How to shape your eyebrows perfectly

Eyebrow shapes is important for the appearance of any woman. The girl’s gaze, her smile and confidence in her attractiveness depend on them. Often, many people think that itis possible to color eyebrows correctly only in the salon. We will dispel this myth and tell how easy it is to color eyebrows at home and what can be used in the future for eyebrow care.

Megan Campbell

How to find the right eyebrow colour shade for you

How to choose the color of eyebrows, such a question is asked by many women. The fashion for color may be different, but you can adhere to the gold standard:

  1. If the brunette is 1-2 tones lighter.
  2. The chestnut eyebrows go well red.

Now many blondes like eyebrows, which are much darker than their hair, especially a couple of years ago it could often be found. If the girl decided to change her hairstyle and hair color, then you need to repaint the eyebrows. To correct flaws and design new lines, you can use pencils, paints, eyebrow shadows, gels and brighteners of black hairs. Novice makeup artists would be nice to use a good set of stencils. Eyebrow stencils allow you to find the best option for a particular type of face.

Existing Eyebrow Forms

First of all, you need to build on your natural data, completely redraw eyebrows to nothing. But with tweezers, you can well adjust the shape. Strongly curved eyebrows are not relevant now, so do not try to make the bend pronounced and artificial. Focus on shape as well as facial features. Everything should be proportionate:

  • On a fragile face, huge eyebrows may seem too heavy, but on a round one, for example, thin ones will not look harmonious.
  • Do not round the eyebrow tails, it will not give your face charm and beauty.
  • Eyebrows of natural width and the right color can throw off several years.

Many celebrities have beautiful eyebrows, some of them are:

According to statistics, 90% of women in the world consider Megan Fox’s perfect eyebrows. The “house” shape creates a beautiful bend, and a barely noticeable tattoo is responsible for a flawless appearance and grooming. How to shape eyebrows every woman needs to know to look great. It is believed that self-care takes a lot of time. When you learn how to properly care for your eyebrows, the procedures will only take a few minutes.

Not everyone likes Cara Delevingne eyebrows, but gurus like Karl Lagerfeld consider Kara to be a beauty trendsetter — she was not afraid to focus on the thick eyebrows that became her signature feature.

Arched Toward the Tail

One of the most popular trends lately are eyebrows, which are raised along the outer borders to the temples. This is a very feminine and popular form today, which modern girls choose. The main secret consists in such a moment that the bend is located above the very edge of the eyes, this significantly increases them visually.

Arched in the middle

This form of eyebrows is very popular among the fair sex and highlights the woman’s character as relatively restrained. Perfect eyebrows will help to give your appearance a unique look.

High arches

This type of eyebrow can be in the form of a straight or semicircular. Creating such a style, you must adhere to the middle ground when choosing a shape and color.

Barely-There Arches

Emphasize the peculiar beauty and unusual expressive look. Their owners should not frown, because all the charm is crossed out by the unpleasant expression of the “eyebrow houses” shifted to the bridge of the nose. If they are not given by nature, then it is not worth doing them specially with makeup — they will look unnatural and vulgar.

Rounded brows

You should not draw them when a person has an oval shape. This should be known and strictly taken into account, in order to personally choose the best option for yourself. Also, a similar type of eyebrow in girls can significantly soften the shape of the face, which is square. You should be aware that they are not made narrow or very sharp.

Straight brows

It emphasize the straightforwardness and independence of women, who are considered smart and balanced. People with such eyebrows are straightforward, like their «face frame», that is, quite frank, always say what they think.

They are very social people — they like communication, big companies, funny parties. In the professional sphere they will be suitable for management positions, because they are ready to take justified risks, very balanced and ready to take operative decisions.

Tapered eyebrows

It became fashionable thanks to Korean girls with straight lines above the eyes. They were popularized by makeup artist Peter Philips. Working with Dior, he tried to emphasize the nature of his models on fashion model shows. The use of cosmetics was minimized. The conical shape of the eyebrows of Korean Women harmoniously fit into the images.

S-shaped brows

Brow arches with a sharp bend are considered a sign of maximalism. Owners of such forms love order in everything, are self-critical to themselves and demanding of others. Such eyebrows help soften harsh features.

Short and thick

Suitable for young girls. If nature has endowed with short eyebrows, then a woman in old age is better to paint on the tips so as not to look strange. Thick Eyebrows are in fashion today. They attract with their naturalness. Previously, they were called “sables”, and their owners — smart and wise. Such arcs need special care and easy correction, because over time they can turn into dense wildness.

Extra-Long Tail

The owner of the eyebrow in flight has a purposeful character, always knows what she needs and how to achieve this. Such beauties do not have a shortage of gentlemen, therefore they value themselves, are very self-sufficient, attractive for communication. In adulthood, such eyebrows very young face.

The best eyebrow shape for every face type

When you are looking for the best version of eyebrows for yourself, then it is possible to achieve when a certain balance is created, which is given to everyone from birth. Often, puzzled by the adjustment of the eyebrows, the girls give them a shape and a look that seems beautiful to them — a captivating bend, amysteriouskink, an elegant subtlety. 

But there is a main rule that all stylists follow: the design of the brow arches should be suitable for the type of face and image, because they radically change your appearance. Having correctly completed eyebrows, itis possible to hide possible imperfections and indicate advantages, which is great for women who belong to different age categories.

Round faces

It is characterized by smoothness, softness, splendor of features, low forehead The cheekbones and lower face are weak. Owners of this type tend to make their cheeks less round, create chiseled cheekbones with the help of decorative cosmetics, and often abuse this method.

Long faces

Its characteristic feature is a wide forehead and cheekbones and a narrowed chin. Rounded eyebrows will help harmonize the shape. Naturally curved arcs and a slightly raised base are also a good option, which will help to make the forehead a little narrower.

Oval faces

A popular problem is the selection of the brow shape, which is suitable for an oval face. It is believed that with such an oval I choose to have a nice environment, so as it allows you to carry out any experiments. However, there are a few options that are considered the most suitable.

The horizontal emphasizes the oval share, makes the face significantly wider. In physiognomy, it is noted that such arcs speak of a strong character and the presence of leader qualities. Do not overly strongly draw lines to the transducer so as not to take a frown.

If you do not want to look older than your age, do not brush your eyebrows down. Lowered hairs reduce the space of the upper eyelid. In this case, the look takes on heaviness, gloom. The eyes begin to seem tired. All lines on the face, including eyebrow hairs, need to be directed upwards.

Heart-shaped faces

The creation of bending and lifting arcs must be treated with extreme caution. The girl’s appearance is getting too tight. Eyebrows should not become too narrow, because before your eyes you will turn into an elderly woman. Dense vegetation, similar to the legs of a furry spider, will also not give you grace.

Square faces

The most characteristic of a square shape is a wide jaw. The task is to visually soften the geometricity that distinguishes this type of face, as well as narrow it down a bit. So, when deciding on the shape of the eyebrows, choose soft arcs, rounded, without points and “corners”.

Also, attention should be paid to the width of the eyebrows: for girls with a square type of face, thin eyebrow strings are contraindicated. Natural average width would be perfect.

Take into account the features of the eyes

In searching for the perfect shape of the eyebrows, what color is the skin, face type, eye shape (round, almond-shaped, Asian type, with an overhanging eyelid, close or far set) is of great importance.

Close-set eyes

Makeup is able to work miracles, changing the face beyond recognition, emphasizing the merits and correcting the imperfections of appearance. In this case, our task is to visually “move” our eyes from each other. This can be done with makeup and … eyebrow shapes! The classic rule does not fit here, and eyebrows should not start from the inner corner of the eyes, but from the “first eyelash”. That is, we indent approximately 1-3 mm (depending on how much less the distance between the eyes) from the inner corner of the eye and this point will be the beginning of the eyebrow. 

By the way, the situation can be improved with the help of staining. When working with close-set eyes, two-color eyebrow tinting is best suited: if the kink and tails of the eyebrows are painted in a brighter shade, this will visually increase the distance between the eyes. For example, you can dye the main part of the eyebrow in a light brown color, and the kink and ponytails in natural brown.

Wide-set eyes

In order to make the eyes visually larger, professional makeup artists summarize the inner part of the lower eyelid with mother-of-pearl or matte white pencil. Experiment with such an eyeliner. After a few trials, you will surely find your ideal way to bring your eyes down. In direct proportion to the shape of the face, women have an excellent opportunity to choose an embodiment of the eyebrows that will optimally fit and transform. 

In the classic version, the shape of the eyebrow should begin where the wings of the nose end. In our case, the inner corner (wide part) may be slightly longer towards the nose bridge — this will visually bring our eyes together. If the eyebrows are located far from each other, daily drawing of the missing part will help.

Angled eyes

Draw a line closer to the eyelashes in the direction from the inner side to the middle of the eyelash, then lift the line up to the outer edge of the eye. Use the shadows of bright colors from eyelashes to eyebrows.

Apply blacker mascara to the crease of the eyelid towards the eyebrow from the outer edge. Draw a line to the eyebrow from the corner of the eye so that there is a darkened corner directed towards the end of the eyebrow. Apply mascara only to the upper eyelashes.

Eyes Overhanging

It is advisable that with the impending century your eyebrows were high, raised. Of course, if (and how much) your face shape allows it. At the same time, eyebrows in the impending century should be emphasized.

Even if the desired shape of the eyebrows doesn’t help much, a more radical approach to the problem involves raising eyebrows. This is a procedure that many women with overhanging eyelids resort to, since the eyebrows, as a rule, drop lower with age.

Eyebrow Correction Tools and Methods

Eyebrow shaping allows you to give them the look you need. You will learn how to trim eyebrows using various tools from our article.


The principle of operation is very simple: when hardening, the wax captures and fastens the hairs, and when removed, the hardened material carries with it an unnecessary part of the hairline. This method of hair removal has many advantages:

  • lasting result, the effect lasts up to 4 weeks;
  • the ability to capture even the thinnest and most inconspicuous hairs, as well as those located in inaccessible places
  • efficiency of the procedure, the session is twice as fast as compared to using tweezers;
  • the composition of the wax includes vitamins, minerals, essential oils and natural resins that have a positive effect on the skin condition.


This device allows you to quickly correct eyebrows and give them a new direction. Today is very popular among the fair sex.

A common type of construction — universal, classic tweezers, cosmetologists use scissors-nippers for convenient removal of single bristles.

The shape of the tweezers edge depends on the purpose of the attribute, the density of the eyebrows, the features of the hair structure, manufacturers offer products with a straight, beveled edge, pointed, in the form of a needle. You can combine the tongs in the design of various zones of the arc to achieve a beautiful result.

Coarse, thick bristles are convenient to clean with a device with a straight or sloping surface.


Many people still believe that tweezers are an indispensable tool for caring for the shape of eyebrows, or wax, which not only pulls out hairs, but also irritate the skin. Therefore, the thread is a great option in no way inferior in effectiveness to wax and tweezers, and perhaps even wins in some respects.

Steps To Shaping Your Best Eyebrows At Home

Perform this procedure carefully and do not rush. Here one should not worry that when removing hair a lot of space appears, because they will grow back soon and will be of the kind that was required. 

Let’s consider stage-by-stage construction of the correct form by means of a ruler:

  1. The tool is placed on a forehead. Its semicircular form easily allows to do it.
  2. By means of a zero mark in the centre of an adaptation there is a nose bridge centre, in this place the mark by a pencil is put.
  3. The same distance from the centre is marked towards the beginning of eyebrow hair growth. The point should not be further than the inner corner of the eye.
  4. An elevation point is to be marked.
  5. The last point is placed at the end of the hair growth line, not further than the outer corner of the eye.
  6. It is important that the same distance of points on both eyebrows is extinct at the same time, the markings of the ruler allows you to do it accurately.
  7. When the main points are marked, lines are drawn between the areas that create a template for the future shape. Using this device, it is possible to make precisely extinct and symmetric bending.

Further on the planned template correction is carried out. At first it is necessary to remove all hairs which are beyond marks of the beginning, elevation and the end of an eyebrow. Attention: the top of the hair is not removed, it can be carefully trimmed by brushing down. Cut should be no more than 1 mm, so as not to get a splash. Where there is not enough hair, they should be finished with a pencil, shadows or dye. When the procedure is finished, the markings are carefully wiped with sponge.

By fulfilling all the recommendations, you can get the right shape of eyebrow arcs, which will suit its owner and please him.

How to Shape Thick Eyebrows

This effect is an excellent massage, which stimulates local blood circulation, promotes the active work of hair follicles, gives shine to growing hair. If you notice that your eyebrows break during the day, you need to cut too naughty and long hairs with manicure scissors. Then invite the eyebrows with a special brush, sprinkled with hairspray. 

In addition, there are also special tubes with gel. In addition to transparent gels, coloured ones are also available, which save you a lot of time. By fixing the eyebrows, you also color them at the same time. This type of gel is suitable for girls with light eyebrows.

How to Shape Thin Eyebrows

It is useful to look after the eyebrows in the morning in this way. Use a massage to do this. Correctly Do it as follows: light tapping with the fingertips, stroking, tingling. this will enhance the blood circulation to the hair follicles. Mechanical impact will cause their growth to accelerate, they will become stronger and brighter.

Using a brush during combing twice a week, it is also necessary to apply various oils to it with the help of a brush. You will get the best effect from the use of the following options: almond, coconut, burdock, amaranth. They can be used not only separately, but also mixing with each other.

For volume and density, pay attention to procedures such as eyebrow lamination. It is a technique of dyeing, strengthening and fixing hairs with a special composition. Laminating product formula contains amino acids, keratin and other useful components that envelop the hair, strengthen and protect it, as well as give shine and softness.

Eyebrows can rejuvenate, refresh the face, emphasize the well-groomed and her elegance. But the reverse is also true. Sometimes they destroy the image and even visually add a few extra years. How they ultimately “behave” themselves depends only on the woman herself. More specifically, from her choice of shape, color and method of styling eyebrows.