How to get rid of dry skin on face

Let’s talk about how to get rid of dry flaky skin on face. It is very important to manage dry derma. Standard remedies like creams or moisturizes have temporary effect but it would not help to cure the root of the problem. If you are tired of inspecting the stalls of local beauty shops for a better solution it is time for some education. This article will cover the topic about causes, natural substances, masks and methods that will help to moisture derma properly. Sometimes it is very difficult to manage this problem without special knowledge and professional treatment. Do not hesitate visiting a dermatologist and other specialists.

Vanessa Barnes

Skin dryness problem in correlation with skin types

Dry derma is a prevalent state but some people suffer more severe cases of this slight disorder. There are four main dermis types: normal, dry, oily and combined. The structure can change as an individual gets older – ageing affects the upper layer and it get dehydrated.

Let take a closer look on each state:

  1. Normal. There are no oily or lanky regions. Many reasons can cause hydration deficit – weather, water, nutrition, stress and other causes.  
  2. Dry. You feel uncomfortable because you always experience the need to wash you face with water. Not only it would not help – sometimes it makes things worse. 
  3. Oily. Every medal has its reverse — unprofessional skin care could have negative results of this particular type. 
  4. Combined. This exemplar is the most common for most people. Non-hydrated areas formed in certain areas and T-zone become oily. 

Loss of moisture is the first stage of dryness – you will feel tightness and roughness. If a person would not perform acts to prevent this disorder derma will reach a very dry state and become scaly, chapped and even itchy. The upper layer will be filled with lines and premature skin ageing. Wrinkles will surely form.

There is also a sensitive and hypersensitive skin type but it is not always dehydrated. This case is associated with specific reactions of nerve fibers. It is advisable to avoid buying cosmetic goods containing colorants and perfume.

Factors that can contribute to dry facial skin

There are lots of factors that affect you organism in a negative way. Let’s take a look on most common causes that ruins derma hydration:

  1. Lack of water. The amount of moisture in the epidermis is proportional to the overall water supply in the whole body. The need for this resource can be reduced with age but one must have a habit of drinking at least one liter of pure water per day.
  2. Dry air. Most common reason that causes dermis to become dehydrated. It depends on a climate – in some cases you will have to use special cosmetic substances to have a normal skin state. Avoid heater exploitation as it is your most severe enemy. 
  3. Weather changes. Skincare routine greatly depends on seasons. Cold outdoors and heated room is the main reason why you fell all abovementioned symptoms. But be careful with the moisturizers because cosmetics in great amounts will worsen the condition of derma. 
  4. Sunburn. Classic excessive sun exposure is another threat. Choose a sunscreen to create a protective layer and try to find a shadowed place. Take a look on SPF level and other products. It is advisable to buy sunscreen without colorants and perfumes. 
  5. Lack of vitamins. Another reminder that one should take care of the whole body to get rid of the local problem. Inspect you nutrition habits and forget about bad habits like smoking. 
  6. Overdo it with scrubbing agents. Such substances will scrub out needless elements but it is no advisable to exploit too much of such substances.

Avoid chlorinated pools and do not buy soaps with harsh chemicals.

Understanding the causes of dry facial skin

Why it is very important to consult with dermatologist after you have experienced the abovementioned symptoms? Most common mistake is trying cosmetic products without any knowledge of its purposes and effects. Let’s take a quick survey why everyone should visit a doctor before spending money on inappropriate remedies. Very dry itchy skin on face causes:

  1. Eczema, aka atopic dermatis. This is pretty serious because of the symptoms. It will itch and epidermis will become flaky. It could swell up and become red. This disorder can start on face or other part of the body. Consult a professional immediately.
  2. Contact dermatitis. A well-known allergic reaction to some substances that activates after epidermis contact with certain ingredients. After two days you will see rash on your face.
  3. Seborrheic dermatis. Another disorder that results in red skin and flakes. Usually it appears between eyebrows or next to nose area. Who would have thought that this form of eczema could be the reason of dandruff? 
  4. Psoriasis. This is a real decease that should be treated as soon as possible. It is not caused by external irritants and the symptoms are very nasty. You just can’t dispose of scaly and raised derma areas by yourself. It needs proper care and certain medicine. 
  5. Bacterial or fungal infections. Some species live inside your body and you can’t do anything about it. Sometimes those inhabitants are triggered and cause and infection. Do not wait until you have painful sores – consult a dermatologist immediately. 

If you experience other symptoms please have a consultation. It might be serious.

Natural remedies can help soothe dry and irritated skin

After you have talked to a doctor and found out that you have no illnesses, it is time to turn you attention to Mother Nature. How to cure dry skin on face overnight:

1. Glycerin. Combine 1 teaspoon of glycerin and rose water and apply to dry patches of you face. Rinse it if you feel uncomfortable.

2. Vaseline. Just put a small amount on your skin and rub it gently in. Leave it overnight to achieve better results. 

Natural oils to restore balance

  • Jojoba. Mix ½ teaspoon of this substance and 2 cups of warm water and soak a cloth in it. Then put it on your face and let it lie for 5 minutes.
  • Olive. 2 teaspoons of extra virgin oil and 1 drop of lavender. Mix it and rub into. It would serve as an extra moisturizer.
  • Vitamin E. Take 2 Vitamin E capsules and empty them with a needle. Pour the substance on you face and leave for 1 night. 
  • Coconut. Just dab it onto dry areas and it will be absorbed. You can repeat this procedure twice a day until it will have a positive effect. 

Mustard. Have 2 drops and warm them up. Lightly touch substance with your fingers and transfer it to the skin. Wait for 1 night. 

Herbal and flower gatherings, infusions

  • Rose water. Cotton pad with rose water will soften derma. Let it dry off in a natural way and them you can use other moisturizers. 
  • Aloe Vera. Cut off 1 leaf and squeeze gel onto epidermis. You can leave it overnight. Store this precious liquid for another day. 
  • Ubtan. Take 2 almonds and half a cup of fresh cream. Then add some sesame oil. You should boil almonds for 5 minutes, cool it and let them soak in water. Then blend them into a paste. Rinse it after quarter of an hour. 

Green tea. Mix leafs and cream. Then put it onto a face pack. Leave a substance onto you face for 15 minutes. Wash it off.

Face masks for quick softening

  1. Turmeric. Ingredients: turmeric powder, raw honey and yoghurt. Cook a mixture and apply to you skin – hold for 15 mins.
  2. Egg. Take egg, 1 teaspoon of rosewater, lime juice, olive oil and 1 tablespoon of honey. Put together egg yolk and those ingredients. Leave for 10 minutes. 
  3. Avocado. Take half of avocado and a quarter of honey cup. Mash it together and leave on dry areas for 15 minutes. 
  4. Cucumber. Have a quarter of a cucumber and 1 tablespoon of yoghurt. Make paste and use as a mask for 15 mins. 
  5. Yogurt. You will need 3 big spoons of granulated sugar, 2 small spoons of honey and a quarter cup of yogurt. Make a decent mixture – keep it for 5 minutes. 
  6. Oatmeal. This substance functions as a scrub. Make a creamy mass which includes 2 spoons of oatmeal, 1 spoon of honey and a quarter of cup of milk. Should be heldd for 10 mins.
  7. Rice flour. 1 spoon of this flour and cucumber juice. Then you add half spoon of honey. Cook a mixture and put on dry skin. Wait 15 minutes.

Using diet and supplements

It is very important to have a proper consultation before using any supplement. But there are some alternatives that could be very useful when it comes to skincare. Vitamin supply is essential:

  1. Vitamin E. Maintains skin health and keeps it hydrated. It also functions as a protective shield from UV rays. This essential ingredient could be consumed on a daily basis. 
  2. Vitamin C. One of the most needed components which will reduce dehydration, restore elasticity and soften wrinkles. Your wounds will heal faster and body will become immune to other deceases. 
  3. Biotin. Products with B7 are often recommended by specialists if a patient has problems with epidermis or hair. Main cause of having this useful component is dermatitis prevention. 

The abovementioned remedies are highly beneficial.

Prevention for dry skin

There are some basic actions which everyone should perform in order to prevent dehydration. How to treat dry skin on face? Take five simple steps:

  • Moisturize daily. You will replenish natural moisturizing factors and prevent you derma from humour depletion. Choose any high-quality product and start the procedure. 
  • Use a gentle cleanser. Apply unscented skin care goods. You would not believe how much harsh substance sold on market. Never believe descriptions and trust reviews from real customers. Avoid taking deodorant soaps and output with alcohol, fragrances, retinoids and AHA. 

Exfoliate to remove excess dry skin. It is advisable to exploit face masks with natural components. Make gentle mixtures which will make no harm to epidermis. Follow the instructions and wait until the upper layer will be properly moisturized. The soothing effect will come in no time as long as you did everything right. Look up some exfoliators:

  • Mechanical. Instruments like brushes, washcloths and scrubs. They are very easy to use.
  • Chemical. This group comprises salicylic, glycolic and other components which will help to get rid of dry skin. They function surprisingly gentle.

How to use exfoliators?

For better results use a combination of chemical substances and mechanical instruments. It is important to avoid overusing because in could make things worse. Test some products and find out if it suit your skin.

Practice better bathing habits

Hot water is pretty dangerous – especially on a cold day. It will dry your epidermis in no time. Try lukewarm variant and use soap made from natural components. Find the gentlest cosmetics goods you can find on shelves. Trust only real reviews.

Use a humidifier

It is a very useful device that will return moisture to your skin after a cold winter day. Most customers prefer cool mist humidifier because it has just enough power to solve your problem.

How to learn more about skin care and make money on it?

If you want to find out more about your skin and products that will make it hydrated, it is strongly advisable to become a professional in this field. You will be able to get rid of the most common problems with your epidermis and earn money. 

Studying as a skin care specialist, you will learn more about peeling, cosmetology options, masks and the most advanced beauty products. Experienced trainers will share life hacks during training. And you will get real skills by interacting with live models right during training.