Tattoo ideas for men: best cool design

The process of creating a tattoo is quite complicated and time-consuming. Artist needs to understand the client’s idea and their preferences to develop an individual sketch for them. But first, client themselves have to know what they exactly want, and sometimes that’s not a simple step to come to this understanding. This is the reason why best custom tattoo design for men can help you to find your own individual solution.

Mark Blankenship

The main places for tattoos for men: what to consider

Hand tattoos for men

The most popular ones are various inscriptions and rounded tattoos that cover the upper side of the arm. Such a tattoo will always be in sight and should match your style. It’s better to make sure that your new tattoo will not affect your current or future career prospects.

Leg tattoos for men

Cool leg tattoos for men are various since this place is larger than a hand. But the most attractive look give elongated, diamond-shaped tattoos. Often people choose images of animals, portraits – small sketches are not very common.

Shoulder tattoos for men

Shoulder tattoos have long gained popularity, and this popularity is easy to explain. A tattoo on the shoulder is easy to demonstrate and hide. The male shoulder in most cases is a fairly big part of the body. Here you can make a large picture or even a composition.

Wrist tattoos for men

The main features and advantages of such tattoos are as follows: 

  1. They attract attention, allowing you to show your personality.
  2.  At any time, the picture can be hidden with clothes. 
  3. The skin in this place will not deform when gaining or losing weight. 

The inscription on this small area of the body will look original and understandable. It can be a tattoo that will influence the future, motivate the owner, be a reminder of past events or a motto.

How to design a tattoo: the main ideas

Before contacting an artist or starting to develop a sketch by yourself, you should decide on several things. The first is where your future tattoo will be located. After all, a sketch is not just a flat picture and image should successfully fit on a certain part of your body. The most popular places are wrists, arms and legs. Often shoulder or chest tattoos for men can be seen and found.

After choosing a place for a tattoo, you should determine the style. Each experienced master develops his own style, and clients come not just for a certain symbol, but also for the author’s vision of it. However, it’s best to choose a style by yourself. Here are some popular variants:

  • Old School – classic American tattoos (pin-up, roses, hearts, eagles);
  • Neotrad (Itional) – the development of old-school motifs, more colors, more freedom in performance;
  • Trash Polka – a dynamic and evil collage of two-dimensional and three-dimensional images;
  • Dotwork – dense color shading, contrast, straight lines and geometric patterns.

Choosing for example from shoulder tattoos for men, first try to draw a sketch by yourself. Use the ideas you’ve found on the Internet. Do not forget to take into account the size and the shape of selected place or limb.

How to design a tattoo on a computer

There are two ways to create a sketch – draw on paper by hand or use Photoshop and then print the result. Both ways are used today. However, there is a big difference, whether you draw on a computer or make a collage from already existing pictures.

Usually an experienced tattoo master draws a sketch. But if you want to understand what the future tattoo will look like, you can use programs for processing visual information. It is not necessary to immediately apply the collage to the skin. You can send the sketch to the master and explain in what style the drawing should be done, what should be corrected and what shouldn’t be changed.

The tattoo master can guide you, but cannot guess the desired sketch exactly. The more detailed the description, the better the result. So, if you decide to choose from arm tattoos for men, create several collages on your computer. It is enough to learn the basic functions in Photoshop.

Increase the transparency of the image that you’ve made. Thus, you can apply the sketch to any skin picture and see how the result will look.

Even an experienced artist has difficulty drawing without any reference, so use paper or a computer program for drawing. Using any computer programs related to drawing, you can schematically depict your vision of the sketch. To get the skill of tattooing, it is best to attend specialized courses. You will train on models, learn how to avoid basic mistakes under the guidance of an experienced trainer.

How to design a sleeve tattoo

A carefully thought-out tattoo sleeve is a real work of art consisting of significant images, symbols and words. There are some tips that can help you to create an impressive sketch:

  1. Think about the images that embody your values, interests and important life events.
  2. Design a sleeve sketch with a good artist (or tattoo master).
  3. It is no less important to consult an artist about patterns and colors, so that they form a complete picture when you add new elements over time.
  4. Choose simple, basic colors that won’t fade and give integrity to your sleeve.
  5. Ask your friends about a good tattoo shop.

Such fore arm tattoos for men need special attention to form. Framing large images with smaller patterns will give your sleeve the look of a complete composition. Think with a tattoo artist how to incorporate such patterns into the first tattoo on your sleeve, and add them later.

Typically, a sleeve costs a rather big amount of money. There are so many details that it is usually impossible to finish it in one go. It is better to ask your master if you can get the entire sleeve at once or if the process need to be divided into several sessions.

It is evident that it’s almost impossible to design a sleeve on your own without certain experience. This is the basic difference from small tattoos for men and women. Such a sketch requires the collaboration of the client and the master.

Remember that with the chosen picture seeming beautiful and relevant at the moment you will have to coexist for the rest of the time. Choose wisely which tattoo will become your future companion and what idea it will express.