How to choose a mens short hairstyles for face shape

Properly selected hairstyle adorns the natural charm of a man. For the right choice of haircuts, it is necessary to analyze the shape of the face, hair structure and occupation of a person. Here I will tell you the secrets of impeccable taste in hairdressing art.

Anthony McKenzie, hairstylist with 5 years of experience

The styling should be selected consistent with the form of your face and lifestyle. When choosing a specific hairstyle it’s important to think about the most points:

  • short hair is simpler to require care of during a systematic way;
  • medium hair offers the widest possible space for interesting ideas, but requires more attention than short hair;
  • for lengths longer than average, you’ll need careful care and styling a day .

What is considered short hair for men?

There are 4 categories of men’s haircut lengths: almost shaved, short, medium and long. Here are the actual length ranges:

  • Almost shaved : up to 0.125 inches
  • Short : 0.125 inch to 2 inch
  • Medium length : from 2 inches to 6 inches
  • Long : over 6 inches

Almost shaved length goes from freshly shaved to 0.125 inches. This length is the most convenient length for sports, as there is no need for hair styling or care, and you can also give yourself this length by cutting your hair with a hair clipper. 

The short length category covers from 0.125 inches to 2 inches in length. Short lengths are still convenient for men to do sports. Hair can be styled as soon as it reaches the 0.5 inch length mark. 

What do the short mens haircuts numbers mean?

Cut numbers ask the length of hair which will remain after cutting. So if you’re in another city or visiting a replacement salon , then just knowing your haircut number you’ll get the length of your hair you would like . Here are the haircut numbers and their respective lengths of clipper guard:

  1. — one eighth inch
  2. — one quarter inch
  3. — 3 eighths of an inch
  4. — pole number
  5. — 5 eighths of an inch
  6. — 3 quarters of an inch
  7. -seven-eighths of an inch.
  8. is one inch.

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What is a gentleman's cut?

The Side part is a classic English haircut loved by many Hollywood actors, famous football players and those who prefer to look their best. Its name comes from its shape: the long part of the hair is combed on one side, which gives it a special charm.

The main features:

  • Short-cut whisky and back of the head;
  • side parting;
  • long strands at the top, arranged side by side.

Cutting the side part has many advantages, for example:

  • Fits any hair — it can be done on straight or curly hair;
  • volumetric in itself — due to the long strands arranged on one side;
  • fits almost any type of face, fits most styles of clothing;
  • does not require complicated styling;
  • can be worn at any age;
  • does not interfere with active life, for which it is so loved by athletes.

How do you style a gentleman's haircut?

Install the longest attachment and start cutting from the temples using the apparatus, moving gently from the area around your ears upwards.

Cutting hair below the temporal area requires a slightly shorter nozzle. A trimmer is not needed for the parietal area and side areas. These areas are cut with scissors.

Make sure the transition from short hair to long hair is smooth. Arm the trimmer again — it’s time for the test line. All you have to do is finish your haircut with the design of your haircut: its length will vary according to your wishes. 

Visit the salon at least once every three to four weeks to ensure that the side piece still looks flawless.

Which is the best man hairstyle for face shape?

The first thing to try is to determine the shape of your face. Go to the mirror, stab your hair if you have bangs, and define your shape: round, oval, square, heart-shaped, triangular or diamond-shaped. Next, let’s take apart each facial shape separately.

Hairstyles for Triangle Face Shape

The shape is wider in the frontal area, narrowing in the eye area. This is followed by a sharpened or slightly rounded chin. It’s like a heart-shaped texture. Its lines are much smoother, its cheeks are clearer, its chin is more rounded. Common between these two types is the «heart» of the curl line vegetation. But it may not exist.

The silk will look great, the hair on the side will look great too. Also short hair on the sides may be acceptable for this face shape. For the triangular face type, cuts like this are suitable:

  • Undercut, aka British.
  • With bangs combed back. A Canadian haircut.
  • Quiff haircut.
  • Haircuts with bangs and haircut on the right or left side.

Hairstyles for Round Face Shape

If the size of a face and cheekbones, forehead and chin are approximately equal, and the jaw line is not expressed brightly, it means that the face has the form of a circle.

The main feature of the type is equal length and width of the form, such features are quite nice, soft, but they lack clarity, sharpness, masculinity.

It is necessary to add an image of determination, brutality, pulling the chin visually. This can be helped by a beard, mustache, bristles and proper hairstyle.

It is very important to choose the right length, here you should pay attention to some rules:

  • avoid all hairstyles that are too short, especially if the hairstyle is far from athletic;
  • elongated versions are acceptable if the man is slim;
  • average length is the best choice.

There are a number of current hairstyles that are well suited to the face like a circle.

Bob. Goes round-faced men with straight strands of thick type. The volume in the area of the occiput, the extension at the temples visually pull out the shape. It is possible to supplement a hairstyle with a diagonal bangs, but it is necessary to refuse a straight line, it even more rounds a silhouette. 

Cascade. The perfect choice for those who can’t boast of thick strands. The multilevel haircut gives volume, stairs stretch out the face visually, smoothing out the protruding cheeks. Cascade hairstyles are not only suitable for owners of long strands. A huge plus is that you can arrange the strands in different ways — chaotically, casually or strictly, concisely. The structure of the strands in this case does not matter much. It’s a great choice for wavy hair.

Hairstyles for Oval Face Shape

The oval shape of the face is considered ideal. Short classic cuts are suitable for this type of face: short on the sides and a little longer on the top or just one line of hair removed. The challenge is to move the hair backwards, not on the forehead, to avoid rounding your face. Creating angles and volume on the top can sharpen your face a bit. I would even add that the male bundle looks great with an oval face. Also with long hair, at least in theory.

For an oval face type, haircuts like this are good:

  • Undercut, aka British.
  • With bangs combed back if the hair is long. A Canadian haircut.
  • Haircuts with bangs.
  • Haircuts are «Box» or «Half-Box.»

Hairstyles for Square Face Shape

Such men look brutal because of their heavy chin and outstanding cheekbones, so they need to choose their hair carefully. Square face is suitable for such cuts as:

  • Classic, from fashion 50x-60x.
  • Smoothly brushed back hairstyle, ideal for all occasions (both office and party).
  • Disorderly, ruffled hairstyle (great for curly hair).
  • Short haircut, aka Hedgehog.

Hairstyles for Long Face Shape

This type is characterized by the following features: long nose; wide forehead; narrow recessed cheekbones; slightly elongated rounded chin. The ratio of length to width of the face with coefficient more than 1.5 indicates the owner of the elongated shape. The width of the forehead, cheekbones and chin will be approximately the same.

Here are the basic rules for creating a style for this face shape:

  • It is desirable to give preference to multi-layered haircut.
  • Also relevant will be those that have the form of a trapeze.
  • Keep enough hair in the temple area.
  • Give volume to your hair. If it’s not curly or wavy by nature, lift it up with styling tools at the roots.
  • Moustache and beard will also help to visually balance the face.

Hairstyles for Diamond Face Shape

You have wide cheekbones and a narrow chin?  A good option — graduations on the top and step cuts — they will add volume, at least a little «correcting» the shape of the head to the desired square. You don’t have to cut your hair very much on the sides. Also, long straight hair is not your option. But if they are curly, it’s even a plus, wavy curls will soften the features.

Try combing your hair on the side and also add a little shaving if you want to give volume to the face in the chin area.

How to choose a hairstyle based on the structure of your hair

Hair structure is as important a criterion for choosing a hairstyle as facial shape. Wavy, straight, thin or oily, each feature can be a real fiasco for a successful face shape. Poorly chosen shape will require an extra cost on care products, a lot of time and perhaps another visit to the hairdresser. In order not to make a mistake with the choice of a haircut must take into account the features:

  • The wavy strands look spectacular in many hairstyles, but at a considerable length will require additional care in the form of conditioners and other cosmetic products.
  • Cutting options with long hair is best avoided for those with a straight oily structure. The best choice for these strands is sports short haircuts such as the Hedgehog.
  • For curly hair, a slight clutter will be a stylish addition.
  • Curly strands visually make the face more voluminous, so for owners of round face shape, hair should be straightened or reduce their curlyness.
  • For volumetric hair, you can experiment with cascades and different cutting shapes.

Very curly

Curly hair has one feature: it keeps its shape very well. Of course, when choosing a haircut it is necessary to take into account the shape of the face and type of hair, as it will depend on how the curls will lie, and in the hairstyle is important correct geometry. What form you ask, such it will be in the growth of hair, and still can experiment with length. The basic taboo for curly hair:

  1. Do not fillete, as it will add extra fluffiness to your hair and make it naughty in styling;
  2. Avoid the average length if you have thick and hard hair: In this case, it is likely that instead of a beautiful hairstyle you will have a dandelion effect.

The haircuts that will look spectacular on such hair include: cascade, Briton, square and Canadian.

Medium wave

The following haircuts are suitable for curly hair of medium waviness:

  • cascade;
  • classic bob with smooth contours;
  • graduated bob with stacked strands on the parting;
  • double bob with leaving long strands on the back of the head, the formation of a second, more shortened haircut level;
  • layered hairstyle to give the texture of curly hair a natural beauty.

Hard and straight

Among the successful solutions for hard hair is the «undercut», which allows you to direct the strands at the top and back of the head. Not bad suited for owners of such a mop of a man’s bundle in all its variations, from top notes to man bun.

Be sure to use styling products! Gel, mousse or special foam will keep your haircut in perfect shape throughout the day.

Soft and straight

Beautiful and neat whiskeys and contours are signs by which you can accurately determine whether a person cares for a hairstyle. For owners of soft hair, haircuts do not look well with a sharp transition from long strands to shorter ones. Long haircuts with hypertrophically smooth edges should also be avoided. Not the best choice for soft and straight hair — the average length in combination with straight strands.

Very rare

With rare hair, you can make very attractive images. For example, the office style that is popular today, the main attribute of which is a combed side. In addition, in this case, boxing, semi-boxing are just as perfect.

How to combine a haircut with glasses

A haircut for men is an important part of the image. Sometimes it can radically change the appearance and emphasize facial features. The same goes for glasses.

With a short haircut, it is better to avoid narrow rectangular frames, so as not to look too strict. Guys with short or styled hair should pay attention to round and square patterns.

Owners of curly or voluminous hair can choose any shape. However, do not buy too large or massive frames that will hide your face.

Facial hair combined with a new haircut

So, the first thing to consider when choosing a beard is the length of hair on the head. The shorter they are, the longer the beard should be. If you own a long haircut, then a long beard will make you look like a Neanderthal.

Second, the beard must fit the shape of the face. So you can hide the bumps on your face.

There are several options from which you can build on your own unique style. So, today it’s very fashionable to be bald and wear a long beard. This style is suitable for men of all ages. Just as it is not strange, stylists often recommend that owners of long hair grow a lush beard. The only condition for this style is that hair should always be bundled.

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