The nuances of the mature makeup for older women

Reaching a certain age, many women refuse to make-up, because, in their opinion, it is visually aging. You need to take care of yourself all your life. A competent make-up can refresh the face of an aged woman, make it expressive, show its former beauty and return attractiveness.

Megan Campbell, makeup artist, work experience more than 5 years

This Is How Your Skin Changes for over 50s, 60s & 70s

Whether we want it or not, but time inexorably leaves its mark on the skin of the face and body in the form of wrinkles, sagging, spider veins, age spots.

Facial skin changes in people in different ways. You have probably noticed that some people outwardly do not age until almost 70 years, while others, on the contrary, are already desperate at 30 against wrinkles.

Women are more sensitive to their appearance and all changes on the skin, compared with men, fearing that age-related changes in the skin will give out their age.

Why does skin aging occur? The most vulnerable are the exposed skin: the face and neck, hands, which show age-related changes in the form of reduced elasticity of tissues and fine wrinkles. Sometimes wrinkles appear due to bad habits to squint your eyes from the sun and bright light or because of poor eyesight.

After 50 years, age-related changes on the face are as follows:

  1. Blood circulation in the skin noticeably decreases, which leads to a significant slowdown in the regeneration processes, the skin becomes completely dry and dehydrated, and it thins even more. Brown spots may appear on the skin.
  2. Horizontal “wrinkles of thinking” or vertical wrinkles of “concentration” on the forehead deepen, which give the face an expression of discontent. Dark circles under the eyes, swelling, in the form of «bags», overhanging of the upper eyelid appear.
  3. The nasolabial fold and folds coming from the corners of the mouth become most pronounced; sagging cheeks, the appearance of «brylya», the second chin, which radically changes the shape of the face.

Surgery can save the situation. But also, having mastered the makeup technique for mature skin, you can regain the former beauty, attractiveness and shining of the skin. So, for example, correctly applied makeup for 70-year-old woman can easily hide 10-15 years.

How to prepare age skin for applying foundation

Creating the perfect makeup for mature skin over 50 or 60 years is a combination of correctly selected cosmetics, special techniques and knowledge.

To get started, prepare your face skin for applying makeup correctly. Wash with a foam or moisturizing gel for your face, wipe your face dry and apply a lifting agent under your eyes — this can be either a cream or a cooling roller (patches can also be used) and apply a lifting cream to wrinkled areas.

When everything is absorbed (5-7 minutes), apply a moisturizing and nourishing cream, but it should not be oily consistency. Wait another 5-7 minutes until completely absorbed.

How skin color changes over time and how to consider it when choosing a foundation

The skin of the young lady literally glows from the inside and has an even tone. However, over time, the process of renewal of skin cells slows down, making the complexion more dull, and pigmentation is much more noticeable.

What to do? At the initial stages, whitening face creams help to reduce or remove pigmentation, and a full sleep helps to combat dullness. The following will be phyto-rejuvenation and Fraxel. And do not forget to regularly use cream with SPF, monitor your health, and sleep well, of course.

What is the best foundation for women over 50?

Many women continue to use the same product as a makeup base for decades. But your skin is changing, and more modern products are appearing on the market. In addition, in the winter months, one remedy may be suitable for you, and in the summer, another one.

The foundation for makeup should be chosen with a light texture that will not clog pores and accumulate in the folds of the skin. In winter, it can be with a moisturizing effect, and in summer with a sunscreen. Feel free to ask samplers at cosmetics stores, and be sure to take them if the consultants themselves suggest to do it.

By the way, if you are going to some important event, where they will take pictures, it is better to avoid funds with SPF. Makeup artists know that such tools can make you too pale in photo.

Is liquid or powder foundation better for aging skin?

A powder base is a kind of foundation that provides medium skin coverage. Powder bases are lightweight and therefore do not clog pores. Since there is no oil or emollient in this foundation, it is fairly light on the face and does not clog pores. When used on aging skin, the powder can settle in fine lines and wrinkles, thereby emphasizing them. Powder bases do not cover large pores and lines on the skin.

The liquid base acts as a filler that contributes to a luminous and flawless color. A liquid base is an excellent choice for people with mature skin, as they can easily cover the “lines of laughter” and other deep lines and wrinkles. If you have visible pores on your face, a fluid foundation can cover them.

How To Contour the Mature Face

So, let’s look at makeup tips for older women. Every woman can improve anti-aging makeup for the face. So, an incredible effect is obtained by mixing the foundation with a drop of liquid highlighter. The skin becomes shining, lit from inside.

Visually tighten the face will help a light contouring with a bronzer, which highlight the cheekbones (the lines tend upwards to the temples), and the cheeks, in the area under the cheekbones, are accentuated by flickering blush.

Why Apply brow makeup before eye makeup, not after

When applying makeup, it is initially necessary to shape and tint the eyebrows. The fact is that eyebrows give expression to the face. In addition, completing eyebrow makeup, you can most beautifully and correctly apply eye makeup.

How to Fill in Eyebrows Over 50

For women over 50, eyebrows of medium width with a slight bend are considered an ideal option, and it is advisable to narrow their tips a little. Such design will allow not only to remain “in trend”, but also give the face a fresh and well-groomed look.

Anad it is better to refuse narrow and excessively wide eyebrows: in the first case, the appearance will “grow old”, in the second case it will become tired.

Equally important is the length of the eyebrows. To make the look more open, a slight shortening and simultaneous raising of the tips will help.

How do you apply makeup on older women's eyes?

Eye makeup for older women has certain nuances. Apply light satin shades to the moving eyelid. It can be liquid shadows from Giorgio Armani. Avoid mother-of-pearl textures, metallic and sparkles, but remember that it is not necessary to use only matte shadows. Light delicate shine will perfectly refresh the appearance and give shine to the eyes, regardless of age.

Using a natural fluffy brush, accentuate the orbital line with matte brown shadows. This will help to remove, if necessary, excess volume from the eyelids, visually increase and «slightly open» the eyes.

Draw the contour of the upper eyelashes, and then blend the upper border with a small barrel brush. Dye your eyelashes: it is better to use a curl and lengthen mascara.

What color eyeliner should an older woman wear?

Creating your own individual image, you should not focus only on universal basic colors: black, dark gray or brown. Using unusual shades in makeup, it is possible to emphasize eye color without distracting from the natural beauty of the face. Having wondered which eyeliner is better to choose, you need to focus on the natural color of the iris:

  • Blue eyes will sparkle with warm lights, if you emphasize them using the arrows of golden, bronze or copper shades. Liquid eyeliner champagne or dark blue can perfectly highlight the deep blue eyes.
  • Especially spectacularly, green eyes will look framed by arrows of pomegranate and terracotta colors. However, another danger arises here — red shades give a tired look. To avoid such a nuisance, it is worth closer to the eyelashes to execute the arrow in black, and then use a different color.
  • Gray-eyed women can choose almost any color for themselves — it all depends on what effect they want to get as a result. Choosing a dark blue, gold and bronze palette, you can give gray eyes a blue tint, and liquid eyeliner for the eggplant, pomegranate and amethyst color will make the iris deep green.
  • Brown eyes will look perfect with a brown liner, but here you can experiment with color. The purple lines show the depth of the brown eyes, and the dark blue ones give them a little steel cold.

What is the Best Blush for Mature Skin?

In general, a blush of any shades looks good on a mature face, because, over the years, the apples of the cheeks do not lose volume — the tone goes away. An eccentric frosty blush will look elegant in both daytime and evening look.

When choosing a blush, it is important to pay attention to the skin color type: delicate peach shades organically look on a darker one, rose blush on a porcelain and amber tones on beige.

How Much Blush Should You Use?

Blush on the face should not be too much, as this will look unnatural and not beautiful. So, take a blush with a wide brush. Then apply the product by brushing a couple of times on one side, and the same amount on the other. If you think that there are too many blushes on the brush, you can blow off the excess.

If you’ve gone overboard with blushes and the color on your cheeks is too bright, dial a little sponge and walk around your cheeks with it: it will help remove the excess blushes.

Rules for applying lip makeup after 50s

After 50 years, women do not cease to be beautiful and attractive. Those who care for themselves look great at an older age. Many women are shy of wrinkles and start using Botox and mesotherapy early.

But there are those who have learned to accept their age. They know how to dress, dye, look after themselves in accordance with changes in their appearance.

Color selection by brightness and hue

Many women over 50 love lipsticks of cold pink shades with lilac notes or light purple flowers. But they only emphasize bruises under the eyes and add age. Dark colors can also make you older: burgundy, brown, plum.

Choose natural nude colors, peach, but not too light. These shades do not conceal the volume, which decreases with age. They also make the skin fresh and make the woman more elegant.

Is it worth it to highlight the contour of the lips

To correct the shape, get rid of asymmetry, make lips more expressive, use a pencil. With age, the contour becomes less clear, there is no transition between the skin and lips.

Choose a pencil in a natural shade that is close in color to the lips. Outline the lips and in separate places where you need to approach symmetry, go beyond the contour.

The second option is a pencil in the tone of lipstick or 1-2 shades darker. Ideally, it should not be visible. Contrast stroke is not suitable.

Use a pencil and as a substrate for lipstick, which increases its resistance. Work out the contour and gently fill your lips.

With age, small wrinkles appear near the lips, due to which the lipstick spreads. A pencil plays the role of a barrier that prevents this from happening.

How to fix makeup on mature skin

The easiest way to fix makeup for women after 50 is to use one of the following or several in combination:

  • thermal water, which is applied with a light veil to the skin of the face from an arm’s length;
  • loose powder, which is applied, as a rule, after makeup as its final stage. In this case, the powder should ideally match the main tone of the face or be literally a tone lighter. The composition of any powder includes the smallest particles of talc, which regulate the production of sebum and hold together all the means of decorative cosmetics on the face;
  • transparent mineral powder, which, like friable, is applied in the final makeup. But the main advantage of such a powder is that it can be applied almost indefinitely throughout the day, without fear of powdering your face.

But despite the existence of well-proven and time-tested products, they are being replaced by new generation cosmetics — special mists and sprays for fixing makeup, reviews of which testify to their excellent characteristics.