How to do face painting for everyone

Drawing illustrations on people’s cheeks, forehead, nose, and lips is a form of body art, which is the art that applies design to a person’s skin. Water make up is often composed of small colorful images on the profile of a person although hands, arms and shoulders are popular locations. Larger styles may be done as well, including coloring the entire person’s front. Are you already interested in it? I hope so. Follow this guide!

Megan Campbell

What supplies do I need for face painting

I have been doing this activity since school years for carnivals and parties therefore I must be sure that I got necessary drawing supplies. Here is my usual toolbox:

  • White for outline (Loew Cornell, Aliyah Round White Taklon, Art Factory Stufion)
  • Black for outline (Mark Reid Signature, Eberhard Faber )
  • Palette of stains (6 or 12 hues)
  • 2-3 Sponges
  • Glitter
  • Four round shape brushes
  • 1 flat shape brush
  • 1 filbert shape brush
  • Water pot
  • Pearl white
  • Stencils
  • Moist napkins
  • Mirror.

What is needed for face painting

In the event of lacking art skills, 1-3 brushes ought to be handled along with tub filling up with water, mirror, and gamut of stains, sponge and glitter. Becoming gradually so experienced a user is capable of widening his or her selection. That is exactly what is necessary for simple face painting designs.

What type of paint for face painting can be used

Nowadays a great array of hues is found everywhere. However, several of them are not convenient enough for using. Below some useful information is presented that advises proper palettes:

Stains are offered in packages that are square or like a ring.

Colors such as white and black are widely exploitable (brands: BOOMZEE, JOVI, COLORINO).

If you are seeking after an individual design (theatrical performances) take into consideration specific shades you will need to succeed in creating these looks.

Every trademark suggests these mentioned below kinds of paints:

  1. usual stains — lustreless hues
  2. tinny or pearl stains— starlight hues
  3. neon stains — bright matte shades that flame in the light

White with such a pearl shade is related to malaxate any normal color, blend on eyelids, both corners of your eyes. 

Some stains which are improper for a body art:

  • Acrylic stains, gouache, watercolor or other crafts like this;
  • Cream stains (however, it is recommendable only as a theatre make up);
  • Alcohol activated paints.

What brushes to use for face painting

These stuffs seem to be an important part of this activity. So, give a look what might be chosen:

Round shape brushesare chiefly in use by face designers. We use them for lines, whirls, curls and etc.

Flat shape Brusheshave mainly been purchased for theatrical aims. It covers larger areas while creating a special design.

Filbert shape brushes can reach the tails of the eyes. Making quite massive eye tears, thicker contour, and to paint the whole face.

Sponge brushes appear to be fine tools which might be kept in your kit to create fast designs, using with stencils and to apply powders.

What brushes can be put in use for face painting

Researches demonstrate us some well-known and good-quality brands:

Linework is the crucial skill for lovely make-up, so if there is a possibility to afford a kit of brushes, pay attention to these: Widmann, Splash, Snazaroo.

Budget-oriented flat brush for masters has its own trademarks: Snazaroo, Bolt.

Just like a flat brush, the one mentioned above isn’t bound to be of high-quality if you turn out to be a newcomer. For hunters of this art brand we put forward following brands: TAG, Splash or Widmann.

What size brushes are used for face painting

Brushes of multiple size are provided, look:
  • brush (#1) — drawing small workpieces
  • brushes ( #3) — twirly designs
  • brushes (#4) — for creating shapes
  • flat 1-inch brush— on condition if a user would like to add a split-pie for designing rainbows to your kit.

Where to purchase face drawing products

Quality stains are seldom found in outside stores. Sites such as eBay, Amazon, Shipito can assist you. The majority of drawing equipment is liable to be obtained via Internet. Check these links of popular online shops:

How to do face painting ideas for beginners with stencils

Step by step face painting ideas with stencils are described below:

Zombie facepaint

This kind suits to starters. It is a best-selling during “Halloween”. Let’s get acquainted with a technique step by step.

First use a white color, then put it on whole person’s front with a sponge. Afterwards take round brush, make black circles around both eyes. Circles oughtn’t to be thick. Then paint a long black line from right cheek to the left one on the mouth. Further, draw vertical lines on that long one. Repeat it again on the forehead but drawing small and think lines. Sparkles can also be added. One, two, three…Trick or treat?

Leopard is liked by many children. Do your best to make it marvelous! First of all, put on the whole face orange shade using a sponge.

With a brush of a flat shape draw white ears above the eyes and fangs under the mouth. Whiskers should be long enough coming out from the upper lip.

And certainly, design some black sports on the surface of the cheeks and forehead. The last step is to pain lips and nose with a black color. The fastest animal is ready!

Leopard print face paint

Cat face paint

White color brush is ready to be your assistant in drawing marvelous ears, nose and snout over upper lip.

Operate with pink color and draw the laps, the whole lips, chaps and nose tip.

Draw black flicks…. Meow!!!



Enchanting! The word describes exactly neon type. People are capable of obtaining it in various Internet shops.

Preferable colors are purple, blue and violet. The golden rule of neon art says «NEVER DRAW A BRIGHT RAINBOW». «MIX UP SOFT SHADES».

In addition, for eyes and lips black base is chiefly applied. Lines ought to be clear-cut.



Neon face paint

Glitter face art

Glitters can be diverse size, form and color. They suit mainly for fests, parties and dramatic character.

Using glitters on your skin you are bound to prepare glue or any other adhesive backings.

Put it on your cheeks, nose, forehead or eyes.

Users will enjoy it and be extremely delighted!

Where to learn face painting

Starters are frightened to do such makeup. That’s why to get rid of this fear, you could find dozens of video in Youtube where the method is explained and showed. Besides, special courses are offered. 

Try it on your parents, friends…Surprise them and improve your skills! Never forget that practice makes perfect.