Best haircuts for curly hair

Many curly people live with the hope that somewhere in the world there is a secret hairstyle for curly hair. It is this hairstyle that supposedly allows curls to keep in shape, not to get out and look perfect. Here I will share the secrets of choosing a haircut.

Anthony McKenzie, hairdresser - stylist with 8 years of experience

Is there a certain way to cut curly hair?

The structure of straight and curly hair differs significantly.  Curls are characterized by an oval section of hairs and a curved shape of the hair follicle. Such bulbs allow hairs to grow in different directions and produce less fat, which is not enough for the entire length. Because curly hair is usually dry and has split ends.

When cutting, you need to consider that wavy hair contains a lot of unclosed scales, making its structure loose. The longer the curls are, the weaker and more vulnerable they are. The tips must be trimmed regularly. If they are very split, you can use hot scissors. This will help, as it were, to seal the tips, which will stop their delamination.

The process of cutting on curly curls is complicated, because curls are incredibly difficult to align and hold in position. For them, strands of the same length are not advisable. Before cutting, you need to prepare the hair, to get your curls electrified with oils. When cutting strands, it is good to do thinning and graduation.

How often should curly hair be cut?

Many people think that frequent hair cutting will make them thicker. In fact, there is no correlation between cutting hair and their density. The amount of hair on the head, as well as their structure and color, are transmitted to the person by inheritance.

Hair grows from the root: the faster the cells that are located in the follicle divide, the faster the hair grows. The follicle is a kind of pouch in which the hair root is located.

On average, short hair grows by about 1.5-2 cm per month. This length is enough to «spoil» the appearance of the hairstyle. Therefore, lovers of short haircuts use the services of a hairdresser at least once every two months. This allows them to always look beautiful.

With fonds of short haircuts, everything is clear, they are already cut quite often. And how often do women with long hair or those who want to grow hair need to cut their hair?

The first enemy of long hair is split ends. No tools other than barber scissors will save you from them. Make nourishing hair masks regularly to prevent hair splitting at the ends. 

Masks against splitting tips have a curative, regenerating effect, as they contain ingredients known for their beneficial properties. As a result of constant care for splitting hair with the help of these masks: 

  • the curls are moisturized and dry, they receive sufficient oxygen and important elements and substances to help them to restore the broken, damaged structure; 
  • peeled scales of each hair as if «glued», and further separation of healed curls does not occur. 

The efficacy of the split ends masks becomes apparent after the first home treatment to revive the hair. However, if these products are not used regularly, the problem will return. This is the main condition that ensures the effectiveness of the masks.  

Unfortunately, the longer the hair, the greater the likelihood of split ends. In this case, regular hair cutting is simply necessary for you. If you decide to grow hair, this does not mean at all that you do not need to go to the hairdresser. On the contrary, contact him at least once every three months. The hairdresser will shorten the length of your hair by literally half a centimeter. This will not affect the length of the hair, but will bring great benefits to their health.

Is it better to cut curly hair wet or dry?

There are two ways to cut curly hair:

Dry haircut

This method is rarely used, as stylists say — you get a hairstyle right away. Hair should be washed with an air conditioner, to give them softness and obedience, then dry and immediately cut.

The process of changing the style is cutting curls one or two, and therefore this procedure takes enough time and effort. The result is a neat haircut with the end result.

Haircut for wet hair

For an independent haircut, it is necessary to stock up with sharp hairdressing scissors, hairpins, clips in order to effectively divide the entire volume of hair into small locks.

Pre-wash your hair and comb with a comb with wide teeth, carefully untangling each strand. After collecting all the curls in the tail. Lower the elastic by 3-5 cm down and cut the hairs directly under the elastic.

At the second stage, tie a high ponytail on the crown and carry out similar actions, cutting about 5 cm from the ends of the strands. Now it remains only to dissolve and comb the curls.

Should curly hair be cut in layers?

The haircuts that look so cool on straight hair do not work with curls. There really is a secret, and it is in the technique of haircuts. Curly hair is cut in layers — but this is not a thinning, it is the cutting technique. The hairdresser pulls the strand and cuts the hair arbitrarily. The task is to lighten the curl so that it holds the curl longer.

Curly hair does not wet and does not comb during a haircut, because the master can not predict how the spirals will behave after that. For curly hair, the best option for a hairstyle is a well-groomed naturalness. Therefore, the task of the hairdresser is to catch the shape of your hair and only slightly trim it to the desired length.

Is curly hair better long or short?

Whatever hairstyle you choose, in any case it is necessary to maintain it in good shape: long hair must be cut off periodically every two months from split ends, short hair is also cut to give it shape.

It is also necessary to nourish them with a mask so that they are soft, shiny. Be sure to do the styling, otherwise they will stick out in different directions. 

There are several ways to keep your styling in the same 3-4 days that you will not wash your head. Try to protect the curls while you sleep so that they don’t flatten. The easiest way is to buy a satin or silk pillowcase. Try it and you’ll be surprised at the effect!

If you have long hair, you can use the pineapple technique before you go to sleep: collect the hair into a soft ponytail on the subject. You can also weave braids or buy a special protective cap.

In the morning, take any silicone-free conditioner, dilute it with water and pour it into the sprayer. You can also just wet your hair a little — so you will get rid of down in those days when you do not wash your hair.

Of course, it’s harder to look after long ones, it takes a long time to dry, comb, do all kinds of styling, or you need more time to come up with a new hairstyle.

Shorter haircuts are easier: styling takes less time. But it is not necessary to immediately cut the curls. First you need to think carefully. After all, you can cut off in just 20 minutes, and it will take several years to wait until the hair grows. For a month they grow by 1-1.5 cm. Still need to cut split ends. So for a start think carefully before you say goodbye to your long curls.

What haircut should i get for curly hair

Choosing a female haircut for curly hair is not an easy task. In order for the appearance of the lady to be harmonious and neat, you must adhere to certain rules and requirements.

For long curly hair

Hairstyles for long curly hair — this is the easiest version of hairstyles for curly curls. Most women stop at such haircuts, although they are not so easy to care for because of the constantly confused strands. The following variations of long curly hairstyles are distinguished: cascade, Defined and Voluminous, Midlength with Major Texture, Long Boho Curls.

The cascade is in the favorites of long haircuts. The length of the hair depends on the elasticity of the curls. For small and thick curls it is better to choose a different hairstyle, otherwise it will turn out a very fluffy haircut for curly hair.

For middle curly hair

According to popularity, a haircut for curly hair of medium length is next to hairstyles for long hair. The choice of haircuts is quite large: bob, cascade, Curly Shag and options with bangs.

  • Rack or bean. The length of the hair in these haircuts is done below the chin or brought to the shoulders. On a curly hair look good bob-rack, square with a straight or asymmetric cut;
  • A medium-length cascade may be one of the most suitable options for creating a hairline that does not require styling on curly hair;
  • In a Curly Shag hairstyle, hair is cut mainly at the face, on the crown and sides, while the back of the head is not subjected to heavy processing and remains longer. A hat appears on his head.

For short curly hair

Short haircuts for curly hair are made infrequently due to the fact that they require increased care and the hands of an experienced master. Meanwhile, for celebrities and show business people, short curly hairstyles are not uncommon. The following popular variations are distinguished: garson (pixy), afro-style, bob and shaggy.

  • Garson or pixie in combination with curly curls make a woman’s look very interesting and flirty;
  • Afro style. Such a haircut is done on very elastic and small curls. The principle of clipping is based on the desire to give proportional and harmonious outlines to the head and appearance;
  • Bob — a popular and beautiful haircut for wavy hair. It is very often used by hairdressers to give naughty short curls of grooming;
  • Shaggy — this is not the first season a fashionable haircut for curly hair shaggy is in high demand among young girls.

Basic haircuts for curly hair

Regardless of the approach to cutting curly hair, the master must cut so that the client can wear a haircut without daily painful styling. Proper care for curly curly hair, as well as hair after perming, will help emphasize the beauty of the curl and maintain healthy hair.

On dry, previously laid with a diffuser hair

It is this nozzle that allows you to achieve those “beach curls”, as well as to make a natural root volume and just very quickly rid your hair of excess moisture. But to get an effective result, you need to choose the right device:

The large diameter is aimed at owners of short haircuts, since it allows you to immediately capture a vast area and thereby reduce the likelihood of the formation of “borders” between the treated areas.

Short cloves allow you to neatly lay finely curly curls, and are also good for owners of medium-long hair, because they do not tangles when wrapping and at the same time get well to the roots, allowing you to lift this zone.

Specialists recommend using long teeth for the effect of “beach curls” on long hair.

If the teeth are hollow inside, they better create a basal volume due to the air circulating through them and heating. In addition, drying the hair dryer with such a nozzle will be much better and faster.

On dry, brass-elongated hair

On dry, stretched brush hair, a haircut is performed if the client will wear not only curls, but also straightened hair. In this case, after the main work — creating the form, we work out the structure already on dry, elongated hair.

On dry hair, stretched out by “ironing”

In rare cases, when we work with very thin and rare hair with a small degree of curl, it makes sense to use the “ironing”. It makes no sense and total stretching with an “iron” with a strong degree of curl, because during this procedure, individual hair habits are lost. Pulling should not be violent, because you should be able to slightly adjust the haircut, feeling the movement of the hair.

Ouidad Cut

This method consists of selectively cutting out poorly formed curls, and additionally styling strands with finer hair structures to achieve a perfect curl style.  This technique is patented and widely known in the USA.

Diametrix Cutting Technique

To cut the curls, you need to divide a copy of your hair into 12 strands. Each strand is blocked to avoid spillage. The next step is to use diagonal cuts of the strands to facilitate the hairstyle while maintaining the root volume. In the final step, the strands are formed so that the owner of the cut makes minimum effort to style every day.

The Tunnel Cut

This technique is very similar to the previous one. Here, the strands are also cut in the densest areas of the hair and the elastic curls are formed. The result is a reduced volume due to a more structured curl structure. The strands bounce off with time, which significantly reduces the daily routine of styling hair. Hair that grows back over time is gently distributed over the formed curls, and even after 4 months, the hair will still be well designed.

The “Rezo Cut” technique

This method focuses on an even length of hair, both when straightened and in natural form. To do this, the extra basal volume is removed, with the help of a diffuser curls are formed when laying every day.

DevaCurl Cut

DevaCurl teaches the Deva Cut technique, which is based on a dry haircut and emphasizes the “S” shape of curls.

 Wavy hair can be cut dry or wet. Proponents of dry haircuts are based on the fact that curls dry out completely differently than straightened wet hair.

Procedure for cutting curly hair

To make naughty coils look attractive, it is important to carefully follow the rules for caring for curls, and most importantly, choose the right haircut. For curly curls, it is important to choose the length of the haircut so that the curls look cheerfully, and not sloppy.

Rules for cutting wavy hair:

  • Owners of hard elastic curls need to choose a length below average to avoid shagging of hair;
  • For medium-hard hair — below the shoulders, which will emphasize the grace of their owner;
  • For thin hair, it is best to choose short three-dimensional forms — a bob or page haircut, but it is unlikely to achieve harmony with the caret.

It is important to create such a hairstyle that when styling to minimize the amount of styling tools used. Also, the girl will want to align the locks, and therefore you need to take into account this option in order to avoid possible shortcomings in the formation of hairstyles.

Another important rule is a well-chosen form. Asymmetrical lines or a non-standard haircut option can create a lot of trouble during styling, thus injuring the core part of the hair.

It all depends on the user’s personal preferences, the structure of the strands, the relationship of the hairstyle with the image and wardrobe of its owner, age category.

Curly hair types and styling after haircuts

Among the whole variety of haircuts for curly hair, only a few do not need additional styling. At the same time, stylists offer owners of curls quite a variety of styling and styling options for their hairstyles.

Naturalness. Wet hair is dried using a foam. Hair styling can be done naturally when the hair dries on its own, or with a hairdryer. In both cases, the hair is slightly lifted from the roots, and the curls with your hands form the right size, laying them neatly in the hairstyle.

Straightening. Straighten curly locks with a hairdryer and a round comb. In this case, you can smooth out part of the hair, front curls, bangs or the entire head of hair, making it straight and magnificent. Light waves are also created after the gradual straightening of the strands.

Accessories. Curls look great with various accessories: light rims and hair clips. Mostly such jewelry is used in the hairstyle for a special occasion or, if desired, to enhance the effect of romance and femininity.

Weaving and bunches. Most characteristic for medium and long haircuts. Curls can be woven into a braid with carelessly broken curls, a combination of a braid and a curly tail, or a bundle with a voluminous crown.