How to Get Rid of Female Facial Hair

Often, the beautiful half of humanity turns to the services of cosmetologists - laser hair removal, sugaring and hair removal with wax. Therefore, most girls want to find simple and effective methods of hair removal at home. Upper lip hair removal allows you to remove unwanted facial hair in women. So, how do we get rid of them? You can try one of the tried and tested tips.

Vanessa Barnes

What is the best quickly facial hair remover?

Today cosmetic medicine offers the latest methods to eliminate facial hairs. Every woman wants to look beautiful and attract the looks of men. Sometimes, in order to achieve such goals, some people are ready to take real risks. Today, there are so many ways to eliminate unwanted facial hairs in women. This may be a choice in favor of the services of a beauty salon or the use of recipes for a home arsenal of funds. Ladies facial hair remover can use a variety of methods that are very effective and painless. Let’s look at the most popular of them.


A way to remove facial hair is cheap, but the vegetation appears faster. The procedure is time-consuming, requires regular correction. The hairs are pulled out with tweezers: first they pick it up, then they pluckit sharply:

  • Pros: short-term effect, use at home, ease of procedure, budget option.
  • Cons: risk of bristles, ingrown hairs.


First of all, it is necessary to note the duration of the effect. After hair removal, the hairs really will not grow for about 2-3 weeks, but here it is worth considering the individual characteristics of the woman’s body.

Chemical depilatory

This method does not require special skills and is not traumatic, unlike shaving. The composition for depilation contains thioglycolic acid, which dissolves hair keratin. Through this acid, the substance destroys the outer shaft of the hair without affecting its root.


Waxing is a popular cosmetic procedure, which is hair removal using thick sugar paste. This depilation’s method is one of the most popular procedures in beauty salons, as it differs in ease of carrying out, soft and gentle effect on the skin. The step-by-step technique of depilation is very simple, so many women prefer to do waxing on their own.


Hair epilation with thread is a very old method. This method came from the East very many years ago. Most of the time, hair removal is done with a thread made of cotton or silk material.

For the procedure in a beauty salon you will give a huge amount of money, but if you learn to perform this procedure at home, you can save a lot of money and perform this procedure at any time convenient for you without any costs.


It is the easiest and most painless home-based way to remove hair. In the process of shaving, that part of the hair that has grown over the surface of the skin is cut, in this way it is impossible to remove the hair bulb. Therefore, after a day (individual characteristics), the hair grows again. How to get rid of facial hair, such issues have long been successfully resolved.


Kao sori or facial depilation with a razor is a way of scraping the surface layer of skin and cannon hair at an angle of 45 degrees. This procedure allows you to achieve smooth and even skin. An Interesting trend for face shaving came to us from Japan in 2010. Now you can do dermaplaning in almost any salon there. In Europe, the procedure was made popular by makeup artists Huda Kattan and Lisa Eldridge, who posted a video on which they shaved their faces.

Coil hair removers

The device works on the following principle. Fold the upside down «U» stick and place it on the part of your face where you want to remove your hair.   

  1. Hold the handles and twist them in opposite directions.   
  2. Your hair will be trapped between the tight springs that envelop it. 
  3. This way, the appliance removes hair in one quick motion for a long time.

What is the best Permanent facial hair remover?

Among the most popular methods, those that can be done independently dominate. This is plucking, simple shaving, and also means for depilation in the form of creams and wax. By the way, sugar depilation, which permanently removes hair from the face, is gaining more and more popularity.

Cream for depilation. Such tools allow you to carry out procedures at any time. They are very easy to use — just apply a little on the problem area and then remove hair with a scraper or water.

Dyeing the hair

This method provides an excellent opportunity to paint over unwanted hair that has appeared on the face or body. It is considered safe, and has recently gained high popularity with a large number of women. Best facial hair removal for women by hydrogen peroxide lightening is very effective and safe.

Laser hair removal

When using a laser in medicine, knowing the physical properties of lasers of one type or another, we can predict with 100% certainty how the laser radiation will affect the tissue (in case of hair removal, without damaging the skin). Based on this, appropriate types of lasers were selected for use in a particular field of medicine.

New technologies that promise to end hair once and for all — laser hair removal, phototherapy and removal of electricity are also far from ideal in this regard. These procedures are too costly and not as»miraculous» as the advertisement tells about them. In most cases, an expensive course does not give the desired effect of complete destruction of the hair, moreover, sooner or later, they begin to grow back.


Hair removal during electrolysis is performed sequentially: a thin sterile disposable needle (or an individual use needle) is inserted along each hair into the hair pore to destroy the ability of the follicle to divide cells. All hair can be removed — of any color and on any area except the hair inside the nose and in the inner ear.

Prescription creams

Cream for hair removal is a cosmetic product with which help get rid of unwanted vegetation throughout the body. The procedure is absolutely painless, does not require much time, special preparation.

How do you stop facial hair from growing naturally

To date, there are a lot of hair removal procedures by natural ingredients. Each is more interesting and attractive than the other.


So, we have a budgetary sugaring classic wax. If you are not happy with such a painful and not the most durable (because it requires a constant repetition of the procedure) method, then you can turn your attention to laser hair removal or photo hair removal.

Upper lip hair removal with honey

You need to thoroughly mix one and a half tablespoons of honey and two teaspoons of lemon juice. Apply the mask with a cotton swab in the direction of hair growth. Then, also after fifteen minutes, rinse off the mask with cold water. The first two weeks do this twice, then once a week.

Clean and even skin on the face without hairs in a woman is a lot of work. It is worth remembering that no matter what means are used, it is impossible to achieve a result in 1 day. In the cosmetology office, today specialists can offer several procedures at once that eliminate unwanted facial hair. They are characterized by speed, painlessness, effectiveness and high cost.