How to do a facial massage for beginners

Facial massage is both a useful and enjoyable treatment that improves skin quality. If desired, it can be done by everyone, it only takes a little time and effort. Here I will talk about the intricacies of massage techniques and additional tools.

Vanessa Barnes

What is the use of facial massage, what effect does it have

To prevent age-related skin changes and eliminate some cosmetic defects, make cosmetic massage. On the face there are biologically active points responsible for the work of internal organs. Facial massage activates receptors, as a result of which nerve impulses are transmitted to the brain. During the session, stimulation of the sebaceous glands occurs, there is an effect on the nerves, lymph, vascular system and subcutaneous tissue. Cosmetic massage favorably affects the full functioning of the whole organism. As a rule, they massage the face, neck and neckline.

Facial massage at the beautician is useful because it:

  • helps to activate metabolic processes;
  • allows you to significantly improve blood circulation;
  • removes waste products from tissues;
  • enables the skin to breathe;
  • supports the facial muscles in good shape.

Thanks to the factors described above, the general well-being and appearance of a person improves markedly, the mood rises.

Can we do face massage everyday?

Professional facial massage is performed in the courses. Usually one course includes at least ten sessions. As a rule, massage is done twice a week. It is desirable that this happens on the same days of the week and at the same time.

At least two courses are required per year. Then the effect of the procedure will be as long as possible.

It is worth noting that the results obtained from the massage procedure are noticeable literally immediately after it. So, the skin color changes, there is a feeling of a certain tone.

You should start to visit a cosmetologist regularly to massage your face at the age of 27. It is at this age that signs of premature aging appear.

Make sure to prep your skin first

Before you will know how to do a self facial massage at home, you need to make a number of preparatory measures. First, you need to clean your skin from makeup. To do this, you should use natural cotton pads and special tools for removing makeup, which are produced in the form of a foam or gel-like liquid. In addition, experts recommend using household soap. With its help, you will also be able to clean the skin of the neck and decollete area. These parts are also necessary for massage. Well, if you want to achieve the maximum effect, you need to steam the faces. To do this, you need to make a water bath. Work with integuments is carried out by carrying out banal washing, exfoliating, removing makeup, applying cream.

You can incorporate massage into the skincare steps you're already doing

Massage is only a small part of the procedures that need to be performed so that your self facial skin always looks healthy and shines with youth. First of all, these are correctly selected creams. After all, incorrectly selected cosmetics that do not match your skin type can have a negative impact on the epidermis. In addition, at an older age, it is necessary to perform more complex procedures using different types of serums and rinses.

Basic Massage Techniques for a glowing face at home

The procedure should be carried out strictly along the massage lines, used as the working surface of the fingertips on the hands so that the movements are soft and gentle. It is allowed to apply rubbing, stroking the back of the hand. But this must be done smoothly and accurately. Any procedure must be started and finished with a light stroking. Basic tricks:

  • stroking;
  • trituration;
  • tapping;
  • plucking;
  • kneading.

Times to Avoid Massage

You don’t have to rush into facial massage if you have some skin damage. Whether it be wounds, skin diseases (such as herpes, pustular rashes), acute inflammation of the facial nerve, very close proximity of blood vessels, their expansion. In this case, massage can not so much help, but seriously harm, so be very careful about the condition of your skin before the procedure.

Massage areas

The main purpose of the massage areas is to ensure minimal stretching of the integument. Observing the technique of movements during any treatment procedure, it will be possible to limit the negative impact.

The effect on the skin, taking into account massage zones, will allow:

  • maintain clarity of contours, tighten the oval;
  • achieve expressive features, the formation of the correct proportions;
  • improve color, skin texture;
  • eliminate puffiness, congestion, sagging;
  • get rid of age-related changes, prevent the appearance of wrinkles, sagging.

It is useful to strictly follow massage zones, performing various effects on the skin. It is especially important to strictly follow the procedure, performing a massage to tighten the skin.

Lymph area

Massaging of the lymph nodes can damage their ducts, lymphocytes will enter surrounding tissues and start attacking healthy cells, which will cause organ dysfunction.

Another reason why lymph nodes cannot be massaged is the increased load on other areas of the lymphatic system. 

To minimize the risk of complications, it is possible to abandon home massage in favor of cleansing the skin with the help of special brushes that distillation of intercellular fluid to lymph nodes on the neck.

The corners of mouth

For a greater effect, in order to relax spasmodic muscles, increase the tone of relaxed muscles and improve blood circulation in them, it is necessary to make a steam bath for the face or apply a hot compress for 10 minutes. 5 minutes before the massage, apply a moisturizer or vegetable oil.

Pillows of the thumbs, set perpendicular to the skin slightly above the corners of the lips, carry out painless pressure (acupressure) for 3 to 7 seconds. You can also massage in circular motions from the side surfaces of the mouth down to the lower jaw (7 times).

Another massage exercise is to hold the tissues near the middle of the chin for 3 seconds with the middle and ring fingers of both hands with light pressure, after which, without easing the pressure, slowly move the fingers around the lips and connect them in the center of the upper lip (7-10 times). A surface warm-up is carried out, which consists in lightly closing the lips and during a short exhalation opening them, as when pronouncing the sound “p” (up to 5-10 times).


This cosmetic procedure will remove the keratinized layers of the epidermis, which will make subsequent manipulations to maintain youth and beauty more effective.

It is strictly not recommended to press on the skin, stretch it, carry out any other actions associated with severe deformation of the skin. The face should be as clean as possible from cosmetics. The considered “beauty procedure” will show the best result if a woman every day, 2-3 hours before bedtime, starting from 3-5 minutes (subsequently 15-20 minutes), carefully, with light movements “drive” the cream selected by a specialist into skin, paying particular attention to the frontal zone.

Bring your hands to the center of your forehead, palms inside, connect your fingertips. Simultaneously with index, middle and ring fingers press the skin, hold for three seconds, then with effort spend it to the temples, there turn the palms of the wrists to the center of the face and with effort lead the fingers to the ears, then on the side surface of the neck to the collarbone.

Cheek area

A similar technique allows you to get rid of not only the excess roundness of the face, but also reduce the second chin. First of all, buccal massage stimulates a rush of blood to the tissues, due to which the metabolism is accelerated and, accordingly, excess fat deposits begin to gradually burn, and stagnant fluid is also evacuated faster.

Against «bulldog cheeks» massage from the inside of the mouth can be carried out not only with the tongue, but also with the fingers. The technique is the same, but here you need to carefully monitor the cleanliness of the hands. You also need to carefully handle the gums, especially if you have long nails.

Use your left hand to support your lower jaw. Place the palm rib of your right hand vertically to the right of the nose, push, hold it for three seconds and move towards the edge of your face as if you were wiping sweat off the skin. Do the same thing by changing hands and the side of your face.

Frown line

Even too noticeable vertical lines at the base of the nose and eyebrows can be clarified. A prerequisite is their horizontal massage.

Place your fingers on the frown line, then gently smooth left, right, as if smoothing wrinkles. The duration of the action is 60 seconds.

Before completing the massage, return to all parts again. Carefully walk through all areas of the face, fixing the result. If you performed all the movements correctly, you should feel that the skin has become more elastic and youthful.

If the effect is not noticeable for the first time, continue to practice and hone your massage technique. For best results, repeat the procedure of massaging all areas of the face daily. Over time, this will become a habit, and will also become a mandatory ritual.

Eye area

The systematic use of massage will increase blood flow, increase the elasticity of the epidermis. Special exercises will remove excess fluid, remove swelling around the eyes. A regular procedure will give this effect:

  1. The color of the skin will improve.
  2. The wrinkles arising from fatigue will be smoothed out.
  3. The skin takes on a tone, freshness.

The middle finger cushions press to the outer corner of the eye and lead in an arch to the inner corner. From there, make the same move back to the edge of the eye socket. Then slide your fingers to the temples with the pressure, hold on and hold your fingers to the goat of the ear, go down the lymphatic lines of the neck to the collarbone.

Chin area

From the center of your chin, force your fingers to the corner of your lips, fix it for three seconds. Then — to the edges of the nostrils, fix, release, and finally — to the outer corners of the eyes. Complete the classic: to the goat of the ear, to the neck to the collarbone.

The effect of massage oil on the skin

As mentioned above, massage is a way to visually improve the condition of the skin. To do this, different techniques are used that have a certain effect on the epidermis. But in order for the effect to be as large as possible, it is necessary to use additional substances. These include oil.

As practice shows. Different oils have different effects. But cosmetologists do not stop there. And they make whole cocktails from oils, which allows you to get the maximum benefit from facial massage. And this benefit applies not only to the skin, but also to the nervous system and so on.

The most famous representatives of the category are grape seed oil, wheat germ oil, olive oil, apricot oil, castor oil, black caraway oil, coconut oil, argan oil, shea butter.

Your hands are enough, but there are also tools you can use to help

Portable facial massagers are becoming increasingly popular. And this is not surprising. They easily replace expensive cosmetic procedures in beauty salons, and with regular use are able to work real miracles.

Skincare Micro-Roller

A micro roller for the face is a tool that allows you to take care of your skin at home. It effectively fights age-related changes, acne and scars.

Through the renewal of the processes of regeneration and production of collagen and elastin, skin renewal occurs, increases the tone, flexibility and elasticity of the dermis, stops the aging process, eliminating age-related changes in the form of wrinkles, pigmentation and sagging. Acupuncture stimulation improves blood circulation, which returns the lost healthy look of the face. 

It is often used for anti-aging therapy by minimizing skin damage, low cost and lack of rehabilitation. The process consists in reducing wrinkles in problematic areas: around the eyes, the neckline zone, hands. The effect of tightening of the skin is revealed, a clear oval face is acquired, there is a narrowing of pores and getting rid of pigmentation.

Microneedling Face Refining Tool

This device is a unique development that has a huge positive effect on the skin. It is a roller on which a large number of small needles are located. During the movement of this device on the skin, it seems to pierce it and makes certain damage.

Thus, the skin begins the process of regeneration and is updated independently. Depending on the desired effect, there are massagers with needles of different lengths and diameters.

Crystal Gua Sha

Guasha is an ancient facial and body massage technique that has been used in the East for many years. Thanks to the processing of not only the upper layers of the skin, but also of the muscles (this is due to the correct pressure with a special scraper), metabolic processes are activated, wrinkles are smoothed, face lifting and toning are restored. 

Guasha is especially relevant now, as more and more people lead a sedentary lifestyle that affects posture and lowering of tissues of the lower face. With the help of accelerating blood and lymph circulation, gouache massage activates parts of the face that are “asleep” for one reason or another. 

Such care can also be a way to take time for yourself and strengthen the connection with your body, which improves the emotional state and helps you feel better about yourself.

Scalp Massager

Poor hair growth and frequent stresses that provoke pain are the most common problems that almost everyone faces. To combat this, mankind has come up with various massage tools that can help relax and improve skin health. Massager for the head is now found in several categories.

This is manual and mechanical equipment or a battery-powered device. Some massagers can replace the trip to a specialist, help relieve migraines, relieve irritability and normalize pressure. Not always even an experienced massage therapist can cope with these tasks. Massage of the skin also improves blood circulation, which contributes to the rapid strengthening of hair.

Ice Roller

A similar device has the following effect on the surface to be treated:

  • The skin becomes smooth and takes on a natural look;
  • Even the smallest wrinkles are smoothed out;
  • Under the influence of cold rejuvenation of cells occurs;
  • It has a positive effect on the skin after shaving and hair removal.

Excellently removing swelling, ice tones the skin, increases blood circulation, removes fine lines, acne. It perfectly prepares the skin for the application of creams and thus making it fresh.

Metal Face Massagers

Massage with the help of special metal massagers has a versatile beneficial effect on the skin, due to which:

  • lymph is enriched with oxygen, which improves blood flow;
  • metabolism is accelerated;
  • pores are cleansed;
  • skin color evens out, age spots disappear;
  • normal functioning of the sebaceous glands, which reduces the likelihood of acne;
  • muscle tone improves, due to which the cheekbones and the general shape of the face become more expressive;
  • wrinkles are reduced and new ones are prevented.