Welcome to l'Ecole de Beauté

nail technician school

in London
for advanced and beginners
From £1,882/ Month!

That is how much a Nail Technician can earn!

l’Ecole de Beauté School of manicure is a comprehensive training of masters in manicure and pedicure. 

Here you can acquire nail correction skills, master the technique of shellac gel polish, learn all about nail design.

Advantages Of Studying At Our School

Beneficial education​

For the convenience of our students we recommend to have their own personal hygiene products and a minimal kit of tools, although all major equipment, expendable supplies and material are provided.​

Flexible payment options

Our school can offer installment payment for your education​.

We are keeping our prices low

Our school explores the beauty industry market in the city to offer the most competitive price.

Intense training

The programs of our courses mostly consist of practical tasks for the quick development of professional skills.

We help you with employment

The best students of our school are assisted in getting jobs in the fashion shops of our city and in creating a portfolio for private practice.

International diploma

If you wish it is possible to get an international diploma with confirmation of your skills for working abroad​.

Choose a comprehensive
training program:

The module exists for those who want to become a universal master of manicure and pedicure. You will learn how to care for nails and give a neat look to hands and feet.

The program is designed for those who want to learn how to build nails with gel and acrylic, create real masterpieces on the nails with the help of design.

This program exists for those who are willing to learn all the intricacies of nail design. You will create a design in watercolor, use floral and geometric patterns.
You will learn how to work with foil, sliders, rub, aeropuffing and other tools.

Student Reviews​

“I have already completed courses in manicure, pedicure, now I will undergo training on nail design. Everything is interesting, I will try, practice, to bring my skills to perfection. ”

Alice Hodges

“A friend brought me to a beauty school. Initially, we went to beginner manicure courses and pedicure courses. Then we decided to continue training. We really like it. ”

Penelope Davidson

“I came here just for myself. We went through three manicure technologies, these are European, classic edged, hardware, well, mixed (combined). ”

Margaret Bell

"I came to these courses for myself and in order to have some additional income in the future. I want to go through a full training program, I plan to take courses of pedicure, gel coating courses."

Emma Velasquez

The schedule of the start of the next groups to be specified as set (3-5 people). There are options for morning classes on weekdays, in the evenings, only on weekends.

Morning Classes

On Weekdays
  • A group - up to 8 people
  • Supplies included. No hidden charges
  • Models are provided by the school

Evening Classes

On Weekdays
  • A group - up to 8 people
  • Supplies included. No hidden charges
  • Models are provided by the school

Full Days

On Weekends
  • A group - up to 8 people
  • Supplies included. No hidden charges
  • Models are provided by the school

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