Wrinkle treatment at home

Deep age wrinkles on the face is not a sentence if a comprehensive fight against the aging process is launched in a timely manner. This will require knowledge of the specifics of cosmetics and the effects of various substances on the skin. We will tell you how to get rid of deep wrinkles in various ways — from applying masks “from the refrigerator” to professional procedures.

Vanessa Barnes

I want to prevent forehead wrinkles. At what age should i start?

The first wrinkles appear at the age of 19-20 years, and become more noticeable by the age of 25. The first to notice small wrinkles-mesh around the eyes. These are the so-called facial wrinkles. The first ones to notice wrinkles are girls who have the habit of frowning their forehead and eyebrows, as well as squinting. Wrinkles at the age of 20 do not belong to the category of deep ones, which means there is no reason for panic.

Minimizing Wrinkles Through Lifestyle

Those who are looking for the cause of wrinkles in their lifestyle and diet will be disappointed, because the main reason is the natural physiological aging of the skin. True, a wrong lifestyle significantly accelerates the onset of aging, but a healthy one does not cancel it. Thus, even perfectly proper nutrition and the absence of the slightest weaknesses, such as sweet or fatty dairy products, will not stop the aging process.

The main reason for the appearance of deep wrinkles is a decrease in the rate of collagen and elastic production. In all people, this process gradually progresses after 25 years, and it is at this age that the first noticeable facial wrinkles appear.

Pronounced creases and folds on the face of women appears by the age of 50, or after the onset of menopause. This has a logical rationale, because it is estrogen that regulates the rate of collagen production.

Wear sunscreen

Sunscreen can come in handy at any time. It is he who will help to avoid the appearance of wrinkles if used in a timely and correct manner. How to get rid of wrinkles, such a question asks a large number of people who suffer from similar problems.

Cut out smoking

Quitting smoking in a person changes the metabolism for the better and this has a positive effect not only on the appearance of wrinkles, but also on the whole body. This is a good way to prevent premature wrinkles.

Switch up your sleep position

The bedroom should be cool (18−20 degrees) and humidified air. If you don’t have a humidifier (by the way, we strongly recommend getting one), just put a container of water near the bed. And in winter, a wet towel thrown onto the battery helps a lot. Wrinkle treatment must be started correctly, taking into account all the possible data and useful information.

Wash your face regularly

Coconut oil is also included. Such a component is very often used in home cosmetology, and is also an ingredient in many cosmetics. Coconut oil heals the skin, nourishes and moisturizes it in the deep layers, makes it elastic and toned.

Avoid ultraviolet light

To prevent premature skin aging and early wrinkles, one of the main measures is to minimize UV exposure to the skin. Although many people want a tanned appearance, ultraviolet light has a harmful effect on the skin and can accelerate aging. It penetrates the layer of connective tissue, and leads to the destruction of collagen — the skin becomes less elastic.

Silk or copper-oxide pillowcases

This will help at night when you sleep to protect your face from unwanted wrinkles. How to reduce wrinkles at home, you will learn from the information below.


To prevent unwanted wrinkles, it is possible to massage. This procedure needs to be done 2-3 times a day and this will help the blood circulation in the skin.

How to change nutrition to prevent wrinkles

Surprisingly, it is all about nutrition. There are products that contain substances that can slow down the appearance of wrinkles. What are these wonderful products?

As a remedy for wrinkles, exotic and therefore expensive goji berries are often mentioned, as well as the poisonous fungus of the chaga, an overdose of which is dangerous.

But there is a simpler and more effective remedy — this is ordinary blueberries. It contains a lot of ascorbic acid, which helps to preserve youth, magnesium, which improves the functioning of blood vessels, vitamin B, which increases the ability of the skin to regenerate, and especially antioxidants that save the skin from ultraviolet radiation. Also pumpkin and black sesame seeds are rich in antioxidants. One of the most important antioxidants is Vitamin E. It is the main protector of a cell from harmful rays of ultraviolet radiation and other insidious environmental factors. There are many in kiwi too.

Limit your sugar intake

To reduce the possibility of wrinkles, it is recommended that you reduce the amount of sugar that you consume per day in various foods. How to get rid of wrinkles around mouth naturally so as not to harm your health is described below.

Boost your beta carotene

This recommendation allows to significantly reduce the possibility of unwanted wrinkles.

Vitamin A was the first retinol to be used in the therapeutic treatment of skin diseases. Cosmetic companies use various forms of retinol to improve skin tone and elasticity. Beta-carotene in creams and lotions can provide a similar effect. Even with topical application, beta-carotene acts not only on the surface of the skin, but also penetrates through it.

Beta-carotene lotion, applied daily for 24 days, helps reduce the development of melanosis. This disease is characterized by a change in skin color associated with excessive accumulation of pigment melanin. Beta-carotene is able to turn into the active form of vitamin A — retinol. Human skin is prone to injuries, diseases and environmental hazards that can accelerate the aging process. Beta-carotene helps heal wounds and regenerates skin cells, boosting immunity and strengthening tissues. In addition, this substance has a softening effect on the skin.

A very large amount of vitamin A is found in green vegetables and feathers of onions, parsley, dill.

Up your antioxidants

These recommendations are given by experienced medical professionals, because this allows you to cope with problem areas of the skin. Sources of natural antioxidants are fruits and vegetables. The highest concentration will be in fruits:

  • that taste sweet and sour
  • with a red, black or blue color.

Leaders in the berry category are blueberries and cranberries. Also blueberries, rosehips, raspberries, strawberries, rowanberries, currants will be incredibly useful.

The richest antioxidants in the fruit category… 

 — oranges, grapefruit, figs, grapes, plums, apricots, peaches, lime, lemon.

Among beans — red beans, lentils, young peas.

Topical vitamin C

Vitamins play a very important role in the human body for the proper operation of the various bodies.  In addition to the standard lemon and orange vitamin C rich kiwi, rosehip, red pepper, black currant. You can replenish the daily vitamin content with onions, tomatoes, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and potatoes. As for animal products, vitamin C is present in the liver and kidneys.


Eat foods that have a wide variety of minerals. Wrinkle remover you will need to strictly follow the recommendations. Calcium, copper, iron, silicon — these trace elements can reduce existing expression lines and prevent the appearance of new ones.

Thus, calcium is one of the building elements of skin cells, provides the strength of cell membranes, participates in the synthesis of collagen fibers. Calcium gives the skin elasticity, prevents flabbiness and the appearance of wrinkles.

Copper is important for the prevention of wrinkles, as with its participation is the construction of elastin fibers and collagen. Lack of copper leads to sagging skin, the appearance of wrinkles.

Iron is involved in providing oxygen to the skin. Mineral is involved in the preservation of moisture in the skin, maintains optimal levels of hyaluronic acid. If it is deficient, early expression wrinkles appear, the skin becomes flabby and loses elasticity.

Silicon is important for maintaining skin elasticity. It is a kind of building material for epidermis cells. It participates in the formation of collagen fibers, providing skin elasticity. Silicon strengthens the blood walls, strengthens the nourishment of skin cells, gives it a healthy look.

Probiotics and yogurt

These products can help if you have metabolic problems. Bacteria living in our intestines directly affect our skin, and any malfunction has a negative impact on the face and body. Microbioma malfunctions result in scars, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema and hypersensitivity. 

Lactobacillus plantarum is a «protective collagen that blocks UVB rays, prevents the appearance of wrinkles and improves elasticity.

Drink plenty of water

Water should be clean and healthy for the human body. Regularly consuming sufficient water and aging of the body as a whole can slow down. On the one hand, it saturates the blood with nutrients, minerals and oxygen, facilitating their timely delivery to cells and organs. On the other hand, it helps to eliminate the waste products of the body’s sweat and urine.

Thus, the constant renewal of fluid in our body, its filling of cells and the intercellular space contributes to the normal functioning of the body, prolonging youth and slowing down the fading processes.

Firming Your Skin with Targeted Exercises

To effectively strengthen the skin, specially designed exercises that can be performed daily are perfect. Find out about facial exercises you can do yourself at home, here.

Natural remedies for wrinkles

To eliminate the appearance of unwanted wrinkles, you should use only natural products that are safe and most effective.

Aloe vera

Helps deeply cleanse the skin. Aloe juice tightens and cleanses the pores, so it is good to use it to care for problem skin. Aloe plant juice helps to produce more collagen, which is the key to good elasticity for the skin, which means it helps to reduce wrinkles. It helps maintain water balance in cells, regenerates tissues and speeds up metabolic processes. Aloe juice relieves inflammation and disinfects the skin. This plant is known as an excellent antibacterial, antifungal agent. Aloe can relieve and alleviate some allergic manifestations.

It would take a mask like this to prepare:

  • 2 tbsp of freshly squeezed aloe juice,
  • half a teaspoon of vegetable oil,
  • a few drops of apricot or peach oil.

All of the above must be mixed. Next, spread the prepared mixture over the face skin with your fingertips. This mask is suitable even for the delicate skin around the eyes. The mask should be kept on the skin for at least 30 minutes. After that the formula is washed off with cool water. After several applications of this mask, you can see that the skin becomes softer and wrinkles are smoother.

Banana mask

To prepare a mask for wrinkles at home, you can use the familiar delicious foods. One of these is a banana, endowed with many beneficial properties by nature. The pulp of its fruits, as well as the peel, is convenient to use when creating anti-aging compositions. Bananas are affordable, and their pleasant aroma will turn beauty sessions into a real pleasure.

Mix very fatty cream (50 g) and 40 g of potato starch to a grated banana.

The mask is applied in 2 steps: after drying the first layer, spread on top of the second layer. Cover with a napkin. Mask removed after 25-30 minutes with a damp tampon. The procedure is recommended to repeat in a day, the course of 20 days.

Egg whites

Chicken egg is one of the very healthy foods. Egg protein contains B vitamins and amino acids, which beneficially affect the condition of the skin, hair, and nails. Protein masks help fight age-related skin changes: they smooth fine wrinkles fine, nourish and have a rejuvenating effect on the face as a whole.

To prepare the product you need to grind it in a blender or rub it with cucumber chips. To 50 g of cucumbers add a tablespoon of olive oil (almond and peach). Beat 1 protein in a separate container and add to the cucumber, oil. Apply the mask to a cleaned face and remove with a tissue after 20 minutes. Wash off the remnants with warm water.

Essential oils

Essential oils are added to skin cosmetics. But they can also be purchased in pure form, to add to masks or creams on your own. Essential oils are obtained by cold pressing from grains, seeds, sprouts of useful plants. Therefore, they have a set of natural components that can eliminate age-related epidermal problems.

Olive oil has a regenerative effect. It contains the substance oleokantal, which has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.

The skin moistened with coconut oil is not afraid of cold, wind and heat. Caprylic acid normalizes the functioning of the sebaceous glands, relieves the skin of shine. Myristic acid becomes an “invisible bridge” that helps all useful microcomponents to penetrate into the deeper layers of the dermis.

Medical Wrinkle Control

If wrinkles or unwanted skin lesions appear, it is recommended that you contact experienced medical professionals.

Alpha-hydroxy acids

The use of Alpha-hydroxy acids has a beneficial effect on the skin and prevents the appearance of wrinkles on human skin.

Glycolic acid peels

Glycolic acid peeling is a type of surface, gentle peeling. In order to return with its help the beauty and health of your skin, you do not have to take a vacation or somehow change your daily routine.

Deeper peels

These procedures today are very popular and in demand among a large number of people who have problems with the appearance of wrinkles. This is due to the high efficiency of these procedures.


Dermabrasion embodies the idea of scraping skin with a defect in the form of wrinkles and scars with a mechanical tool. And the body recreates the lost tissue, but without flaws.

Laser resurfacing

The modern method of rejuvenating the dermis is considered the most effective also for removing scars. Under the influence of the laser, the upper layer of the epithelium evaporates, smoothing the skin. The beam length is selected individually for the correction of individual structures — vessels, integuments, pigmentation. The method is more effective than peelings, as a deeper effect occurs. Therefore, the procedure is prescribed to eliminate deep folds, scars, alignment of the tuberous structure.

Plastic surgery

This procedure is used when a person has serious difficulties with the appearance of various wrinkles on the skin and has certain advantages and disadvantages.

Ultrasound therapy

Ultrasonic waves can serve humanity not only in medicine but also in cosmetology. Thanks to their properties, a woman can become more youthful and attractive. This will help her with ultrasonic facial massage.


Injections with a lifting effect are modern procedures that allow you to restore youth to the face and body. They do an excellent job of correcting age-related changes and rejuvenation. For example, with the help of injections of hyaluronic acid, you can restore the volume to the lips, smooth wrinkles on the face, in the neck and decollete.