What are hd brows: how to create high definition eyebrows with care and makeup

Beautifully designed eyebrows give the face a special femininity and well-groomed appearance. For eyebrow correction, you can use the services of professional specialists, many do this procedure on their own. How to give eyebrows a perfect shape? But there is nothing wrong with trying to make clear eyebrows at home. In this article we will analyze the benefits of hd eyebrows, and how to achieve this.

Vanessa Barnes

When self-correction of eyebrows need to know the basic scheme, which allows you to create a perfectly correct shape.

The easiest way is to use tweezers, it is easy to pick up even the smallest hairs. But there is one more technique that only a professional can perform – this is eyebrow correction with a thread.

What eyebrow treatments are there

Today, HD Brows is a great alternative to permanent makeup. After all, after this procedure your eyebrows will get a well-groomed and beautiful look. HD eyebrows include several steps:

  • Hair coloring.
  • Removing excess hair with wax.
  • Removing the smallest hairs or gun with a thread.
  • Removal of the remaining excess hair with tweezers.
  • Drawing the shape of eyebrows with a special pencil or shadows.

What are hd brows

High Definition is an English brand that combines professional makeup products for eyebrows and salon services to create the shape of eyebrows. How is it different from other brands? The fact that not only make-up products, but also wax and eyebrow dye are developed entirely by the brand itself, and are not purchased from third-party companies.

High Definition founder Neilam Holmes Patel emphasizes that their paint does not color the skin, but only the hairs themselves, so the eyebrows look natural. When creating forms, stylists use all techniques: wax, thread, tweezers and scissors, not limited to just one.

In essence, High Definition is a brand that implements a full cycle of work with eyebrows: form, coloring, makeup, and all — on our own products. 

What is HD brow Treatment

As mentioned above, this procedure is performed only with eyebrows, the hair on which has reached the maximum length. Women who come with short hairs are sent home by make-up artists for several weeks to prepare for the procedure.

Additionally, in order to accelerate these processes, such clients are prescribed special drugs that can favorably affect this process. Such sera can activate “sleeping” bulbs and stimulate hair growth. They consist only of natural substances. Therefore, it is absolutely safe and does not cause irritation and allergic reactions.

HD brows vs normal

The main difference is that the form after HD Brows lasts an incredibly long time. Usually the effect lasts for about three weeks. And by the end of this period, the eyebrows begin to grow and lose clarity. After HD Brows, women on average walk completely satisfied with their eyebrows for more than a month. Of course, the paint is washed faster, but it is not as critical as the form.

How long do HD brows last

The duration of the adjustment result depends on how quickly the hairs grow and how long the color stays from staining. On average, the procedure should be repeated every 4 weeks.

Only those who come to the procedure with already raised eyebrows will get the desired result right away. In some cases, several visits are necessary to get the perfect eyebrow shape.

HD eyebrows before and after

They say about this technology: «This is a completely new approach that will completely change your idea of eyebrow shaping.» Indeed, you can no longer be afraid to leave beauty salons with too dark, unnatural eyebrows.

One of the features of this technique is its natural beauty. And if before the procedure your eyebrows were in the usual neglected mess, then after it you will notice an unrealistically beautiful neat and maximally natural shape of the eyebrows. And this will be noticed not only by you, but by everyone around you.

Are hd brows ok when pregnant

During the procedure for creating high-definition eyebrows, only natural paints and serums are used. Therefore, these substances are not able to harm human health.

But, nevertheless, there is a possibility that a woman may have intolerance to one of the components of the drug. Therefore, doctors recommend that you consult with specialists before the procedure. This is especially true for pregnant women.

After all, as you know, during the period of bearing a child, the hormonal background changes in women and this can cause various unpredictable reactions of the body to substances. If you ignore this rule, during the procedure for forming HD eyebrows, everything can go wrong.

How to apply hd brow palette

Another feature of this procedure is that each client can independently choose the color of her eyebrows. This is a purely personal matter for everyone, with which paint to cover the hair above the eyes blue or green. But each professional make-up artist before the procedure will definitely hold a consultation and advise you which color is best for you.

How to get high definition eyebrows for blondes and brunettes

In practice, there are certain rules, guided by which you should choose the color of the eyebrows, which will depend on the color of the hair:

  • Brunettes are recommended to choose eyebrow color 1-2 tones lighter than their primary hair color;
  • Brown-haired women should dye eyebrows 1 tone lighter than the color of curls on their heads.

So, blond is a very popular hair color in women these days. But for such a shade, it is necessary to select the appropriate eyebrow color.

  1. For girls with light curls, ash and graphite shades are ideal, especially with regard to the cold season. But there are certain problems: high-quality cosmetics, such a shade is very small; Only professional make-up artist should apply such paints, otherwise all makeup can be severely damaged.
  2. Chestnut shades will also look no less attractive. But it is very difficult to achieve. After all, if you overdo it a little with paint, you will get a red color
  3. The most popular shade among blondes is chocolate. This color is 70% of all blond beauties. The only thing that the shades of this paint can vary from dark (almost black) to milky light.
  4. The color of ripe wheat. This is the natural color of the eyebrows of most blondes. Therefore, he a priori cannot look not beautiful. This shade is universal and suitable for all blonde girls.

Would you like to professionally learn how to make clear elegant eyebrows with the help of natural harmless ingredients? I advise to study on professional courses. Ask about graduation opportunities and the number of practice hours to practice your skills.