How to plait hair: braid hairstyles step by step

Today, beautiful neat braids are a real decoration for women of different ages and status. In this article I will share what braids happen and what is needed to make spectacular hairstyles professionally.

Anthony McKenzie

What is hair braiding

A braid is a fairly versatile and practical hairstyle loved by many girls. The first mention of this type of hair weaving can be found in the Bible, which tells us that Samson wore 7 braids, in which all his strength was. Also, pigtails were worn in Ancient Egypt and Greece.

Now such hairstyles are again beginning to gain popularity. Therefore, hairdressers from around the world create many beautiful compositions using pigtails.

Types of braids

Today you can find a large number of different options for braided updo hairstyles. At the heart of each of these schemes is the national hairstyle of some country in the world. Therefore, many of them got their name from nationality:

French braid

 It is a similar hairstyle is universal and is suitable for absolutely any occasion: a romantic date, a walk in the fresh air or going to work. In the people, such a braid is also called a spikelet. There are no reliable facts that would confirm its true French origin. Therefore, the author of this masterpiece can be anyone. This is a fairly simple type of weaving. 

Dutch braid

At first glance, this is a unique work of art that has no equal. People believe that only true professionals in their field can weave such pigtails. But, in fact, in the manufacture of this hairstyle there is nothing complicated. This is just a mirror image of the French braid.

Waterfall braid

This pigtail is radically different from the rest. The main feature of this type of hairstyle is free-hanging curls that pass through weaving. The braid itself in this case is located horizontally or slightly at an angle. Also, this braided hairstyles is situatable for short hair.

Side braid

Another unique view of pigtails. It follows the example of French or Dutch, that is, vertically. The only difference from these two types is its location. Such a hairstyle should not go down from behind the head, but from the side. That is why its name came up.

African hairstyles

This is a separate art. These representatives of tribal peoples have learned to decorate their heads so elegantly that whole legends go about their skills. But the basis for such hairstyles are pigtails. But not one, not two, and not even three, but tens. Only after creating weaves on the head, the masters move on to the main hairstyle.

How to section hair for braiding

In order to properly and beautifully braid a pigtail, it is initially necessary to prepare the hair. First, you need to parse the curls into several parts. But you need to do this not somehow, but evenly, since the beauty of your hairstyle will depend on this.

There are two ways to do this:

  • approximately. That is, you are trying without special tools to parse the hair into identical bunches. This method is suitable for hairdressers who have extensive experience in this field;
  • with the help of special tools. Beginning stylists use special combs to more evenly separate hair. A feature of this device is a modified handle, which is made in the form of two or three pointed cloves.

How to hair braiding techniques

There are quite a few hair weaving techniques. Braids can be braided on short or long hair. Beginners are encouraged to start weaving ordinary spikelets, and then you can gradually improve your skills by adding new elements, combining several techniques and so on.

How to curl hair by braiding

The easiest way to get lush curls on your head is weaving. But to get the maximum result you need to try a little. Firstly, a lot will depend on the number of braids:

  • 1-2 will give light natural waves;
  • 6-8 will please you with tight curls;
  • аrom 20 and more will give a voluminous hairstyle with a tight curl.

Secondly, time plays a large role: the longer you wear pigtails on your head, the more effective the final result will look. It is best to do this procedure at night.

How to catch short hair when braiding

Many women with short hair believe that it is impossible to make a pigtail on their head. But this is not so. You can easily curb short curls and give them a weave shape. With short hair, you should start collecting curls and weaving them as close to the roots as possible. Then the locks will not fall out.

How to do a fishtail plait with short hair

Owners of short hair have the opportunity to braid cute small braids. If the length allows, then the braids can turn out to be more voluminous. Asymmetric short haircuts allow you to perform a braid on only one side of the head. But hairstyles like a short square make it possible to make two braids or more. To feel the novelty, you can make simple braids with the gradual inclusion of new strands from the mass of hair on the bangs. Making pigtails on short hair, you need to try to emphasize the texture and volume of hair.

How to use french hair braiding tool

Today, to simplify braiding, there are many different devices. Almost all of them are called in one word — hairpins. They are different: snakes, spirals, loops and so on. But the most popular is the snake. It is used for weaving various spikelet options. The device helps to separate even strands, maintain equal intervals between braid slices, strictly observe the linear direction of weaving. Using the tool involves the direction of the strands in the cells of the plastic strip. After completing the braid, the snake remains inside the weave, additionally creating a supporting frame for the hairstyle.

How to do a bun with braiding hair

This hair styling is very popular today. Visually, it resembles a ballerina’s hairstyle. To create it you need:

  1. Put the hair in the tail and divide into 4 short strands.
  2. Braid each of these strands in a separate pigtail.
  3. Wrap each pigtail on the tail.
  4. Fix the resulting hairstyle with invisible hairpins.

How to prevent hair breakage after braiding

Many fashionistas believe that frequent braiding can adversely affect the condition of the curls. It is believed that because of the braids, the hair becomes brittle, and the ends are split. That is why girls prefer to wear loose hairstyles.

But this is a myth. As practice shows, easy braided hairstyles, on the contrary, contribute to strengthening the hair structure. It is also proven that pigtails help to accelerate the growth of hair. Therefore, experts recommend braiding at night, since at night cell division in the body occurs several times faster.

How to start a hair braiding business

Due to the fact that braids are starting to gain popularity, the number of those who want to make money on the desire of women and girls to be beautiful and fashionable has also increased. 

You can study at a school for braiding, such courses offer both basic weaving techniques and advanced ones.
I recommend the following:

Having mastered as many braid weaving techniques using artificial strands, jewelry, ribbons, you can open your own business.