Review of the best facial cleansing brush for everyone

Facial cleansing brushes are necessary for those who are accustomed to rinse makeup off their faces in the evening and realize that ordinary detergents do a poor job of this.
In this article we will consider which brushes for cleaning the face are, and which of them allow you to cleanse the skin qualitatively and at the same time not damage it with chemicals.

Vanessa Barnes

Facial Cleansing Brush − what is that?

All kinds of gadgets for washing have recently become very popular and regularly replenish the Beauty Industry market. And today we’ll talk about one of these, namely, a brush for washing. Professional brush for washing is a unique tool for effective and gentle cleansing of the epidermis. Using a brush, you can quickly spread cleansing foams over the skin, various masks and any other cosmetics.

It effectively cleanses the face and pores of sebum, dust, sweat, makeup residues. In this case, the brush gently massages the skin, giving a pleasant sensation.

Types of skin cleaning brushes

Three types of brushes have been developed for washing, each of them is good in its own way. To choose the right device for the care of a certain type of facial skin, you should familiarize yourself with their characteristics and understand all the pros and cons of each treatment brush.

Mechanical face cleansing brush

Facial cleansing with a special device is performed in manual mode. To have a good result, you should not buy low-quality brushes made in China. The product of trusted brands can have up to 25 thousand stubborn artificial fibers. Together, they carry out an active, but soft, gentle touch.

Mechanical face brushes can be divided into silicone and with natural or synthetic bristles.

Electric cleansing brush

The brush is a home vibrating massager. It belongs to the most popular devices for washing and massage. With its help, peeling is carried out, dead skin cells, black spots are removed, pores are cleaned, and epidermis is restored to normal breathing. They do well with makeup, remove the remnants of even clay masks.

Procedures performed using electric brushes activate blood circulation, help fight aging, smooth, heal the skin and improve complexion. They are effective in some skin diseases, but there are more contraindications in this regard, so you should consult a dermatologist in advance.

Ultrasound facial exfoliating brush

Such a product is more expensive than an electric one, but it is also more efficient. An ultrasonic brush does everything that other models are capable of, only with great results. The surface of the face gets a deeper cleansing, metabolic processes in the cells improve, they are enriched with oxygen.

Delicate problematic skin during ultrasound procedures is safer than when working with mechanical or electric brushes, as soft nylon nozzles and massage pads from loofah are used.

Are face brushes useful?

A brush works better than a gel or face mask. If you have this gadget, then there is no need to visit professional peeling procedures in salons. Their advantage is that they can be used for absolutely all skin types. Brushes are sold in different price categories and parameters, so everyone will find something suitable for themselves.

How do you use a face brush?

The first method of purification is mechanical. Its task is to get rid of the stratum corneum of the skin. Before the procedure, the face must be thoroughly steamed, a cleanser applied and a special nozzle with small bristles used. Disposal of external pollution occurs due to vibration. And after the procedure, applying a nourishing cream or mask is required.

The second method is electric. Those who have already tried the action of such a device, say that it is a great alternative to salon peeling. The bristles are made of nylon, and the tip of each is rounded and polished, so they will not cause any harm.

To avoid unpleasant consequences and get the desired result, it is necessary to adhere to several important recommendations:

  1. Choose the right nozzle. The more sensitive the skin, the softer it should be.
  2. In the process of using it is not necessary to make additional efforts, this will not affect the effectiveness, but the risk of irritation will become quite high. For the treatment of each part of the face (cheeks, forehead, chin and nose) should be given 15-20 seconds. Excessive exposure may cause redness.
  3. After the procedure, the nozzle must be washed to avoid the accumulation of bacteria.

Can I use a face brush to remove makeup?

Makeup remover and mechanical peeling are different stages of skin cleansing. Makeup removal — cleansing the skin of makeup and surface contaminations, and brooming refers to deep cleansing of the skin, it removes dead skin cells of the epidermis and oxidized sebum in the ducts of the sebaceous glands. Therefore, you should not combine or replace one procedure with another.

How often to use a face brush and when to change it?

First use the brush once a day (best in the evening). After about a week, switch to a daily two-time cleansing. Keep a few tips in reserve, because the condition of the skin may change unexpectedly for you. All manufacturers are unanimous in the shelf life of the nozzle. 

It is equal to three months, after which you need to buy a new one. This is important not so much for hygiene purposes as for the effectiveness of the apparatus itself. Over time, the bristles begin to stick together, and therefore replacement is required.

Which skin types should use a face brush?

This type of skin cleansing is suitable for any type of epidermis, however, some rules of use should be observed. Also, you cannot use a brush in the presence of papilloma, warts and acne.

Best best facial cleansing brush for all skin types

Clarisonic Mia 2 Sonic Skincare Cleansing System, £120. Features:

  • rotation in different directions (300 vibrations per second);
  • runs on battery power;
  • equipped with a timer of 20 seconds, warning when it is necessary to switch to cleansing the next area of the face.

Best face cleanser machine for oily T-zones

Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush, £85. This brush is liked by many for its stylish design and compact size. Manufacturers have kept pace with the times and have provided for the possibility of charging not from the outlet, but using a USB cable. In the brush, bristles of different lengths and stiffnesses. 

You can distinguish them by color: denser green bristles are optimal for cleaning the T-zone, and white ones are designed for cheeks and cheekbones. The handle of the drug is very convenient and ergonomic, as a result you will get clean skin in just a couple of minutes. Manufacturers promise a particularly strong effect when using brushes in combination with Clinique cleansing cosmetics.

Best face exfoliator brush for Dry Skin

Aveda Tulasara Radiant Facial Brush, £32. This ultra soft nylon bristle brush is designed for dry facial massage, which helps to cheer you up and wake up your skin.

Aveda’s international spa director Krista Kylie recommends storing this brush not in the bathroom, but next to the bed. Ideally, your day should begin like this: you woke up and immediately begin to massage your face. 

This traditional technique of dry skin cleansing is borrowed from Ayurveda: it helps to accelerate cell regeneration and get rid of toxins. You will be surprised how much your complexion improves.

Best face wash brush for Combination Skin

e.l.f. Cosmetics Cleansing Duo Face Brush, £10. This two-sided cleansing brush helps cleanse the skin, making it radiant. Soft bristles help gently cleanse pores, while flexible silicone exfoliates and massages the skin. Despite such a high pile, the nylon bristles do not scatter to the sides when massaging the skin; they cleanse gently and pleasantly massage, not only the skin of the cheeks, forehead, but also such super sensitive areas as the eyes and lips. 

The reverse side of the brush with blue silicone villi is good to work out the area of the wings of the nose and nose bridge, the sensations are indescribably pleasant.

Foreo Luna Mini 2, £125 is waterproof, made of silicone, has eight speeds, endowed with T-Sonic technology, rotation in different directions. The model is suitable for any type of skin.

The device contains a timer informing about the need to move the brush to the next area of the face, which protects the skin from excessive massaging and redness.

Best face cleansing brush for acne prone skin

Pro-X advanced cleansing system, Olay, £53. The presented brush has a very ergonomic shape that fits easily in the hand. The main feature of this model is its use in water and in dry conditions. Before use, it is necessary to soften the villi so that they act better on the skin of the face.

The device is equipped with two modes, one of which is designed for sensitive skin, and the skin around the eyes. The model eliminates acne, black spots, and dead layers of the dermis. It is convenient to take with you on business trips and trips.

Best face facial cleansing brush for travel

Foreo Luna Play Plus, £36. At first glance, LUNA play plus may seem small to you, but its wide 2-zone cleansing surface will satisfy the needs of each skin type: thinner bristles are designed to clean sensitive / normal skin and large areas of the face, for example, cheeks or forehead; and thicker brushes provide deep and targeted cleansing including T-zones.

Because of its material, the brush, even with an abundant amount of soapy foam, does not slip out of hands and sits very firmly.

Cleansing brush mistakes

If after using the brush you do not observe a positive result, then most likely you are using it incorrectly. There are several major errors in applying this type of cleansing:

  1. Choose a nozzle without worrying about the type and condition of the skin. The brush is intended for skin care, which means that you need to choose it based on the characteristics of the skin, not the design or cost. Dermatologists advise starting with the softest bristles, especially if the skin responds unpredictably to innovation. Keep a few tips in reserve, because the condition of the skin may change unexpectedly for you.
  2. You started using it too abruptly. First use the brush one time a day. After about a week, switch to a daily two-time cleansing.
  3. Do not use enough face wash. For the first time, it is recommended to apply an amount of gel about the size of a five-ruble coin. Then adjust the dosage according to the type of skin: the fatter the more.
  4. You act too hard. When cleaning, do not press the nozzle onto the skin, do not rub it. The effect will be the opposite: there will be more inflammation and peeling. The brush should slide easily over your face.

5. You stopped using the brush due to inflammation. The main mistake is the complete rejection of the gadget. Better reduce communication with him to once a day, avoiding problem areas. After about two weeks, the «flowering» will pass, and in the future, acne and clogged pores will practically or completely not bother you.

6. Share your brush with someone else. No matter what your boyfriend, girlfriend, or sister ask to try out your gadget, just don’t do it. Better give your roommate an individual nozzle. If someone has already used yours, treat it with alcohol or a hand sanitizer.

7. Wash the brush not often enough. Just like a toothbrush, a facial device needs to be thoroughly rinsed with water. Water alone is not enough, add a little shampoo that will dissolve any remaining dirt on the bristles and between them.

8. Use an exfoliating gel. The brush perfectly removes dead cells from the surface of the skin and does not need helpers. Therefore, use scrubs, peels, and any other exfoliants the other day, separately on the brushes.

9. You rarely change nozzles. All manufacturers are unanimous in the shelf life of the nozzle. It is equal to three months, after which you need to buy a new one. This is important not so much for hygiene purposes as for the effectiveness of the apparatus itself. Over time, the bristles begin to stick together, and therefore replacement is required.

Facial skin care courses

To preserve beauty and youth, the skin requires regular care. Cosmetic procedures offered in the salons, not everyone can afford, because their cost is quite high. But this does not mean that you can’t take care at home, on your own. Facial courses will help to master the basic knowledge and skills, and successfully apply them in practice.

Courses provide an opportunity:

  • To carry out facial and body care on your own.
  • To retrain specialists working in salons and other organizations.
  • To improve the skills of masters with experience.

Facial skin care training gives you the opportunity to work in any beauty salon. The knowledge acquired by you will be useful to you for proper skin care. Specialists in the cosmetology industry are always in demand, because women always strive to be beautiful. The main thing is that you can do your favorite business and fulfill the dreams of many people who want to be the most beautiful.