chosen and combined before buying. The aforementioned seven tendencies look especially chic in relation to the demi-season. So do not forget about cozy scarves which French girls so fond of.

How to dress like a French woman?

We have already described the clothes a French girl would never wear and said about the rules to follow when dressing in Parisian chic street style. It is high time to take decisive actions and diversify your wardrobe. Although Parisian style is known as easy and free style, it does have its own characteristics. By combining these items of clothing, you can get as close as possible to street style in France.

Colours & Textures

French women prefer discreet colors. Deep black, shades of gray, pastel colors will do. But floral or geometric colourful patterns are not a taboo if added wisely. Also, French women love leather jackets and trousers, and are the great lovers of jeans.


You will never see a French woman wearing cheap worn-out shoes. French girls are sure that shoes are one of the main items of clothing giving a person the complete and thought-out look. Ballerina flats is the most preferable variant, so it is better to leave UGG boots, tennis shoes, and high-heels at home. On a special occasion, it is acceptable to wear medium heels or kitten heels.


A handbag should be a functional, versatile, and quality thing. There is no need in dozens of bags – one for the evening, one for the day. Such an approach teaches to be selective in buying clothes. Parisian wardrobe is relatively small, but every piece of clothing in is useful. French women prefer quality to quantity.

Jeans & Trousers

Cigarette, skinny or straight-leg – all of them French girls wear and all of them are popular. The narrower the better. Leather trousers with a black jacket is a common outfit for a woman in France. The refusal to purchase trends has a practical meaning. If you invest in something you are going to wear for several years long, you want it to be simple and durable. Rivets and rhinestones in such a situation fade into the background.


It is common for a French girl to wear oversized sunglasses. Why oversized? Such sunglasses can easily protect you from sunlight if it is sunny or even hide your face from the eyes of curious passers-by. Especially useful when you had no time for any make-up or slept less than usually. One can choose an individual rim shape or just try “aviator”. This variant seems to look good on almost every face.

Trench Coat

А trench coat should be mid-length to be convenient. Colour plays no role, as it is easily combined with jeans or black skinny trousers. Trench coats look effortlessly chic; you can wear it year round without any difficulties. It is time to forget about the long woolen coats that collect all the street dust.


Every French woman should have a black dress that will be suitable both for formal and informal occasions. A simple shape, not too short, with a belt or without. Just a blazer layered upon can transform this evening dress into a work uniform.

French clothing brands that Parisian Girls love

Today French girls adore not only famous designers and their brands, like Chanel and Gaultier. New ones continue to create trends and styles that women love. Fashion-oriented people try modern and stylish suits, searching for label they may put in favourites. Here is a list of brands you should know to understand French women’s preferences better:

  • Isabel Marant;
  • Vanessa Seward;
  • Sonia Rykiel;
  • A.P.C.;
  • Sezane;
  • Realisation Par;
  • Rouje;
  • Musier.

Due to the Marant’s influence on fashion we have blazers and cool outlooks called “Parisian style”. Marant popularised casual-chic clothes every average person can afford to buy. The designer presents many items that can make you look simple and awesome at once.

Great examples of fashionable outlooks are showed by Vanessa Seward and Sonia Rykiel. These two designers focus on the variety of styles in contemporary trends. They are not about classic, but young and non-Chanel decisions.

If you like minimalism, clear lines and unisex style, A.P.C. can give it to you. The brand is known for their androgynous examples of clothing, so if you want to try, it will be a great experience.

Sezane is a world brand, that exists not only in France. Americans like to watch and buy Sezane’s clothes online. It has an official site that every person can use to buy fashionable items of clothing.

The three brands that a great number of French girls know and like wearing are Realisation Par, Rouje and Musier. They also have an impact in casual outlooks, that are about comfort, elegance, and pragmatism.

It may sound strange, but a real role-model in relation to style is probably your mother. French girls are not afraid of simple and convenient outlooks. A typical Parisian woman would never sacrifice convenience for the sake of beauty. “Beauty in detail” is an appropriate description of this style. Only because there are few bright accents in such a look, they can stand out and actually shine.

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