How to apply foundation with a beauty blender or brush for beginners

The key to great makeup is the perfect skin tone. Any self-respecting girl should know how to mask redness, bruises or oily shine on her face. We will tell you how to apply foundation, depending on the type of skin, face shape and what tools you need.

Megan Campbell

Preparing and Priming Your Skin

In order for your makeup to always shine and impress with its beauty, it is not enough to buy expensive foundation and cosmetics from world brands. In addition, you need to perform a number of preparatory measures:

  1. Skin cleansing
  • Before you plan to apply the foundation under makeup, you need to wipe your face with a special antibacterial agent. There are a lot of such tonics on sale today. Thanks to them, a protective film is formed between the face and the base, which prevents bacteria and harmful microorganisms from being under the base.
  • To cleanse the face, you do not need to use products that contain alcohol. Such tonics will greatly dry the skin.
  1. Moisturize the skin
  • Professional makeup artists recommend applying a thin layer of moisturizing cream or oil before applying the base.
  • Do not forget that oily skin needs to be moisturized as much as dry skin. The nuance is that after applying the cream, you must wait a few minutes and let the cream soak in well.

Adding Your Foundation

The  skin tone base can help you not only apply makeup on top of it in a more ideal, but also protect your skin from the penetration of harmful substances. Thanks to a special base or powder, any woman with skin problems will be able to hide her defects. Also, if you use a foundation, then the makeup itself will be brighter and will last much longer than usual.

Why you shouldn't use your fingers to apply foundation?

Even professional makeup artists use this method. Nevertheless, it can do a lot of harm. Take into account at least the fact that your hands are in daily contact with a large number of different surfaces. Which are simply teeming with different germs and bacteria. Now imagine that you take and rub all these harmful microorganisms into your skin. And this can cause various kinds of rashes and discoloration of the skin.

Is it better to apply foundation with a brush or sponge?

There are many opinions on this score. Some reputable world-renowned makeup artists claim that it is better to apply liquid or powder foundation with a brush. Others, no less famous, say the exact opposite: working with a sponge is more convenient. They all hold their arguments. Fans of sponges claim that tool helps make makeup more even, light, transparent. It can be used both wet and dry. This allows you to give your face a more natural radiance.

People who prefer brushes give the following arguments: this is a faster way to apply the foundation. This argument is liked by women who can not spend much time on morning makeup. Also with a brush you can cover a large area of ​​the face. In addition, they are more hygienic and more durable than sponges.

How To Use Foundation Brush To Apply Liquid Foundation?

For work you need a good wide brush, round at the base. The edge of the brush is flat or with a small arc. Different brands have their own markings for brush sizes, so orient yourself visually. You can use a palette — plastic or glass. Pour a small amount of product onto this base, and then dip the brush as needed.

Which brush is best for foundation?

There are several types of brushes, which are ideal for applying the foundation:

Kabuki Brush — a fluffy brush on a small «leg». With a kabuki brush, the products are applied to the skin with a sufficiently dense layer. All thanks to the same “leg” — it allows you to hold the brush as close to the pile as possible and increase the pressure when applying. The brush inherited its name from the traditional Japanese kabuki theater — for the reason that the actors in it are in front of the audience with a very complex, thick, «heavy» makeup. They used a similar brush to cover their faces with a thick layer of white rice powder.

A synthetic flat brush is better for applying a creamy substance. It will not leave stains and stripes, for a long time will not fail. It can be applied as a foundation for makeup, and foundation / concealer, and can also be used to face sculpting.

Fluffy Buffing Brush: Quick and airbrushed finish. This accessory is equally popular among both professionals and beginners. At first glance, the brush looks like a toothbrush, but that’s where their similarities end. It is made in the form of an oval, with a short dense pile and a comfortable handle, suitable for applying any coatings, even the most dense. Initially, the accessory was intended for professional use, but in reality the brush turned out to be so simple and convenient to use that bloggers began to actively advertise and use it.

How To Use Beauty Blender To Apply Liquid Foundation?

Initially, devices such as beauty blenders were used only by professional makeup artists. But over time, he began to appear such sponges in the public domain, and today many girls use them to apply the base and basic makeup. But the main thing is to be able to use it correctly. If you want a tight makeup, you must use a dry blender. If, on the contrary, you tend to easily tint the skin, you should first wet the sponge. This will take only 2-3 minutes.

Which Beauty Blender is best for foundation?

The following varieties are distinguished here: Original, Pure and Pro. As for the foundation for makeup, then a sponge like Pure is ideal. It always has a white color. This is a very delicate and soft item, designed for delicate application of cosmetics.

Should I dampen my beauty blender?

In order for the beauty blender to work properly, it needs to be slightly moistened with water. To do this, draw a small amount of water into a shallow bath and soak the device in it. After a while you will see that the blender has significantly increased in size. Only then can you start working with him.

Applying Makeup with a Beauty Blender

How to apply foundation step by step:

  • The wetted applicator must be wrung out well. This can be done by wrapping the sponge in a towel and pressing it slightly;
  • A much base is applied to the flat part of the applicator;
  • In small, slightly driving movements, the base is applied to the skin.

How to clean your beauty blender

During prolonged storage of contaminated sponge, active reproduction of pathogenic bacteria occurs. As a result of using such a sponge, rashes, acne and irritation appear on the face. Sponges need careful care that can be provided at home. It is recommended to carry out cleaning of cosmetic accessories after each use or at least once a week with rare use. For cleaning, liquid soap or a special shampoo is suitable.

Choice of the Best Foundation

Girls who regularly use makeup base must have at least two tubes with foundation in their bag. One is lighter and the other is denser. Depending on the weather, it will be right to choose a foundation for the face like this:

  • summer. The composition of the product must necessarily be protected from sunlight. Such creams are marked with an SPF mark of 15 or higher. It is also good if it is also moisturizing;
  • winter. To protect the skin from frost, you need to purchase a a foundation with a denser structure. And also with various oils in the composition, which will also contribute to additional nutrition of the skin.

Features of foundation for face correction

Each girl has her own scheme for applying foundation. Makeup artists offer different ways of applying it. In order to make a perfect make-up, you need to provide good natural lighting, daylight should fall on your face. Thanks to this, you can notice all the imperfections of the skin, correct and hide them instantly. You can also determine whether you need to use color correctors that are applied under the base cream. 

For visual correction of the shape of the face, I recommend a more detailed study of the topic of sculpting.

Do you put foundation on eyelids?

If you look closely at the skin in front of your eyes, we will see that it is speckled with bluish or reddish spots. Concealer or foundation removes these color defects, creating an even surface of the same color. The difference between concealer and conventional tonal means is that it is softer in texture. This is a special tool designed specifically for the skin of the eyelids, which is why it moisturizes the skin and maskes imperfections.

If the makeup lasts no more than an hour, and then ugly strips form on the eyelids of the eyes, this is an indicator that you need to use the base under the shade. This is a tool that is applied to the eyelids with a thin layer before proceeding to eye makeup. Thanks to her, the shadows will last all day. The tool is not imprinted on a fixed eyelid, does not crumble, and shading them will not be difficult.

What to do after applying foundation?

After you have coped with this difficult task, start applying the makeup itself. For example, many famous makeup artists advise initially to tint the eyes, then move on to disguise various irregularities and facial defects. Complete all makeup with lips.

In order to learn how to properly apply paint on your face, you can take a special course. In the process of this training, professional makeup artists will tell you about how to properly apply makeup, what devices you need, use and which color palette suits a particular girl.

After completing these courses, you will receive all the necessary skills for working in beauty salons.