How to apply makeup for beginners: basic tutorial for everyday beauty

It is very hard to overstate the necessity to look better every day. Dress codes and social convention dictates that lipstick, scrubs, shadows and other instruments usage is the easiest solution to perform this challenging task. Let’s talk about such topics as makeup kits, skin color creation, eyeliners and main techniques to improve you image. So how to apply makeup for beginners?

Megan Campbell

Basic makeup kit – standard set of instruments

Even if you are a beginner it is unavoidable to have certain essentials. You need an advice from professionals to get started. What exactly do you buy? Let’s take a look:

  1. Face. At first you will need a foundation which serves as a canvas for future masterpiece. Then you will need a concealer for eyes and face. And don’t forget about the bronzer that functions as a splash. These three components will allow starting to work. It is very important to get high quality products from best brands.
  2. Eyes. The first vital ingredient is eyeliner. It is used to make circuits and change day and night makeup. Then we look for ideal mascara that will lengthen our lashes making our eyes more beautiful. Buying neutral eyeshadow palette is unavoidable. It comprises taupes, bronzes and other colors that could be blended without an effort.
  3. Brows. All you need is a good pencil. Some may object and offer brow gel or powder shadow. Those substances are for professionals. But a pencil is essential for beginners. It is an ideal correction tool which is very easy to operate.
  4. Lips. Key item that adds a finishing touch. Lipstick is a powerful item which can change you outfit with a simple swipe. Choose it incorrectly and all you hard work will be in vain. If you want to find a perfect shade, try using a darker variant than your natural lip color. That will do the trick.

All other tools could be spared. But when you become a master the kit should expand greatly.

How to prepare you face for makeup

A beginner should know the meaning and function of every item in their kit. What facial cleansers, scrubs and moisturizers are better? Here is a quick guide:

  • Facial cleanser. Creamy variant is ideal for dry skin because it will function as a moisturizer. Foamy substances are good for oily type – such substances reduce the amount if dirt and oil. For combination skin you have to choose specific products (it is written in the description). For sensitive buy gentle gels that are created from plant oils. If any question arises do not hesitate to ask.
  • Scrub. For normal you get a product with fine particles that will not affect the balance. But it still should be gentle so the substance would not dehydrate or damage the layer. For dry it is best to take creamy alternatives. Oily derma type likes small particles and fruit extracts. Combination epidermis prefers goods with green tea, algae and other plant components. Oats are good for sensitive skin.
  • Moisturizer. It is advisable to have two moisturizers: for day and night. The first one is lighter and the second is heavier. If you have dry derma look up for creams with thick structure. Breakout could be defeated with oil-free essences.
  • Primer. For normal type you can choose different products that will prolong your makeup – try some articles with SPF. For oily you will obviously need a mattifying item that will reduce shiny effects.

How to create the perfect skin tone

How to do simple makeup step by step? Start with the color! Retouching is a complicated process which requires at least four components: facial concealer, foundation, bronzers, blush and a highlighter. One should remember about color harmony. Watch some videos on that topic to find out more.

Take a look on some advises about choosing the right variant according to you skin type:

  1. Concealer. Liquid wares are best for normal, combination and sensitive derma – they are versatile because of the buildable coverage. For dry buy a stick concealer which has semi-solid or thick and creamy texture. Consider using creamy substances which are good for any epidermis kind. The application technique is pretty simple – apply it after moisturizer and primer.
  2. Foundation. If you face is prone to breakouts use a substance that is lightweight with salicylic acid – such formulas can prevent negative effects. Sensitive derm requires hypoallergenic and fragrance free goods that are designed for this skin type only. Dry epidermis needs moisturizing liquids. A normal derma can stand regular lightweight alternative.
  3. Bronzer. Choosing this one can take a bit of experimenting to find out which you prefer. For normal, oily and combination buy powder bronzers. For dry epidermis one should apply creamy or fluid alternatives. Oily and prone to breakout derm will need gels or liquid wares.
  4. Blush is needed for making you face fresh and recognizable. 
  5. Don’t forget a highlighter that will stress some features of your perfect skin tone.

Adding you eye makeup

Creating eye makeup is essential for creating an image. Some may say that a reflection of a soul does not need decoration. But professionals will strongly disagree because natural beauty could be improved dramatically with base, shadows, liners, mascara, pencils and gels. Let’s describe the basic principles of choosing the right product.

  1. Base. It goes before shadows and enhances the color by making it more vibrant. It is advisable to have at least 4 different colors that will change image structure.
  2. Shadows. They are chosen according to three methods – eye color, skin tone and hair color. It is a difficult process which requires palette knowledge.
  3. Eyeliner. There are three main types – gel, liquid and pencil. Gel is unaccustomed but it allows creating great cat eyes. Use liquid substance to draw perfectly thin and subtle lines. And pencil is conventional and handy instrument.
  4. Mascara. It is chosen according to lashes type. Long lashes need curling formula. Short and stumpy requires skinny wands. For straight apply a curler.
  5. Eyebrows pencil. A professional chooses this instrument in correlation with hair color. Red, brown, blonde and black is the main type. Try matching the colors.
  6. Eyebrow gel. The main task is to get the right color. Your brows should look natural without any applications.

Never buy products without trying it as a sample. It will solve so many problems.

The best order to apply lip makeup

You will need to apply basic instruments in the correct order – at first you use liner and only then lipstick.

While choosing a lip liner you should take into consideration its type. Pencil exemplars are ideal for drawing a thin precise line. Select a twist-up type to get a dark and thick contour. Crayon products are popular for its easy application. Then you will have to pick up a color. Bluish jewelry looks great with blue or purple undertones. Orange and red applied for skin with warm undertones. If you have neutral skin tone, experiment with different colors.

Professionals try taking products that match skin tone, outfit and occasion. After you have determined your tone try an alternative that is two shades deeper than you natural lip color. Then it is advisable to decide whether you want your lips to look smaller or larger. Pick an undertone and complexion. Experiment with shades and colors and never stop creating your own image.

Setting spray and powder

A setting product is a foundation for any makeup type. Setting powders functions as an absorber for oil and moisture from derma and other cosmetics you use on a daily basis. Epidermis produces natural liquids that could ruin the image. Do not confuse this product with finishing powder as it has different purposes.

Setting spray creates matte or dewy finish type. It helps to strengthen make up structure. In other words you will remain beautiful for longer periods. Sprays are applied for highlight amplification or drawing a shadow damp. You just fuse both products to achieve certain results.

If you want to extend the life span of your makeup you can buy spray or powder. It is not a question of effectiveness – they both serve the same purpose. Get only high quality goods that will last longer. You skin type should be taken into consideration as well. Be careful with the perfumes and colorants as they affect you face skin in a negative way.

Makeup correction tips

There is a professional technique that is called corrective makeup. It is based on dark and light shades usage allowing creating better balance and proportions. You will be able to make top lip fuller or smaller or balancing unequal eyebrows.

This technique is simple and effective:

  1. Use a highlighter to make an emphasis on a certain feature;
  2. Apply shadows to minimize a mistake making it less noticeable;
  3. Makeup adepts always blend to transform colors into corrected areas

Your kit should contain pencils with dark, medium and light core. Do not forget about foundations and concealers. Translucent powders always come in handy. Exploit sponges, brushes, applicators and tweezers. Professionals always get spare mascara wands for greater effect. Always evaluate face types. For narrow faces it is better to use light foundations. Wide jaws require dark foundations but receding chins look good with lighter coloring. Visit special courses to become a professional and learn more useful tips.

How to remove your makeup at the end of the day

Professionals advise getting a micellar water or cleansing oil to achieve good results. These substances function really well. Do not skip the edges of your eyelids because this zone is often neglected. If you leave mascara leftovers for too long it can cause irritation.

Push you hairs back and clean a hairline to avoid stripes of makeup. Do it even if you are tired and want to sleep. Otherwise it will lead to clogged pores. Flat cotton pads are better than balls because it would not leave fibers on your face. When the procedure is over follow up with a moisturizer. It is essential even if you have normal skin.

The seven-step Korean facial cleansing system is of great interest. For maximum cleanliness, pay attention to hydrophilic oils and special brushes for cleaning the face.

Do you want to become a professional in makeup sphere?

You have just got acquainted with basic makeup tutorial for beginners. What next? You can’t stay on this level forever. It is strongly advisable attending special courses. The main reason of becoming a better specialist is acquiring additional income.

The second reason – you will be able to take care of your skin which is more important. Such skills will always come in handy. Become a professional and dazzle you friends with creative and efficient techniques!