Vanessa Barnes

work experience over 8 years

«Cosmetology in the modern world is a powerful tool for preserving youth, health and beauty.

We have a wonderful profession, with which, with the right approach, we can achieve not only aesthetic beauty, but also internal harmony, self-love.»

Skill Specialization

Eyebrow thread and wax correction

Vanessa began her studies in 2011 with the theme of a hd eyebrow design. For this, Vanessa mastered the most effective fast techniques: thread and wax correction.

Eyelash extensions

In 2013, Vanessa Barnes studied volumetric methods for eyelash extensions, both individual and beam methods. At the moment, Vanessa owns the Russian extension technique with the maximum volume.

Facial skin care

This is Vanessa's main specialty. The group of skills includes facial massage against wrinkles, the selection of individual skin care, facelift with taping.

Skill Gallery

Vanessa Barnes is constantly improving her practical skills and willingly sharing life hacks in her courses. Together with the students, she fulfills typical mistakes, focuses students on the correct setting of hands during work and ways to reduce time during routine work without compromising on quality.



Participation in conferences and exhibitions

Ecole School is interested in qualified specialists. To this end, the training center helps trainers to participate in exhibitions and beauty conferences at the city level, at the country level and at the international level.



The Lash Games 2019

Lash Games invites technicians from around the world to the competition site. Vanessa Barnes also participated in this conference in the eyelash extension section.

FACE 2018

FACE is the UK’s premier scientific conference featuring the latest clinical information, practical tips and updates in the field aesthetic treatments.


Every year, Birmingham welcomes thousands of beauty professionals to Beauty UK, held at the NEC in May - in fact, Beauty UK is the largest beauty trade show outside of London.

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