The best nail design ideas step by step for beginners

A woman will always have a reason to look unsurpassed. For this, everything should be perfect — manicure, hairstyle, makeup, beautiful outfit. But at the same time, it is not always possible to visit a manicurist in time to get a high-quality nail design. But if you work a little, then you can independently make a beautiful and original manicure using simple drawings on the nails. Gel nail art design ideas can be selected from a wide range.

Stella Lindley, nail service master,  work experience more than 5 years

Existing nail art styles

Today, there are already dozens of types of designs that allow you to properly care for your nails and give them the proper look. One of the common types of design is nail art. Thanks to him, for any style and color of clothing, you can choose the appropriate pattern and color of varnish. Since there are several styles in this direction, for those who are just starting to master this business, you can start with a simple nail art.

Nail color ideas are very diverse and you can always choose the best option. So, in order to successfully master the design of nail art, you need to remember a few simple but important rules that will come in handy in further work on the implementation of different styles of nail art.

Accessories for nail art for beginners

The first thing you need is to purchase all the tools that you will need when performing work. Nail scissors, cuticle stick, tweezers and a nail file. And for painting, you need to purchase a coating for varnish, as well as colorless varnish, fixing and several color. 

How to do cool nails, this question is asked by many girls who want to look irresistible:
And with the help of a needle, he is given the form necessary for the pattern. Then, from above, you can paste rhinestones that will give the pattern the desired look.
When applying the pattern with a helium pen, you must be especially careful, as it is can smeared and washed off. Therefore, such a pattern must immediately be coated with transparent varnish.

When choosing, it is worth giving preference to quickly drying and bright colors, since several layers of varnish will need to be applied to some areas of the nail. It is also necessary to purchase several helium pens of different colors. It is important here that black be sure to be among them. How to do simple nail art designs step by step will help you with the instructions presented.

How to harmoniously select colors in a manicure

It is necessary to think in advance what pattern you want to make. Previously, it can be applied to paper, so that all the nuances of the pattern will be visible. And for those who do not have such talent, you can purchase stencils that are sold in cosmetic stores. Using them is easy. A certain pattern has already been cut out on it, which must be carefully glued to the nails with the self-adhesive side and coated with the desired varnish.

When applying a marble pattern on nails, you need to act a little faster, since such a nail art design of the nails does not allow quick drying of the varnish. If such a pattern consists of three colors, then they should be contrasting, and they will need to be applied all at once, without waiting until the first color dries. To do this, apply each color evenly. The size of the droplets of three colors must be made the same and evenly distributed throughout the entire nail. Then, using a needle, each of these colors can be mixed with other colors in a certain sequence or randomly, which gives the pattern a unique nail design.

Best ideas how to do nail art from beginners

Preparation of nails for painting

Give the nails the necessary shape, length and remove the cuticle. Then proceed to choose the future design. To do this, you need to start with the simplest patterns and gradually acquire the skill to make more complex drawings.

The first to be applied on the surface of the nail is a special coating under the varnish, this will then make it easy to apply other colors of the varnish.

Next, two layers of the varnish that expresses the main tone of the nails are applied to the dry surface of the coating, colorless varnish is often used for this.

After the pattern is completely ready, a fixing varnish (fixer) is applied. It allows you to more clearly express the color of the varnish and hold much longer applied varnish coating. But, choosing it, it is important to remember that not every fixer interacts well with all types of varnish coatings. For example, if they contain a solvent or acetone, this will not allow the solvent to completely dry. As a result, it will quickly crack, and the varnish will begin to crack off the surface of the nail.

After finishing work, you should adhere to another important rule. After each manicure, the tools used must be thoroughly washed and dried. This will allow them to be used for a long period. So, following simple rules, you can easily master nail design nails. Thanks to this, you can always look neat and beautiful. And this will give a feeling of confidence and satisfaction.

Short shellac nail ideas are very popular with many women. Let’s look further at how to create beauty on your nails step by step.

Simple geometric nail designs

Most nail designs include geometry. It can be complex color combinations of figures or simple accents in the form of straight lines in a minimalist style. 

On a dried background coating with a thin brush draw geometric patterns. Complex geometry requires intermediate drying of a part of the pattern in the lamp. Tools that will be required: highly pigmented gel paints for painting, a thin linear brush (pile length from 0.7 cm).


Depending on the type of slider, the picture is removed from the substrate using water or tweezers from the adhesive base. It is transferred to the nail, covered with colored gel polish. It is overlapped from above by 2 layers of a top. Tools that will be required: a set of sliders with geometric patterns, tweezers, a container of water.


Using a stamp from a plate with an engraving, the drawing is transferred to the nail. It is covered with a layer of top. Tools: plate with drawings, stamp, scraper, gel-paint for stamping.

Holographic foil

A holographic geometric pattern is transferred onto the sticky layer (after drying the gel polish or special glue). Overlap with 2 layers of top. Tools: Foil with a pattern, special glue, silicone brush for pressing the foil to the nail.

To create complex designs that consist of several layers, you need to purchase a powerful lamp for the polymerization of the material. Each layer of design in modern LED lamps is dried for at least 10 seconds. The finish coating is recommended to cure for at least 60 seconds. The more powerful the lamp, the better the materials will be fixed. The lamp power at home to work with modern building gels and top coatings should be at least 48 watts.

Interesting moon manicure

The lunar design requires leaving a hole near the base of the nail (hence the name of the manicure). 

In the classic version, the area of the hole is lighter than the color of the whole nail or leaves a transparent. In this case, first of all the color of the nail is applied to the nail, which will have a hole. After polymerisation in an ultra-violet lamp all a nail, except a well, is made out by other colour. Each layer of gel lacquer or shellac should be dried in the lamp.

If both for the hole, and for the main part of the nail were picked up saturated shades, then first of all you need to paint the nail, leaving the hole, and after the polymerization already paint it in the selected color. You do not need to immediately try to apply a large amount of gel- varnish or shellac to the nail. Layers of coloured coating should be very thin. Most likely, to get a saturated, even color you will need to make a few layers.

French with a smile line design

A smile that will give the jacket a status is best applied with special acrylic paint or gel. For this, you can use contrasting gel polish to the main background. For beginners, it will be easier to use templates: depending on the type of stencil, this can be quick and easy.

But if the stencil attached is uneven, the smile will also be uneven. If there is no fear of manual painting, take a brush and draw a white line first a thin line along the contour of the edge of the nail plate. Even with a professional, the hand can sometimes tremble, which will lead to the formation of a defect. In this case, you can use a special tool by dipping a brush in it to correct the line. If the work is slow, the drawn line may spread out a little.

You can quickly and easily decorate French manicure with stickers or the so-called slider design. To do this, after applying the base material and pigment with their mandatory drying, an additional thin layer of the base is applied to the accent nail. The application picture is placed on a wet towel, wait 30 seconds, then remove it from the paper backing, apply to the nail on a layer of the non-dried base. The slider is leveled, then dried, strengthened with a base and sealed with a layer of top.

Strips in manicure

Striped manicure made in pink, yellow, red or purple will look stylish and bright. Each of these shades, both individually and in combination with a different color, is a suitable option for creating a striking, unusual and bright striped manicure.

  1. Cut the foil strip in advance. Take it with tweezers and apply it to the intended area.
  2. Send the nails to dry in the lamp. After that, cut off the excess strips.
  3. The top layer is applied from above. The entire composition is also secured by polymerisation.

You can also make your own stripes using brushes, acrylic paints and gel lacquer. You can also apply special manicure stencils. This will allow you to realize a neat design. Transparent stripes on the nails with negative space will look quite impressive. It is possible to create it without special difficulties, having adhesive strips.

Gradient nail art

In such manicure you can combine two, three or even more colors. It should be noted that the more colors are used, the sharper will be the transition of colors in the contrasting gradient of nails and the smoother will be the gradient with close shades of lacquers.

Next, you need to choose one of the gradient methods that is convenient for you.

The first method is to apply several shades of lacquer in strips directly on the sponge (sponge). Immediately after application it is necessary to transfer the lacquer on the nail with light patting movements — due to them the lacquers on the border will be mixed and give a soft transition. 

However, be careful! If you fumble with the sponge for too long — the boundary lacquers can interfere with each other and give a dirty tint. To avoid this, it is better to use different shades of the same colour for this method. 

There is also a good chance that the lacquers will start to dry out, as the layer of lacquer on the sponge is very thin and will begin to roll on the sponge and the nail, leaving stains and gaps. In this case, it is better to make a thin first layer, dry it, and then add a new lacquer on the sponge and duplicate the layer again — so it will be bright, and the sponge will not cause you discomfort.

The second method of applying a gradient manicure with nail polish is using any hard surface, plastic or glass. It is also possible to mix the lacquers and make transitions using a special silicone nail mat.

Polka Dots design

  1. Choose a beautiful shade of basic lacquer and apply it to the entire surface of your nails, remembering to fix it under the lamps;
  2. find your favourite dotted pattern and bring it to life by following the instructions: first drop a small amount of acrylic paint on the foil, which plays the role of an art palette;
  3. then gently dip the pen ball in the liquid and dot it wet;
  4. then finish your manicure with a layer of firming glossy or matt top, removing the sticky layer after curing.

Nail design with floral motifs

Almost any floral design can be embodied on short nails. The nails are soft square and oval in fashion, and as for the design, it can be the most diverse, both in matte and glossy designs. The complexity of the flower pattern depends on what skills your master possesses, the most exciting are the drawings drawn with a brush.

Take on a brush or another tool a little gel- varnish, put a dot in the center of the future flower and make it a tail to the side like a comma.

We draw the next «comma» slightly larger next to it. We place them around the first one in one or different directions. We get the petals of the dissolved flower.

Place a small dot in the center of the rose with varnish of the same color and glue gold, red or transparent strass on it. You can have a couple at once.

Next, draw a smaller rose of the same size. Dry the drawing under a lamp for 3-4 minutes. You can add some shining transparent glitter to the petals.

Fix the pattern well with the top and dry under a UV lamp. Remove the sticky layer of gel-lacquer clinker. Fashionable pattern in the form of a rose is ready.

Animal Print Nail Art Design


A universal solution for a simple but effective manicure. The main thing is to determine the thickness of the strip itself, choosing it proportionally to the width of the nail plate.

The design with «zebra» can be done with a water manicure. To make a drawing in this technique, pour a white lacquer into a glass of water, then add a small amount of black lacquer and gently stir the whole, forming strips.

Process the skin around the nails in advance, it will be easier to remove the film from the lacquer. Put your finger in the glass. 

  1. Gently remove excess pattern from the skin around the nails.
  2. Allow the resulting pattern to dry, after which. 
  3. Fix the zebra with a transparent varnish.


  1. Apply a colourless base: it smoothes out the nail and protects it from the harmful effects of decorative varnish. After drying, cover the nails with 1-2 layers of coloured lacquer.
  2. Apply spots with a dot or brush and wait for them to dry.
  3. Now fringe the spots with a dot, brush or sharpened toothpick, draw a trim in the form of «C», alternately on both sides of the spots.
  4. If desired, place several «dots» or «dashes» on the free areas of the nail.
  5. After the spots have dried, apply a colorless varnish to fix the manicure.


There are many ways to portray your cat on the record: draw a silhouette or just a moustache face. You can show her mood and character by drawing a curved back. We have chosen the brightest design ideas.

French manicure with cats. It is possible to highlight the free edge not only with white lacquer. The colored smile line fits even more organically into the design. Sometimes it is made in the form of a brick wall, on which the cat is walking. Or maybe it’s a path or a crescent moon on which she rests?

It’s a velvet manicure with cats. A soft flock will imitate the cat’s fur. The nails are soft and fluffy. On this basis, the pattern goes into the background. 

Cat’s feet. It’s easy to recognise traces of soft cat’s feet: it’s an elongated oval with small spots. 

The eyes of a cat. The green eyes, shining in the darkness, look best against a black background. This design is full of mystery and trickery. For disco you can use neon green varnish.

Berry and fruit nail art design

Watermelon design

To make a manicure with watermelon, you can use one of the current methods:

  • special nail stickers with the image of a berry. A huge advantage of this method in ease of use, reasonable cost, clear and neat drawing. The sticker mainly shows the whole berry, with the smallest details. This method is very relevant for those who do not have artistic skills and want to get a good quality manicure in the shortest possible time;
  • fruit sticks with applied berries. In this way the patterns are reproduced with excellent quality on the type of application. It is possible to get a fruit basket and even a watermelon field;
  • traditional nail design, using varnish in various shades.

To get a watermelon manicure, you should get a transparent varnish, a shade of red palette (watermelon flesh is transmitted), green (watermelon crust is depicted) and black varnish (the characteristic stripes are applied), black rhinestones (bones are reproduced) and have a dot.

There are limitations in the choice of color. But the plot can be different: the reproduction of watermelon slice, an entire berry, jacket in the appropriate color palette. You can decorate images with rhinestones or beads.

Pineapple design

  1. A transparent basis is applied. It is covered with the surface of the nails to reduce the harmful effects of lacquer and add manicure resistance.
  2. Apply the desired background.
  3. With a thin brush one or more yellow ovals are drawn on each nail, which will be the basis of the fruit. You should try to draw them as evenly as possible, using a template or stencil.
  4. On future fruits draw a mesh imitation of the texture of the fruit. For this purpose, usually takes a black or brown varnish.
  5. The leafy tip of the yellow fruit is displayed in green. The contours can also be highlighted with a brown or black varnish.
  6. The manicure is coated with a gel top and a fixer so that the manicure will hold on for a long time.

Kiwi fruit

A bright, gentle manicure is great for summer holidays. Juicy, lemon gel lacquer color looks good on long nails, square shape. The accent will be served as a drawing on the ring finger and middle finger. We will draw a slice of kiwi with the help of acrylic paints.

    1. The base is applied to all nails beforehand. Then a monochrome lacquer is applied to the index and middle fingers, which combines well with the colors of kiwi: shades of beige, light yellow and grey. The number of layers depends on the structure of the lacquer. Important: After applying each layer of lacquer or part of the nail pattern, the nails should be dried well in the lamp.
    2. The nails of the thumb, ring finger and little finger are coloured green. Kiwi will only be painted on the ring finger and pinky. The thumb will remain monochrome.
    3. The middle of the fruit will be drawn first. For this purpose, an oval in white is made in the center of the nail plate. With the help of a thin brush from the centre, stripes are drawn in a circle, after which small black dots are chaotically placed between these dots.
    4. The thumb can be decorated in a slightly different way, depicting half the fruit. For this purpose, a white half-timbered is drawn on its tip, from which thin white rays disappear. In the same way, black dots are placed between them.
    5. Finished nails are covered with a dense layer of top, after which they are well dried in the lamp. With the right technique of manicure this pattern will last for several weeks.

When you run out of simple design ideas for manicure, I recommend not to restrain your impulses of creativity and go to professional nail painting courses.