How to become a personal shopper: shopping experience from a wardrobe stylist

Such a profession as an assistant in choosing a wardrobe is gaining special popularity today. I will consider the features of the profession, how to become a fashion specialist and what skills you need to pump to become a star stylist.

Garry Williams

What is a personal shopper

A personal shopper is a person who combines several professions at once: an image maker, psychologist and consultant. His work is not just running around clothes shops, but a real art. The tasks of this person include escorting the shopper to various fashion boutiques, choosing clothes, in accordance with the style that his client wishes. This consultant should be aware of all the latest fashionable novelties so that his client is fully consistent with the trends of a given season.

This profession takes its roots in Hollywood. Where there are several world cinema stars per square meter, this specialty is in great demand. After all, film actors are too busy people to spend their precious time on choosing one or another outfit.

But in general, a personal clothes shopper is a rather young profession. It is only a few years old. And therefore, the services of such specialists are used only by wealthy residents of the country.

What is online personal shopper

Today, the network operates simply an amazing number of different online stores. The vast majority of them specialize in selling fashion items. But often it’s difficult for customers to decide on the style, and, especially, on the size, not having the opportunity to see and feel the thing. This repels people from shopping on a worldwide network.

But in order to simplify the choice for their customers, online stores hire special workers who are thoroughly familiar with the assortment of a particular brand. It is enough for the buyer to voice his parameters and preferences, and the consultant will offer him suitable options within a few minutes. Mostly such a service is provided free of charge. But there are branded stores where the cost of consultation will be included in the final cost of clothing.

What is personal shopper service

In order to make it easier for customers to find shoppers, and for shoppers, on the contrary, customers, in every big city there are special services that search for both. There are special sites on which such specialists post their profiles. And, having arrived in a particular city for shopping, you can easily find a personal fashion stylist from your own preferences. 

In addition, more recently, large shopping centers began to organize special services for the selection of personal shoppers. It is enough to call such a service, voice your preferences and coordinate the place and time of the meeting.

What does a personal shopper do

A personal clothing consultant works in three ways:

  1. Joint shopping trips. A shopper meets with a client in a shopping center, after learning about his preferences, shows him clothes that, in his opinion, are ideal for a person. Options for joint trips to the world’s fashionable capitals are also possible. But in this case, the consultant should be fluent in English.
  2. Self-selection and home delivery. This service is used by very rich and busy people who cannot waste their time.
  3. Work in a boutique. Fashion brands often hire professional stylists to their store to help boutique customers create their own sophisticated style.

How do fashion stylist get clothes

As already mentioned above, fashion stylists can independently choose clothes without the presence of a client. To do this, they need to know thoroughly not only your preferences, but also the features of the figure. Therefore, on the eve of a shopping trip, the specialist meets with the customer. He carefully studies, him or her, measures the parameters and writes down all the wishes. Only after that he goes to fashion boutiques.

How much does a personal shopper cost

A personal clothing consultant is a new service, so its cost does not start from a few hundred dollars per hour. This price can be many times higher, since everything will depend on the individual needs of a particular client.

How to become a personal shopper

In order to become a personal consultant on choosing a wardrobe, it is not enough to constantly follow the latest innovations in world fashion and have a great personal shopping experience.The main thing in this profession is creative thinking, as well as the skills of a psychologist. Without this, you can never pick up the unique style for a person.

The profession of shoppers is only gaining popularity. But now well-known untwisted shoppers earn very good money. To teach this profession, you can use special courses.

How to start a personal shopper business

A business that involves consulting in the field of clothing purchases can be started in two different ways:

  1. Be directly a personal wardrobe stylist shopper. To do this, you must have an exceptional sense of style, as well as a good understanding of the preferences of a client. In addition, you must have a positive reputation. It will help you to be in demand in this area. Also, in order to find out about you, you need to conduct a competent PR campaign. It’s best for you to be advertised by successful bloggers with thousands of followers.
  2. Create your own online service for the selection of individual shoppers. In this case, you will receive your percentage of the consultant’s earnings or the fee from the people who need them.

How to be a good personal shopper

You can start your career with a regular blog where you will share your ideas on how to be a personal stylist. So far, for free. But when your audience becomes large, you will be able to offer your services as a shopper on a paid basis.

After all, the main thing for a successful career of a shopper is a good reputation and fame.

To create an expert reputation, you cannot do without professional training. I recommend styling courses for beginners. Find out what skills you will practice in the classroom, whether they will give you a diploma upon graduation, and whether specialists with experience will teach you.