What type of hair extensions are the best?

Recently, hair extension has become available, which allows you to change your appearance quickly and painlessly. Any woman can choose the appropriate method of hair extensions, depending on the characteristics of her hair. In this article we will deal with new types of extensions, brands and quality classes.

Anthony McKenzie, hairstylist with 5 years of experience

What Do Hair Grades Mean? Grade A, AA, AAA, AAAA+, AAAAA+ and 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A, 10A

There are several hair quality assessment systems. The first and most common is the scale, which determines the amount of hair in a particular bundle. Such marking occurs with the capital letters “A”. It looks like this:

  • 5A — very poor quality hair. After a short period of time, they will begin to break and fall out. Such products can be found on the shelves of any cosmetology store.
  • 6A is a better option that is suitable for people who can’t spend a lot of money on hair extensions. Such products will last from 6 to 12 months.
  • 7A and 8A are very good quality hair. They are perfect for long hairstyles. In addition, such curls almost do not get tangled and do not fall out.
  • 9A and 10A — premium hair. They are made using double-stitch technology, which ensures maximum fixation on the woman’s head.

Difference between real Human Brazilian, Malaysian, Indian hair Extension

Indian. The structure of such curls is very similar to the hair structure of residents of other Asian countries. Most products are made from this type of hair. It’s all about high practicality. Such curls are very durable and lend themselves well to staining.

Malaysian. Such hair is cut exclusively for extension to other women. Wigs from them are almost never made. They are thin, but silky and very pleasant to the touch.

Brazilian Very light in weight. Such products are extremely rare and very expensive.

Synthetic Hair: Kanekalon, Toyokalon

Kanekalon is an unnatural fiber that is very similar to a person’s natural strands. This product was developed in Japan, and subsequently became widely used around the world. Wigs are made from this product, which are in great demand in many countries of the world.

Due to its composition, kanekalon is very close in appearance to human hair. This is achieved through the use of modern technology and natural ingredients in the form of seaweed. All products made from this substance have a long service life and look much more spectacular than products made from artificial material. The fiber is very similar in structure to real hair.

Toyokalon is lighter and more fluffy than Kanekalon.

Real Human Hair Extensions vs. Synthetic Hair Extensions

In the 21st century, technologists have leaped forward. Now with the help of machines you can easily create any natural thing, including hair. They are made from various kinds of polymers, but nevertheless, a simple person can never distinguish real hair from artificial hair.

The only difference between natural and artificial hair is its resistance to the negative effects of external factors. So synthetic curls in a few months will begin to lose their presentable appearance here. While natural will remain the same.

But there are some advantages. For example, artificial hair is much lighter than natural. This greatly reduces the burden on the woman’s neck.

What Are the Different Types of Hair Extensions?

There are a large number of different types of hair extensions. We will familiarize with some of them below.

Clip-in Hair Extensions

It is a hair extension system attached to your own hair through miniature clips. Such systems can consist of one wide strand of added hair or several (from 2 to 10) strands of different widths.

Tape-In Hair Extensions

It is the fixation of hair with a special tape. The size of such a tape can be different and depends on the circumference of the head.

Sew-In and Weave Hair Extensions

To perform hair extensions by sewing, a special material is used. It is represented by hair on a tress. Hair extensions by stitching is as follows. A microbraid is braided over the head, to which threads are added. Only a professional master can make it strong, saving the client’s hair from overstretching and discomfort. Although there is another option for hair extensions by sewing, when a braid formed from natural hair is sheathed with threads. Well, the final chord of hair.

Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions

Such hair is attached to the native hair with the help of cast from keratin protein. Melting takes place at a low temperature, so this procedure does not adversely affect your native curls.

Non-Permanent Hair Extensions

This technology is also very popular among hairdressers. In order to fix the curls, the master needs to attach the donor hair to the curls of the girl with the help of hair clips. From here came the name of the method.

Semi-Permanent Hair Extensions

This extension looks great, but it is not always the best option, as it can harm your hair. If the strands are too heavy, they will damage your curls. The hair should be long and healthy enough to withstand exposure. Consult with the stylist about what weight of the strands is best for you, since there can be no universal options here. If you do not take this into account, you can seriously damage the scalp and weaken the hair follicles. A careful approach to the procedure will allow you to avoid this.

Cold Fusion (Micro Loop Link) and I-Tip Hair Extensions

One of the youngest methods for hair extensions. Nevertheless, many modern women of fashion have already managed to fall in love with him. Such curls are woven into native hair using the technique of weaving African braids. For the best effect, the master has to fix the curls at the very base of the hair.

Hot Fusion (Keratin) and U-Tip Hair Extensions

Keratin used for hair extensions is a synthetic substance of a polymer nature. It is refractory and resembles a drop of resin, which allows you to attach additional hair to natural. True keratin is hypoallergenic and does no harm to the hair and scalp. It is easy to attach, holds well and can be removed without problems with a special fluid and tools.

What Are the Different Types of Hair Extensions?

Such hair is very sensitive to even the slightest external impact. Therefore, in this case, it is necessary to select special processing methods. These include:

Ultrasonic. Absolutely harmless for hair. Synthetic materials are used as hair extensions.

African. Very subtle technique. When using it, the attachment points become almost invisible to the human eye. Therefore, it is often applied to weakened hair.

Glue. The substance used consists exclusively of natural materials that are unable to harm the curls of a fashionista. The locks are fixed clearly and almost imperceptibly for an unprofessional hairdresser.

Microcapsules Such devices are considered the best latches. They are so small that they are almost invisible even to the touch. It is also the most expensive procedure.

Review of the best hair extensions brands

So that your curls always continue to delight you with their beauty, you need to use the products of only trusted brands. These are the companies we will consider below.

Easilocks Megan's Bouncy Blow

This company is famous in the international market for its quality hair. In their assortment, only the highest quality products. And this means that the curls have a large thickness along its entire length.

Lullabellz Super Thick 22" 5 Piece Blow Dry Wavy Clip In Hair Extensions

This set of silicone strands consists of five parts, each of which is equipped with its own hairpin. They are attached separately: 3 parts are worn on the back, 2 ones are on the sides. Thus you give your hair a natural volume and length.

Hair Rehab London Luxe Volume Clip-In Extensions

Such products contain an increasing number of long curls. Experts recommend fastening the products of this company to short, volume-free hair. This create an illusion to their former beauty and volume.

Remi Cachet Clip-in Deluxe

The hair of this brand is very appreciated among fashionistas around the world. They are easily combined with absolutely any hairstyle and gives them extra volume and length. Such bundles are easily fixed on the head in absolutely any order. In addition, they tolerate heat treatment and additional coloring without problems. In addition, their installation does not harm the native hair of fashionistas. Therefore, professional stylists recommend building them on damaged and weak curls.

Beauty Works Deluxe Clip-in 18 inch Hair Extensions

Designed to increase the volume and length of your hair, they are easy to use. You yourself can attach these false hair and change the look whenever you want — without fuss, special tools or glue.

Balmain Clip-In Weft Memory Hair

These clamps are the most versatile. Balmain believes that such clamps are best made from carbon fiber — it is a lightweight, reliable material that does not pose a problem even in aggressive chemical environments when permed and painted. It is this material that makes them final and absolutely universal.

You can order a set of such clips in black, red or white.

Halo 20 inch Hair Extension

A new alternative hair extension that can offer you instant conversion to thicker, longer hair with a transparent wire that is not visible under your hair.

BaByliss Styleable Hair Extensions

A budget option for those who dream of a long and lush hair. In this case, you can not only cheaply buy the material itself, but also independently fix it on your head. Also, such hair is easily trimmed, so you can do absolutely any hairstyle on already long curls.

How many packs of hair extensions do I need for a full head?

The amount can be less than one hundred if your own hairline is initially rare and the hair shaft is thin. When a too thick strand is attached to a weakened bulb, the loss of one’s own hair will only increase, while the duration of using the extended curls will also decrease. If the hairline on the head is very rare, bald patches are visible, a studio specialist will recommend the client to temporarily abandon the procedure so as not to aggravate the existing problems. Extension is not a panacea, and hair prone to pathological loss requires treatment by a trichologist.

In addition to the density, the master will evaluate the initial length of the haircut to calculate the required material. Comfort when wearing will provide locks of medium length, their number will be at least 150 pieces.

In work with an average length and density 120-140 curls are used. This amount is considered standard and is called the «full volume». Very thick and long hair may require 1.5-2 «volume», that is, up to 250 strands.

Where is the best place to buy human hair extensions

There is an opinion that a beauty salon is a guarantee of the services provided, and a private hair extension master is an inexperienced or novice master. However, this is not at all! The master works in the salon or builds hair at home — this fact in no way characterizes his professionalism. Be sure to pay attention to the experience, portfolio of work, certificates confirming his knowledge and skills, the presence of positive reviews. This is what characterizes the master as a professional in his field. 

The skills of a specialist in hair extensions are now in great demand. To become a professional, I recommend attending Ecole school. In the courses you will work out on the models all the subtleties of technology, and the trainer will understand all the possible mistakes with you.