What is a eyelash lift at home: the lifting kit review

Mascara is no longer as popular as it was before. It doesn’t give the same results as some of the modern procedures. And this article will be about one really popular procedure - the lash lift. Here you will learn more about the procedure, its effects, how to do it at home and whether it is even possible without specialists.

Vanessa Barnes, beautician, work experience over 8 years

What is a lash lift and tint

Have you ever heard about keratin hair treatment? The one that strengthens your hair and makes it more silky, healthy-looking, more thick? Well, lash lift is a similar procedure but it is performed on your eyelashes.

It has nothing to do with extendables, extensions and other similar things. A special substance is used to shape eyelashes in a perfect curly shape. A tint is used to prolong the effect. After this procedure, lashes look as if you are wearing extensions or a really good and professional mascara. 

You won’t have to wear makeup while the effect is lasting. Lash lift and tint — perfect combination to make your lashes healthy-looking and noticeable.

How does it work

The procedure is safe and it won’t take too much of your time. The specialist needs to wash your lashes with a special substance to clean them completely. Lashes have to be completely dry. To protect your eyes, the specialist will glue shields to your eyelids. This shield has an oval form and with its help your eyelashes will be shapen into the perfect curl.

Then the specialist will apply a special substance to make lashes stay in a perfect curl, and only then he will use another substance on all lashes to soften them. The softener is needed to sharpen the lashes in a needed curl. This substance has to stay for a maximum of twelve minutes, then the specialist will remove it and replace with a hardening substance which will make sure that your lashes stay in the shape of a curl.

When a specialist applies this hardening solution, that’s when he also adds a tint if you need it. The tint is perfect if you have blond or too pale lashes and you want to add some color. Some specialists also add other substances that make the lashes look longer, etc. To finish the procedure, the specialist will apply a special oil to nourish your lashes.

Eyelash perm vs lash lift

As it was mentioned above, the lash lift solution does not have any damaging substances, on the contrary, lash lifting might make your lashes more healthy. If they were too weak, thin, etc., after this procedure, they will be more healthy-looking.

But eyelash perm is a more damaging procedure. It’s a permanent curl that makes your lashes weaker and weaker after a while of applying this solution. Moreover, it’s not safe since it requires using heated clips that could burn the delicate skin of the eyelids. So it’s better to choose a more safe and permanent lash lift solution. Before and after lash lift effect looks pretty natural.

Is it damaging?

No, there are no reports about lashes being ruined after this procedure. On the contrary, such a solution might help you in growing strong and healthy lashes. As you are probably aware now, mascara, even the best mascara, will eventually ruin your lashes. If you are using it everyday, your lashes are being exhausted, useful substances are being destroyed by chemicals, and lashes look less voluminous, less long, and even less colorful.

Lash lift doesn’t have a super effect like permanent extension treatment. Most people who had been using this idea for a while, affirm that after the lift, the result seem to be subtle, but they do not experience any negative effects. If you compare it with a curl where a specialist uses a hot clip and some chemical substances, it’s not only dangerous, but also damaging. The lift is more of a healthy treatment that cures the cause, not the simptomes.

But one thing should be considered — do not trust non-professionals. Professionals are use the most safe and professional eyelash lift kits that not only are safe, but also with a restoring effect. You can purchase it on your own as long as you choose to buy a quality product, but ignore low prices. Low price in this case might only do you harm. So make sure you are buying a good kit or the kit is applied by a specialist.

Can you wear mascara?

Yes, you can always use a mascara, but only 1 full day after the lift. But the fact is that you might not even need it, especially, if you were using a coloring tint.

Duration of the effect

The procedure will take no more than an hour, but the effect will last from 6 weeks to a full 2 months. The duration of the effect will depend on the initial quality of the eyelashes and on subsequent processing. However, factors such as too aggressive chemicals (for example, from bad carcasses), heat, swimming in the pool (or at sea) can shorten the lifespan of the lift.

You should also remember that you can always repeat the procedure since the lashes will keep growing and you will need to curl the length of those lashes. But bear in mind that you can renew the effect not sooner than four weeks after the lift had been applied. You can’t repeat this procedure every two or three weeks, you will have to wait. But most people inform that usually the effect lasts for 2 months.

You will see that 2 month later your lashes return to their usual shape. It doesn’t mean that some lashes will still be curly while others are straight. The good thing about this solution, is that the effect drops evenly. It won’t look weird or unnatural. Then you can repeat the procedure. Or if a month later you will notice that your lashes had grown a bit and you need to curl them again from the root. But this can be made only a month later.

Some women note that it’s better to wait 2 full month when the effect drops completely. Why? Because if you apply it month later on the length of newly grown lashes, month later, the effect on the upper part of lashes will drop and you will have to repeat the procedure again. But this is due to individual preferences.

Lash lift contraindications

Any procedure has obvious contraindications and lash lift is not an exception. It’s difficult to list all contraindications since it might depend on the individual and his health, but here are some common contraindications that should be considered:

  • Allergy to the product or one of its components (read the list of components included to the substance).
  • Eyes too sensitive.
  • Watery eyes or hay fever.
  • Conjunctivitis infection.
  • Some eye infections or diseases.
  • An eye surgery made recently.
  • A syndrome of a dry eye.
  • Special prescribed medicated that you must use to cure an infection (eye drops).
  • The first trimester of pregnancy — you might have to wait till the second trimester, and only after consulting your doctor.
  • Such medication as Thyroxin might affect the procedure — the lashes simply won’t curl. But this is not proved yet, might need to consult the specialist.
  • Contact lenses must be removed before the substance is applied. After the procedure is done, you can wear contact lenses as you used to.

If you are pregnant

As it was mentioned above, it is definitely not advised to use this solution during the first three months of pregnancy. But even if you are currently on second or third trimester, ask your doctor if you can use it.

What is included in the starter lash lift kit

The lash lifting kit consists of all chemicals and tools that you need to apply the solution. This product usually consists of the following items:

  • Several curling pads. Usually, there are several curling pads of different sizes. Most companies add at least three types (small, medium, large), and depending on the brand, you will find either one of each or several pads of each size.
  • Perming substance. Depending on the price, company, other factors, you can find either one or several lotions in the kit. Meaning, that you can either make one procedure or several.
  • Setting and nourishing substances. Depending on the number of pads and perming substance in the kit, you will find an equal number of setting and nourishing substances to perform one or several procedures.
  • One lash lifting tool
  • One Y brush
  • Remover of protein pads (usually, 1)
  • Adhesive to eyelash lift (usually, 1)

Lash lifting kit review

Depending on the brand and on the price, you can find different kits. Some kits are more expensive, but they allow you to perform several procedures, others might be cheaper, but they allow to perform one or two procedures. Most users say that the prices are relatively heap and the procedure is affordable, especially considering the fact that they stop using mascara.

Iconsign lash lift

This kit is relatively cheap and has a full list of items needed for a semi-permanent, quality procedure.

My opinion about using:

  • good, natural effect on the eyelashes
  • the kit has everything you need, you do not need to buy anything else.
  • the price is quite budget, when compared with similar sets.

The price varies, but one kit (for 1 procedure) will cost you not more than £14.

The full price of this kit is around £52. But the good news is that the brand has some really appealing discounts and you can buy it for half price on their official website.

In the kit you will find two types of lotions, cleanser, glue, pads and combs for eyelashes. The composition is specially balanced for curling straight short eyelashes.

Diablo lash lift
Yumi lash lift

The formulations, which are gradually applied to natural eyelashes, include a “beauty vitamin”, a synthetic analogue of the beloved vitamin B D-panthenol.

This unique component can work wonders: it “envelops” the cilia with an elastic film, making it resistant to the environment. It helps to make cilia smoother, shiny, nourishes them along the entire length, strengthens hair follicles. The drug is actively involved in biosynthesis, provides more thorough care than just moisturizing. Keratin is also a unique remedy.

Revolutionary LVL Collagen Collagen Technology:

  • Thickens eyelashes without making them heavier
  • Gives additional volume to eyelashes
  • Reduces their lightening
    “Heals” defects, filling microcracks
  • Improves the appearance of eyelashes
  • Heals the structure of eyelashes
    Forms a protective film that prevents the evaporation of water
  • It has a regenerating and healing effect
  • Stimulates the production of your own collagen
  • Increases the strength and flexibility of the structure of eyelashes, reducing their porosity
  • Protects from UV rays.
LVL lash lift kit
Elleebana lash lift

The product is practically odorless.
It was possible to wash immediately after the conduct, and not wait a day, as usual.

Immediately after lamination, the result will be clearly visible: the eyelashes will become thicker, longer, a pleasant bend will appear. The hairs will not be glued, and will look very beautiful and natural.

How to choose an eyelash lamination tool

The key parameter of choice is the size of the roller. It is on him that the master performing the lamination is oriented. Manufacturers produce three varieties that differ in density.

  • S — designed for short eyelashes. Thanks to a small seal cilia lift from the roots, giving them a bend and grace. Such manipulation can be done even with short and damaged hairs.
  • L — used to work with long, naturally fluffy bristles. Curls are smooth and neat, in this way emphasize the beauty of the look.
  • M — pads with medium density, with the help of which frizz hairs of medium length.

Applying an eyelash lift

The first thing you have to do is carefully degrease the surface of your eyelashes. Drop some degreaser on a cotton swab and walk through the hairs on your eyelids, lifting them up. Take care to remove makeup and skin fat from each eyelash — the result will depend on it.
Choose a roller according to the length of your eyelashes. For the first time, choose a roller so that the effect of lamination is minimal. If you decide to make the maximum curl and it is not suitable for you, you will have to wait a month before it goes off.
Use glue to gently glue the roller to your eyelids. Apply the glue to the inside of the cushion and apply it tightly to the eyelid, press it down and wait a few minutes. Try to keep the roller as close as possible to the upper lumbar row.
Tip: If the glue doesn’t want to hold (this can happen if it’s cheap and of poor quality), try to glue the silicone roller to the eyelid with a double-sided adhesive tape without touching the eyelashes.

When the rolls are securely fixed, now apply the glue to your eyelashes and with a brush (applicator for laying) brush your eyelashes onto the roll and wait for them to stick well. This procedure will take quite a while as your task is to lay out the lashes so that they do not intersect with each other and have the slope that you would like to see in the end.

With the help of a micro-brush, apply eyelashes composition #1, avoiding getting on the mucous membrane — step back from the roots of the eyelashes by about 2 mm. Also, do not apply this product to the tips of the eyelashes so as not to damage them. Usually the bottle with the product (bag) is marked with the number 1 for convenience. Wait 15-20 minutes and remove the formula with a dry cotton swab.

Using a micro-brush, apply the formula #2 to your eyelashes and wait for 10-15 minutes. When the time has elapsed, remove the product with a dry cotton swab.

While the product 2 fixes your eyelashes, mix a little paint and oxidant in a small container — just a few drops. It should produce a homogeneous creamy mass. Using a brush, micro-brush, apply the paint to your eyelashes for 7-10 minutes. Then remove the paint with a dry cotton swab.

With a clenser, degreaser or ordinary water, separate the lashes from the rollers, remove them and clean the skin from the adhesive residue.

Apply keratin, vitaminized serum or Botox to eyelashes with a microbrush. After waiting 10-15 minutes, clean the eyelashes with a dry cotton swab.

Brush the eyelashes with a brush and enjoy the result. You can also laminate your eyebrows yourself using the same principle.

Lash lift gone wrong - what to do

The best way to save the situation is to ask for a professional help. Most likely, the specialist will just ease the effect a little and everything will be back to normal.

Until when you can’t wet the eyelashes?

You should be careful to not let water on your eyelashes during the first 1 full day  after the treatment. You can shower, but try not to wash your head so the water won’t wet the lashes.

After an lash lift: What to do?

You can apply lash lift aftercare. There are different substances that prolong the effect and make the lashes more healthy and thick. If you are not using the mascara, then you can grow lashes of a better quality. But if you are applying makeup (eye shadow, eyeliner, or even mascara), make sure you are using mild, non-aggressive cleaners so you won’t reduce the effect and it will last longer.

You should also try not to rub your eyes, and protect the lashes while you sleep — these measures are needed during the first 24 hours after the procedure.

How to choose an eyelash serum after the treatment

The best idea is to use the aftercare products of the same brand as of the lash lifting kit you’ve used. But usually, you don’t even need additional care, the effect will last for 2 months. It is advised not to use any aggressive substances (makeup removals, cheap mascaras, etc.), so you will enjoy the results as long as possible.

Want to learn more about professional eyelash and eyebrow care? I recommend training in specialized courses. Studying under the guidance of an experienced trainer, you will learn to restore eyelashes, give them amazing bends and collect your own portfolio.