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Fast track hairdressing courses

in London
for advanced and beginners
From £2,083/ Month !

That is how much a hair stylist can earn!

School of hairdressers is an opportunity to become a barber of the fashion salon in your city or to engage in private practice. 

A set of practical courses will help to become a true professional in coloring, creating fashionable haircuts, daily and evening hairstyles, as well as in hair extensions.


Beneficial education​

For the convenience of our students we recommend to have their own personal hygiene products and a minimal kit of tools, although all major equipment, expendable supplies and material are provided.​

Flexible payment options

Our school can offer installment payment for your education​.

We are keeping our prices low

Our school explores the beauty industry market in the city to offer the most competitive price.

Intense training

The programs of our courses mostly consist of practical tasks for the quick development of professional skills.

We help you with employment

The best students of our school are assisted in getting jobs in the fashion shops of our city and in creating a portfolio for private practice.

International diploma

If you wish it is possible to get an international diploma with confirmation of your skills for working abroad​.

Choose a comprehensive
training program:

be a barber

The training program is intended for those who want to master the art of creating men’s haircuts.

 Here you will learn the most popular haircut techniques.

be a hairdresser

This module is designed for those who want to become a professional hairdresser and learn how to cut according to the preferences and characteristics of clients. 

become a Hairstylist

The training program is implemented for those who want to satisfy any customer needs. You can collect a full-fledged image with thoughtful hair design and hairstyle.

be a hair colourist

On the course you will learn the techniques of all types of professional hair coloring: ombre, balayazh and others. You will be able to master the skills of forming a smooth transition of color on the hair by using a number of shades.

become a Hair Care Master

Learn to straighten and restore hair with keratin, as well as restore its shine and strength while working with Botox.

You will learn how to choose the safest, highest quality and most effective formulations for procedures, achieving the maximum result from the procedures.

Types of hairdressing courses


Hair cutting courses​

Barber courses for men

hair colouring courses

Hair stylist courses

Hair care training

Student Reviews​

"Thanks to the professional teacher who told us about different types of hairstyles and taught us how to style them carefully. ”

Lillian Morris

“I studied at the courses of a hairdresser-stylist. It was a dream of my life, and I realized it here. I am very pleased!"

Kaylee Baker

“I plan to work in the hair industry, as a predisposition to this has long been noticed. Thanks to the Beauty School for the opportunity to learn a new profession. "

Tyler Edwards

"Ecole gave me the opportunity to plunge into a new interesting world - the world of hairdressing. I really like it here, and I plan to continue."

Jasmine Allison

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